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[Ford FUN Driving] Slow Down and Close to Life——Ningbo Self-driving Tour
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I have always planned to let go of the busy life and go out for a good walk. Tired of traveling in a group tour, while watching the travel guide on Ctrip website, Ford's self-driving tour attracted me. (Activity link: /) So, just walk away. After seeing all kinds of cars in the 4S shop, after experiencing one, I successfully received this coupon. After consulting with a few dead parties, Ningbo was finally selected.

Ford 4S Store

Day 1: The First Impression of Ningbo——Nantang Old Street + Tianyi Square + City God Temple

Facing the bright sun, starting from Hangzhou, the first time I drove the highway, I was a little nervous, but with the guidance of the dead, I still finished the whole journey smoothly.

We arrived in Ningbo at noon. At first we were afraid of trouble. The hotel was the Huagang Hotel originally set through the Ctrip website. The reason for choosing it is to be close to the Old Bund and Tianyi Square. Secondly, it is a garden-view room. Room hygiene and sound insulation are not bad, and the service attitude of the staff is also very good. There is a promenade on each floor, where you can bask in the sun to see the river view and the stars and the moon. The unique garden scenery in the hotel makes people feel quiet, comfortable and cozy.

Room interior

Stroll on the promenade


After we cleaned up the hotel, we couldn't wait to embark on the road of finding good food. So, based on recommendations from many friends, we came to Nantang Old Street. Although every city in China today has an old commercial street, there is a trace of modernity in each of the old commercial streets. Newly constructed old streets, uniform diets, and a uniform humanistic feel. After the rain, the leisure courtyard walks in the old street of Nantang, Ningbo. Although the renovation can be seen everywhere, the food has unique Ningbo characteristics, which can be described as unique.

Our lunch was eaten at the grandmother's bridge in Ningbo, which is recommended on the public comment in Ningbo. We eat authentic Ningbo cuisine. Unlike Shanghai's local cuisine, Ningbo cuisine is characterized by fresh and salty, and has a strong color. We ordered the prawns with honey sauce, pumpkin pot, tofu tincture at the farmhouse and so on. The most impressive one was the bell yellow croaker. Ningbo is truly a city famous for its seafood, and its tender meat is truly unforgettable.

After eating and drinking enough, we went to Tianyi Square. First stop, the Catholic Church. Although there is no particular religious belief, Western religious architecture is preferred.

Opposite the Catholic Church is the City God Temple. Although Ningbo City God Temple is not as large as Shanghai City God Temple, it has its own flavor. Gathered a variety of snacks in Ningbo, especially me who like to make shopping, can't stop. In the next afternoon, we gathered all kinds of small handicrafts on the pedestrian street. There was a photo booth on the third floor of the pedestrian street, which left us with special memories about the city.

After visiting the City God Temple, we came to Tianyi Square, watching the bustling crowd, listening to the sound of the water flowing from the fountain, the laughter of the people, and feeling the relaxation and joy that this city brought us. There is also a special musical fountain show starting at 8 o'clock. The fountain dancing with the music is really bright. Let me see the vitality shown in the music, and let me feel the energetic Ningbo.

After that, we went to this special Starbucks. It was built in the center of the pool and sat on the second floor. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, we can observe the crowds coming and going in the square.

The first day of Ningbo, delicious food, comfortable shopping environment, slowing down the pace, let us feel the various attitudes of petty bourgeoisie life.

Day Two-Tianyi Pavilion + Yuehu Park

I remember the phrase in the Ningbo city slogan "Book collection ancient and modern, Hong Kong through the world", but "book collection ancient and modern" refers to the book culture. Farewell to a few years of student age, this time pretend to be a small literary youth, come to this legendary place containing knowledge and culture.

Seeing us full of commercial atmosphere, we have a preference for this building full of historical and cultural precipitation.

In the afternoon, our attraction is Yuehu Park, which is located in the southwest of the old city. It is one of the earliest open parks in Ningbo. Its status in Ningbo is comparable to that of West Lake in Hangzhou. Of course, the lake surface of Moon Lake is far less vast than that of West Lake, but Moon Lake also has its own unique features in terms of natural landscape and human history. Nowadays, Ningbo City Government has vigorously transformed Yuehu and its surroundings, forming a historical and cultural protection area, so Yuehu is well worth visiting for tourists—like West Lake, it is free and open.

Yuehu Lake is named because the lake is narrow and long like a crescent moon. There are islands such as Fangcaozhou, Liuting, Chrysanthemum Island, Songdao, Huayu, and Yuedao. Some are completely connected to the land, and some pass through the bridge. Connected, there are no isolated islands in the lake. Liuting Street passed through the lake, and it was divided into two parts, north and south. In the afternoon in the sun, walking around and seeing the boat, all the worries and pressure disappeared.

In the evening, I returned to the Old Bund where the hotel is located. Unlike the bustling Shanghai Bund, Ningbo's Bund is mainly a food street and a bar street. There are not many people. The small and fresh architectural style is fascinating.

Another Catholic Church

The rumored Bund Bridge

Thoughts after driving

This self-driving tour also made me addicted to the driver. Although it took me a long time to get my driver's license, this is the first time I have actually taken a high-speed open road.

The short two-day self-driving tour is over. Away from the hustle and bustle and bringing the dead party, it should be the last madness before the age of 30. When I came to Ningbo, I felt the history and culture here. There are so many styles here. I feel deeply attracted by it.

Bid farewell to the tensions and oppressions of the past, this place can make me feel a kind of peace and peace in my heart. Walk slowly to see the comfort and comfort of the scenery.

I think this test drive event is still very good, and it saved a lot of money. If you have the opportunity, I hope to participate in such activities.

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