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Lying down to watch the sunset over the sea, blowing the sea breeze and stepping on the beach, it is gentle in the autumn
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This world is not yet hot, and the sound of the cicadas is gradually swallowing the sound of autumn.

An autumn rain in September faded the summer heat. Mr. He flew to a "pretty expected" seaside town in Ningbo on Friday.

Get off the plane from Ningbo and drive to Banhai Mountain in the East China Sea for 1.5 hours. The mountains and rivers along the way awaken people's quiet memories like autumn leaves, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the birds and flowers.

Through the narrow tunnel, a large area of ​​green rice fields gradually disappeared in the rearview mirror, and the Banhai Mountain in the East China Sea leaped suddenly.

All bad emotions seemed to be emptied by one click, the anxious emotions gradually calmed down, and wherever the eyes were, there was a large area of ​​blue, the blue water waves, and the sea breeze.

Well, this is probably the most surprising trip this year.

Clouds and breeze are light, gentle and cool.

Enjoying a slow day is the best time on earth.

"Suddenly cheerful" is my first impression of Banhai Mountain in the East China Sea.

This small fishing village with a history of more than 4,000 years, the traces of time do not seem obvious, walking slowly here.

It was mid-afternoon when the first half of the East China Sea arrived. Although it was early autumn, there was still a hint of summer heat floating in the air. The setting sun began to prepare for the afterglow. The air was exuding a salty and humid smell of the sea in a little sultry, and unconsciously passed on to a kind of "return to nature".

In Mid-mountain Hills of the East China Sea, leisure is everyday.

When checking in, the hotel staff greeted them enthusiastically, so that passengers who came from afar were exhausted and vanished again. HCP sent a greeting card during the waiting period, asking us to ask her for any questions, gentle and meticulous.

After CHECK IN, and Mr. He plunged into the blue sea of ​​Half the Mountain, and enjoyed the scenery of the mountains and seas at Nanlong Beach by stepping on the waves, hitting the sea with Yun Cun Yun Shu, uncomfortable.

When you are tired, you can liberate your feet and have a close contact with the waves and beaches. The sea breeze blows across the face, refreshing and refreshing. Beach waves are at your fingertips, and you can easily freeze the seascapes. Nature will be your most beautiful filter.

Catching crabs by the sea, drinking water in front of the sea, and a faint mood are also indispensable for vacation. Or on the sea-view platform after night, enjoy the moment of relaxation and quietness alone, the time is stretched for a long time.

The autumn breeze bursts, floating like a dream.

The sky is getting shorter and shorter, but there is no treasure in my heart.

The autumn wind rises and the crab feet itch. This season is a good season for crab feet and chewing crab yellow. From the fishing boat to the table to eat seasonal seafood, just using fresh water to cook is plump and sweet.

The impression of this seaside city is probably the most true of the seafood on the table.

The East China Sea Fishing Festival is definitely not to be missed by those who know food. For this eager wait, every year during the fishing day, Xiangshan will hold a rich and interesting fishing festival.

In the East China Sea fishing season that lasts for a whole season, no matter it is a vegetable market or a peaceful mountain residence, everyone in the area will open the fishing festival and the shuttle crab, and look forward to it while being proud.

The sunset glow stained the sky, and the sea breeze was moist and fresh. So I stayed quietly in Banbian Mountain, intoxicated.

Beautiful scenery, good food, beautiful things, and beautiful places all converge on the Mid-East Mountain in the East China Sea. From the beginning, I felt that the way to get close to nature and the beautiful way of life happened by chance.

The true perfect holiday may be to choose the most natural and relaxing thing in your own private time. "Spring has hundreds of flowers and autumn has months." It is really a beautiful season. It can be said that it is the best time to bring the entire autumn to the East China Sea to enjoy the perfect holiday.


I have always been accustomed to the fast-paced life of the city. I am too far away from real life. It has become extravagant even to appreciate the sunset and the sunset, not to mention the real scenery of birds, mountains and blue water. May wish to press the pause button to your busy rhythm, come to the East Side of the sea and live a leisurely life. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, only good days. The birds are noisy and quiet, and it is the best time on earth. Nothing to do in the fall. In the afternoon of the autumn day, come to the half side of the East China Sea, look at the sea, and scatter the wild.

The sea next to the sea sleeps for you

Small tips:
1. It is recommended to bring brightly colored clothes, which is more conducive to filming by the sea.
2. There is a large temperature difference between day and night in the scenic area. Remember to add a coat to prevent beautiful people from freezing.
3. Since there are not only sand on the beach, but also some small stones, it is inconvenient to barefoot. Remember to bring shoes.
4. Duration of play: The scenic area is very large, it is recommended all day.
5. It is more cost-effective to apply for an annual card, and you can enter the park for unlimited times in 2019!

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