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Ninghai Tongqian Ancient Town, experience a different Jiangnan town
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I knew that Qiantong Ancient Town was because it was the location where the movie "Hairdresser" was filmed. Chen Kun once took Zeng Li through the alley. Chen Yifei chose this place as one of the main shooting locations for "Hairdresser". He once evaluated his ex-children in this way: The ancient town can be drawn everywhere, especially the "quietness" here, which can give people a feeling of returning home. This feeling is a bit strange.

About Guzhen

Qiantong Ancient Town, located in the southwest of Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province, is an ancient Jiangnan town with a long history, deep cultural accumulation and unique geographical environment. It was built in the late Song Dynasty and flourished in the Ming and Qing dynasties. For more than 700 years, the ancient houses of the ex-children almost completely retained the features of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and there are still more than 1,300 ancient houses of various types. Qian Tong is like an extraordinary original version of a dwelling house in the Ming and Qing dynasties of Jiangnan, an ancient ink painting with strong charm, exuding its unique charm.

Different Jiangnan Ancient Town

In fact, Tonggu Town was not famous long ago. Most photographers or painting learners came here to collect their styles. Because of "Hairdresser", the ancient town of Qiantong slowly became hot. So before coming, I was worried that because of its fire, it was over-exploited, just like other ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, under the banner of the ancient town, selling goods that are common throughout the country. But when I actually walked in here, I found that my worry was superfluous. This place is not the same as the ancient town of Jiangnan in the past. It is more like an ancient residential complex in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of Jiangnan with a strong atmosphere of fireworks.

There is no excessive commercial development here, and you can see the real pictures of the real life of the indigenous residents in this old house day after day. Occasionally, there are a few chatty villagers sitting in the quiet alleyways, and occasionally they will meet on the roadside. The old man washing clothes, washing vegetables in the river, and a food stall.

Even now, Qiantong Ancient Town still has more than 2,000 households, almost all of which are "child" surnames. According to the principle of gossip, their ancestors introduced Baixi water into the village, and the water in Xixi circulated from house to house, forming the unique spectacle of "every family has carved beams and every household has living water".

As you slowly walk into Qiantong Ancient Town, a painting of life in the small towns of Jiangnan in the Ming and Qing dynasties unfolds in front of you: at your feet is a cobblestone path, long and interesting. In the ditch beside the road, the water is clear, and the fish is at ease; beside it are blue bricks and tiles, carved carvings, and vicissitudes of traces.

Gangan Town

Unlike many ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, Qiantong Ancient Town is arranged according to the "back" -shaped Jiugong Bagua style. There is a stream flowing in front of the house, and households pass through the pebbles. Each house is carved with beams and paintings. You can feel the prosperity of the past. What's more special is that because there is no Xiaoqiao Liushui people, Qiantong feels a bit more angular and tough, just like the record of the former children in "Ninghai County Chronicle": "Love at home, fear of travelling, "Doing not do business well" is in sharp contrast with the Ningbo people, one of China's top ten business gangs.

This contrast was more direct when Zhu Xi in the Ming Dynasty wanted Fang Xiaozhen. At that time, Zhu Yan, the king of the Yan, stood on his own, and asked Fang Xiaoyu to draft the usurped edicts. Otherwise, he would destroy the nine ethnic groups, and then Fang Xiaoyi's answer was, "Why ten!" This tenth group is his student. Just because Fang Xiaoyi had come to ex-children to teach, the former children learned generously to die, or filled the frontiers of the army, 870 people, no one is greedy for life and fear of death. The "Taizhou-style hard gas" praised in Lu Xun's article should be like Ex-children are the same.

Play information

Transportation: After taking the CMB from Ningbo South Bus Station to Ninghai Main Station (ticket is 27 yuan, 1.5 hours drive), take bus No. 102 or take a taxi (starting price) to South Station (get off at Ningfangshe Club Station) and transfer to the front Tong's CMB operates every 10 minutes from 4:52 to 17:45, the ticket is 4 yuan, and the journey takes about 25 minutes.

Accommodation: There are hotels, inns, and farmhouses in town. Facilities and facilities are all available, clean and comfortable, and prices generally range from 30 to 120 yuan.

Food: The food in Qiantong Ancient Town has three treasures, hollow rot, soup buns, dried tofu, which are extremely delicious and must be tasted. Former children's tofu tastes particularly good, with pure flavors and various patterns, and can even make a delicious tofu feast. Other foods include wheat gluten, wheat cakes, and mochi. Recommended restaurant: Ancient Village Restaurant.

Ticket price: Qiantong Ancient Town ticket 40 yuan Member price 36 yuan


1. Ticket price includes attractions: Zhisiqiju, Mingjingtang, Zesiju, Shangtangwu, Folk Museum, Old Street, Ancestral Hall, Qunfeng Temple

2. Child ticket 20 yuan Member price 20 yuan Children below 1.1 meters in height are free of charge, and children's tickets are purchased between 1.1-1.4 meters

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