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Nine bridges across the Yuyao River in the urban area of ​​Ningbo-Huachen Bridge
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The Ningbo Huachen Bridge was built on June 8, 1999, and was opened to traffic at the end of December 2000. It is connected to Kangzhuang South Road in the north and Yucai Road in the south, with a total length of 471 meters.

It was built by Wang Guojin, then chairman of Huachen International Development Co., Ltd., at a donation of 25.48 million yuan, which was the first of its kind for the overseas Chinese to build a Ningbo municipal project. The bridge name was inscribed by Wang Zhaoguo, then the head of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee.

The new Sanjiangkou Park is now built at the northern end of the bridge;

The new Sanjiangkou Park starts from Huachen Bridge in the west, the original motorcycle wheel factory in the east, and the planned road in the north from the north bank of Yaojiang to the south side of Tianshui Home. It is 120 meters away, and it is near the narrow strip.

After the park was completed, it greatly improved the living environment of the residents in the large nearby community: Tianshui Homestead.

What turned out to be a rugged deserted countryside with rocks and weeds has now become a beautiful riverside park, attracting many egrets to play here.

At the same time, the green channel of the three rivers and six banks of Ningbo City has been connected.


There are buses on the bridge

Line 3; Line 303; Line 345.

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