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Traveling with the old and the young in Ningbo Jiulong Lake
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Someone took three days off in one breath, and the word "tourism" appeared in his head. Because we have to take two elderly people and a child, the place can't be too far away; with a lot of choices, we finally settled on the long-known Ningbo Jiulong Lake.

Three days before departure, the accident still happened; the child suddenly became ill and had a fever of over 40 degrees. He went to the emergency department overnight. The doctor only said that he had a cold and had to drink plenty of water and rest. The mystery of the trip to Jiulong Lake ...

D1: Jiulong Lake, I am still here

The trip that started early in the morning was almost cancelled due to the sudden high fever of Hanhan. However, the children who were too excited and the packed luggage after watching the burnt out, finally we set off. The distance from Shanghai to Ningbo is closer than expected, a little more than two and a half hours, we have reached our destination this time-Ningbo Kaiyuan Jiulonghu Resort.

As soon as we entered Kaiyuan, there was a small surprise. The fixed garden-view room was upgraded to the lake-view room for free, and both rooms were upgraded. Holding the room card, the whole family was excited to see the room.

After looking at the room, the parents who were staying in a five-star hotel for the first time were very satisfied, and the children were so happy to feel there. After a short break, we went to the allegedly well-designed courtyard. Because it is winter and not the weekend, the courtyard is deserted. After walking around, no one met; someone started to complain: too many people are not good, but it is not good to be alone. I think it's good and comfortable.

After strolling around the garden, everyone went non-stop to the first floor, where all the leisure facilities are located. KTV, billiards and other items to be paid for, of course, there are no one, not even the free gym and children's room. Han Han had to play alone. According to me, this hotel can be described as "regular and satisfactory". It has both advantages and disadvantages: for example, the lack of ventilation in the corridor, the odor generated by the hotel, and the lack of WIFI are the major drawbacks; The supply of cotton swabs and cotton pads is a little bit extra.

After basically walking around the hotel, dinner was on the agenda again. I originally wanted to go to Changshou Village to eat farmhouse, but the road leading to the hotel is under repair. I just remembered seeing the advertisement of Jiulong people when I passed the gate archway, and decided to go there for dinner. A short drive along Jiulong Avenue (but far more than 500 meters in the advertisement) is the entrance of Jiulong Lake Scenic Area, and it is opposite the Jiulong people. Looking from a distance, the red lanterns are high, which is quite characteristic of the farmhouse.

To be honest, its dishes are really average. The fish head soup was highly recommended by them. It was a big pot and said it was not spicy; it was spicy when it came up. Ask again, this fish head soup braised in a spicy way is a farmhouse method; the waiter asked if the spicy is not spicy, and asked if he should add more spicy. Well, that's all it takes, just don't give Hanhan a drink. There is also a bamboo shoot roasted meat, which tastes okay, but the meat is too little. The last checkout, 4 dishes and 1 soup, less than 300 yuan, is reasonable.

After eating back to the hotel, it is already over 8 o'clock. The intimate hotel brought milk before bed, free of charge! After getting the kids to take medicine and take a bath, we can finally sleep.

TIPS: There is an archway at the gate of Jiulong Lake Scenic Area and Kaiyuan Resort. Don't get it wrong.

The front desk of the hotel has a map of the Zhenhai area, but there is no map of the entire Ningbo.

D2: Changshou Village and Monkey Island, still deserted

The next day, I fell asleep until 8 o'clock, and hurry up at 9 o'clock to the breakfast place, Caracalla Cafeteria. Breakfast is buffet style, both Chinese and Western, and there are many varieties. My favorite cheesecake, although it is in a large bowl, doesn't look very good, it tastes really good.

It's over 10 o'clock after breakfast, we still want to go to Hengxi Village. According to the map at hand, you can go around in the Jiulong Lake Scenic Area. Anyway, if you have time, you can try it. Drive along the road around the lake and mountains for a while and find a sign. It turned out that Hengxi Village is at the very end of the entire scenic area, and it's just down the road.

Hengxi Village is Changshou Village, which is famous for its longevity. Now almost every household has started a farmhouse business, but fortunately, there is no solicitation. According to other people's travel notes and strategies, the cooked rice here is not bad, so we decided to settle lunch in the village.

We first looked for a three-star restaurant in the photo, Longyuan Farmhouse. Unexpectedly, the boss went to Ningbo. We were again recommended to the Hengxi people next door. When I first arrived in Hengxi, I looked at the empty restaurant, and my heart was not clear: I just ate it when I wanted to eat, and it was a big deal. The dishes were unpleasant. They were burned one by one by the boss. The taste was pretty good. Especially the pickled yellow croaker and braised taro are said to be local specialties and delicious. My mother also bought pickles and taro made from the boss's wife and prepared to come back and cook them.

When I ate, I met a retired grandma in Shanghai who talked with my parents very speculatively. She said that she lived alone in a three-story house, and she talked to people during the day, played mahjong, made meals at night, and went to bed early. I think of the children in Shanghai, just call and they will pick up the car; life is very comfortable.

In the afternoon, following the guidance of the villagers, we went to Jiulong Yuanshan from the village trail. In view of the fact that the children were just ill and the elderly could not be too tired, we only climbed the mountain after about half an hour. Except for the new sentry post on the mountain, I didn't see any sights.

Then, to appease the children's emotions, we stopped by to Monkey Island. There are basically nothing to see except a few monkeys in a cage and a few little monkeys on a branch. It only took us about 15 minutes to finish the tour. It is not recommended to spend 30 oceans to go around.

In general, the entire Jiulong Lake Scenic Area has indeed made some plans, but there are not many scenic spots and it is not very distinctive. The Jiulongyuan + Monkey Island included in the big ticket of 75 yuan is just average, and the price is not high.

For dinner, we chose to go back to the hotel's Chinese restaurant and try something different from the farmhouse. The hotel's Chinese restaurant is located on the first floor. I counted it. There are only 18 tables in total. It should be a good place to eat. The dishes live up to expectations and are expensive; but in terms of taste, they are worth the price. The only regret is that Han Han is a little uncomfortable again, hey, is it tired in the afternoon ~~~

TIPS: Breakfast at the hotel is from 7 to 10 am.

The road from the hotel to Hengxi Village is under repair, but it can be bypassed from Jiulong Lake Scenic Area.

If you eat farmhouse in Hengxi Village, they will teach you to go up the mountain from the village without buying tickets for Jiulongyuan. However, a sentry box has been built on the mountain and is expected to be arrested in the future.

D3: It's raining and I still haven't eaten Ningbo food

As soon as I woke up, it was raining outside. The misty rainy Jiulong Lake is much more beautiful. Unfortunately, we are leaving. After paying off, someone finally responded to my request and went to the first floor of the world, Tianyi Pavilion. Tianyi Pavilion, built by the servant of the Ming Dynasty, Fan Qin, is the oldest library building in existence. After entering Tianyi Pavilion, I found that it was bigger than imagined. From the photos, it can be seen that in addition to the library building, the residence of Fan's descendants, and the courtyard buildings moved from other places, etc., are more complicated.

After leaving Tianyi Pavilion, I found that it was almost half past one. Always find a place to worship the Five Zang Temple. The accident came again, and even called several Ningbo restaurants, the answer was the same, the chef was about to leave work at half past one and was not entertained. No problem, I had to find a green tea nearby, I think this one is fine. As a result, green tea business is so good that it needs to wait. It ’s easy to say that after waiting for a quarter of an hour, we finally had lunch, which was already 2 o’clock. Of course, the green tea dishes are very good, and there are a lot of dishes; just the Ningbo dishes that someone and I have been yearning for, next time ~~~

After finishing lunch, naturally I went home. The kid was really sleeping all the way, and after almost 3 hours of driving, we finally got home.

TIPS: The road where Tianyi Pavilion is located cannot be parked. Now the surrounding area is moving. It seems that Tianyi Pavilion Square will be built. It is estimated that there should be a parking lot at that time.

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