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[Ford FUN Driving] I'm in Ningbo and have close contact with nature
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This is not the first time to go to Ningbo, this time with the self-driving tour of Ctrip Online Ford. The activity link is /, under the reception of local friends, come for an in-depth tour of Ningbo.

DAY1: Dongqian Lake-Yuewang Temple-Taogong Island-Xiao Putuo

The first morning we set off against Chaoyang, and then headed straight for Dongqian Lake. It is said that Hangzhou has a West Lake, and for Ningbo people, the most proud of it is Dongqian Lake.

There is no bustling crowd like West Lake. In Dongqian Lake, local residents and a few tourists can make us feel more purified. It is like an undeveloped large West Lake in Dongqian Lake. The waters of Dongqian Lake are even wider than West Lake. There is a sun island in the middle which can be rowed by. There are farmhouses to enjoy along the lake and you can also cook on Taogong Island. That's wonderful.

Since we arrived at Dongqian Lake, we had to go to Yuewang Temple to worship. In China, Yue Fei has always been a hero in people's minds, and the image of loyalty and loyalty to the country stands in people's minds.

And in the picturesque Dongqian Lake, this temple was built by the people to commemorate Yue Fei's father and son. The temple was built during the Duanping period of the Southern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 750 years. After repeated repairs, we have what we are today.

At the next stop, we headed to Taogong Island, which is our main attraction in the afternoon. According to locals, Taogong Island was the place where Chinese Shangzu, the wealth god Bodhisattva Tao Zhugong Fan Ye, and Chinese god of love and Oriental Venus Xishi lived 2,500 years ago. Fan Ye Xi Shi is the earliest, the most well-known, the most culturally rich, the most profound social influence, the favorite celebrity and well-being in the history of Ningbo. They embody the many virtues of the Chinese nation. They are career, love, wealth, wisdom Is the symbol of happiness, beauty, health, and peace.

Dongqian Lake and Taogong Island are named after Taogong Island, which is the most auspicious and romantic place in Ningbo.

The first thing you have to do here is picnic barbecue. Ningbo people come here for barbecues and picnics in their free time, which has become a gathering place for locals.

They said to do their own clothing. On the shore of the lake, facing the gentle breeze of the lake, three or five people together, accompanied by beer, all kinds of big fish and meat, felt really delicious on earth.

Second thing-travel with a bicycle

When it comes to Dongqian Lake, I have to say it is a cycling tour around the island. There are professional athletes who come to train here. Of course, our cycling tour is not so strict, just to experience another life.

There are places to rent a car on the island, so take a bike with friends and walk around. Getting used to cars as a means of travel in big cities and using bicycles once in a while is really new and attractive to us.

The last stop in Dongqian Lake is Xiao Putuo Scenic Area. Although its popularity is not as high as Putuo Mountain, it is also less famous. During the Southern Song Dynasty, the Xiayu Temple and Guanyin Cave (Bu Tuodong) have been built on the island. There are two entrances to the Xiaoputuo Scenic Spot: the south is located in Shashan Village, which is actually the main entrance, because it is closer to Xiayu, and the “Xiao Putuo” mark on the map is also here; As a result, most tourists enter the scenic area. We enter from the heart scenic area on the north side and walk along Qiandi. Willow trees are planted along the shore, and lawns and shrubs are separated between the three roads. Although the weather is hot, but the wind on the lake is very strong, and there are cool waves coming from here, it is indeed a good place to shelter from summer heat. There are many attractions in the scenic area, such as Yuebolou Square; Suolan Bridge; Songdao, etc.

The most impressive nature is Guanyin on the water, which is the iconic landscape of Xiao Putuo Scenic Area, and the incense is very strong. Worship in front, and promise yourself, your family and friends, that you will find peace and happiness.

DAY2: Youngor safari

In the house of a friend living in Dongqian Lake at night, the next day I went to Ningbo Youngor Wild Animal Park. Although this is not the first time to visit the safari park, the zoo this time is a bit special. Youngor Wildlife Park is located in the Dongqian Lake Tourism Resort with "Xizi charm and Taihu vigor", so it is "the largest wildlife park in China's waters".

For me, who always loves water, Youngor Safari Park is a great place. It makes full use of the geographical advantages of the larger water area and the vertical and horizontal water system in the region, and it is the first water-watching line in the domestic zoo.

Unlike the bustling crowds of other zoos, they had to speed up. Here, just take a rowing cruise boat, swim on the clear lake, and watch the free-range herbivores on the banks and primates on the island. It is really interesting. Such a slow and leisurely life made me feel the tension in my body was relaxed.

Various high-tech projects in the park make the whole experience more colorful. The most impressive one is the Wolong Cave inside. The artificial mimicry landscape technique is used in the cave to use high-tech acoustic and optical methods to interpret the "prehistoric python forest" in the dinosaur era. The shocking "volcano eruption" and "ice and snow" The white tiger is playing, the thrilling "long night" and the "birds and flowers" returning to nature.

Of course, all kinds of animals with different characteristics make me an eye-opener.

Although this is not my first visit to Ningbo, this time I feel different. Say goodbye to big cities and have a close contact with nature. So quietly breathing the air in the forest, feeling the breathing of the little animals. I think this self-driving tour is a great experience, let me see a different Ningbo, and feel another style.

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