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Qingdao Museum of Jiangnan First Ancient County
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Qingdao Pavilion is located on the top of Tashan outside Cicheng East Gate.

Built in the eighth year of Tang Tianbao (749 years), it is a place where Taoism worships gods, cultivates nature, and conducts various related activities. The Tang and Song dynasties were the heyday of the history of Taoism in China, combined with the fate of the Taoist conception of Cicheng in Cicheng . After the Yuan Dynasty, after being destroyed, rebuilt and expanded, to the Republic of China,

The Songhuang Manting, Yishan building has seven floors, and the pavilions, halls and halls are distributed among them. Various statues are unforgettable, especially the giant bell.

On September 15 last year, the autumn was high, and the blue sky was full of blossoming white clouds.

I set off from home and came to Cicheng. After visiting the Confucian Temple and the Academy Hall, I followed the Luoci Line and walked south for about half an hour.

Then came to Cicheng Qingdao Pavilion.

Viewed from a single building, the Cicheng Qingdao Pavilion is larger than the Wudang Mountain.

Not far ahead is the elevated road of the Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed rail:

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