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Ashoka Temple + Tendo Temple
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Time: 2015.05.17

I took a lot of photos of the scenery, thinking that uploading a bunch of pure scenery photos is not interesting, just a few travel notes. Pure running account, mainly want to record.

First go to Asoka Temple, bus: 547-35-758 (this costs 5 yuan, it's expensive, but it also has a student IC card)

Bought breakfast at the school commercial street and waited for the bus downstairs

There are no people in the car, so cool! !! (The only downside is that the first 2 buttocks have to change cars without sitting hot)

Just Scenic Area


Don't blame me for taking the stairs so boring

Go in

When I entered the door, I saw a monk who thought that she was holding a book in her hand. A closer look revealed that it was a mobile phone (⊙﹏⊙)

Soon you can see a river with a lot of fish in it, which is said to be called Fangsheng River

There is a master salvaging garbage. Except for the river just now, I think the following rivers are dirty.

This is called a fence? ? I still like the feeling of this small farmhouse

Look at it like this

In the Temple of Heaven, there are many people who burn incense, and I wo n’t worship the Buddha accurately, so I did n’t go for fun, but I think the smell of incense is quite good.

Go inside. This is a college. The door is under construction.

Glancing at it, nobody. However, I often met the master on the way just now. I guess it's scattered around the temple at this time.

It's so quiet, I didn't dare to go in. At the door was a work schedule, with the words, Yangban or something. I didn't understand anyway.

This one, I forgot what I called, anyway, I asked to pass by quietly

On the way to the promenade, some people asked the master in the courtyard for advice, but everything felt quiet.

Two monks are sweeping the floor. This is the younger one. He went around and shot it. After the shot, he turned around. Although he didn't say anything, I felt like I had been found. Hurry up (⊙o⊙) ...

The handful of greens on the mountain, I do n’t know what a handful of greens are, and it looks pretty good overall

Finally arrived near the tower ~~ Huahua is just right

Taki is. . . . . . . ? ? ? It should be what I think TT

This is where some monks live. The second floor is full of potted plants and it feels great! Clothes on the first floor are not suitable for entering the mirror and have been clipped

Back around, the river in front of the Temple of Heaven bought fish food to feed the fish. Of course, this is also because the lady who sells fish food told me that you can feed the fish without incense, the nature is the same. Well, anyway, it is the river in front of the temple ~~ Asked the price, 3 bags, cheap, buy decisively! !!

In fact, there are turtles in almost every river in the yard.

Generally speaking, Ashoka Temple is not large, and then it is ready to go out. . . .

This is the plain noodle restaurant at the entrance of the scenic spot, but it was only 10 o'clock, and I brought dry food by myself, and I decided to stay there.

Go directly to Tiantong Temple, bus: 162

Just a few steps after getting out of the car, this is the eye, it feels like a mountain

Unlike Ashoka Temple, Tiantong Scenic Area can not see the temple signboard immediately when entering, but presents a park feeling

There are also some people who set up tents with their mouths, like outings ~~


So, that place should be called Clifford Square just now.

I picked one that looks familiar and took a close shot ~~

The clouds in this square, I do n’t know, why was I filmed like this (⊙﹏⊙) a bit of ink smudged hahaha

I always feel that this angle is very harmonious. That is a Zen character. I clearly remember that I have taken all the TT.

Feel free to pat

In fact, I think the beast on the eaves looks better, but helpless, one is not high enough, the other has a slag mobile phone (⊙o⊙) ...

This one is very similar to the previous Asoka Temple, but it is not as good as the one in the Asoka Temple. At least this small electric can not be seen in the Asoka Temple.

There are a lot of snacks on the way, grabbing cakes, roasting corn, roasting sweet potatoes, etc. There are also sheds, and many people sit there to eat ...


The entrance of the main hall ~ It is said that there are 3 halls. Anyway, I only saw 2 after walking down. Lu Chi, leave by feeling

Forgive my obsession with the tower ...

Here comes a stupid stupid dog. I don't know if I should say I'm good at snapping, or should it be photogenic O (∩_∩) O hahaha ~

I do n’t know what it is or what it ’s for. Its owner throws it aside and picks this up.

Keep throwing you a round butt! !!

It's almost over ~~~

Looks like a mountaineering team, not just this bunch, there are N people scattered under the tower, all are sitting and drinking water to eat bread. After 2 minutes, I had an extra dry food under the tower ...

Today's sky is special blue, and the clouds are floating at a speed that is visible to the naked eye. I thought that if I could reach the top of the mountain, I can reach the feeling of reaching the clouds! !! There is also dissatisfaction that the tower is locked! !! Personally, I think it would be meaningless if the tower could not be boarded. If you look down from the top of the tower, it must be super spectacular! !!

On the way back ... This is called a raspberry, right? ?

It ’s all on the way back. Just leave it alone.

Quickly out of a relatively remote grassland in the scenic area. Seeing a tent, a man and a woman are coming out of it, a man is pulling pants, a woman is fixing her hair, a post-mortem look (⊙o⊙) ... forgive me for being so insignificant, who makes them middle-aged, who makes They did n’t set up the tent beside the more popular small river. Think about it. Do n’t be so hey.

When I returned to the station, I found that the car had just left. I remembered that when I came here, it seemed that the previous station was also a scenic spot, and the newspaper station was Tiantong Scenic Spot, but there was no one there, so I followed the wave to get off at the last station. Now think about waiting for the car anyway, just walk around and take a look back.

This is the scenic spot shot from afar, because the car came, I didn't go in, and got into the car in a hurry (⊙o⊙) ...

Return bus: 162—168—547 (avoiding the five-dollar bus, good wit haha) 162, although it still passes through Ashoka Temple, but this time it is going to be under the shipping center, transfer to 168 to the gym, directly from gym 547 Sit downstairs.

After arriving at the gymnasium, I checked the wireless bus. There are still 20 minutes to 547, and there is a book stall on the side, so I turned around. Maybe because I was in a good mood, I was encouraged to buy 2 TT and only 10 yuan. I did n’t hesitate too much.

These are the 2 books ~~~

Postscript: The Ashoka Temple is not large, but the palace is more concentrated. It is quieter than Tiantong Temple. At least it will not walk on the road. The car behind will beep your horn. Monks in the courtyard are pretty good. Mainly come to the incense, personally feel that Ashoka Temple is better. For Tiantong Temple, it is also good to burn incense by tapping, after all, it is big. There is also a Tiantong Forest Park hidden inside. Tickets are not accepted at both temples, and it is still worth going! !!

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