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2013 Ningbo Putuo Mountain Travel Guide
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This trip to Putuo Mountain was completely outside the plan. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the old mother suddenly said that she wanted to go to Putuo Mountain, so she decided the schedule temporarily. Choosing this time to travel, just to avoid the peak of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day tourism, it is also autumn, not cold or hot, the best travel.

What impressed me most during this trip was not the scenery, but the humanities-the people of Ningbo are simple and honest, and the hospitality is sincere and enthusiastic. Everyone's sincerity and enthusiasm are revealed through the bones. Social security is stable, walking with backpacks, no defense The thief guards against robbing; the Buddha's door is quiet, and three pillars are recommended for fragrance, and many are obstacles. At the feet of Guanyin in the South China Sea, everyone waited.

This trip was a very leisurely trip. Although the plane to Ningbo was delayed for half a day, it did not affect our plan at all. It should have arrived in Ningbo at noon on the 23rd, but it turned out that evening. When I was planning, I was in the middle of whether to go from Shanghai to Putuo or Ningbo to Putuo. Think about how many trips Shanghai has made, and I am very disgusted with the xenophobia of Shanghai locals, and I have never been to Ningbo and want to feel something. So he decided to fly directly to Ningbo without Shanghai. It turned out that my decision was correct. People in Ningbo are more impersonal than Shanghainese, and their fares are more frugal than Shanghai (the place is small, even if you take a taxi, it is not expensive, and many places do n’t even jump to the table. Tickets are also cheaper than going to Shanghai ).

The new Venus Hotel booked on Ctrip Online-this is another highlight of this trip-the hotel service is superb! There are airport pick-ups to the hotel and drop-off hotel services to the South Bus Station (convenient). After checking in, the waiter quickly sent me two exquisite birthday gifts (intimate!), Let me first Xiu Xiu Ha

The card in the picture was sent by the captain on the plane, and the other two towels were gifts from the hotel (five towels each, 1 large 2 medium 2 small, good quality, and I really felt it). Every night the waiter also sends soy milk and fruit or snack yogurt to the room. The hotel is well-equipped and hygienic, and the breakfast buffet delivered is of high quality and very real. (Because it is not a holiday, it is not expensive to book online at Ctrip. It was only 308 yuan a night. You must book two consecutive nights. After confirming that you have checked in, you can return 70 yuan in cash. I feel that the price is very high. It ’s not a “trust” but a trust

Before I checked out, I chatted with the hotel front desk and asked, "The service is so good, how many stars are you?" The answer was beyond my expectation and turned out to be starless-because it is a state-owned enterprise, it is starless, haha!

We stayed in Ningbo for only one day and two nights. According to the online guide, we visited several places: Old Bund, Chenghuang Temple, Asoka Temple, Nantang Old Street, Tianyi Pavilion, Moon Lake. The City God Temple is the least interesting place. It is recommended that you do n’t have to go in the future, so that you do n’t have to "remember not to be afraid of regrets, and you will regret more if you go." You can walk around several other places. If you want to eat delicious food, you can go around Nantang Old Street. Moon Lake is actually a park, but its water is too clean, and people are seen swimming in it from time to time. If you want to save time, you can omit it here. The Old Bund is even more flavorful at night. The bar is very popular. However, I personally feel that this place is still a bit small. If you want to visit, there is not much distance. If you want to sit, it is a good place. Tianyi Pavilion and Asoka Temple are a must-go. Don't ask me why, just kiss Baidu to understand.
I'm lazy here, hey!

The hotel car took us to the South Bus Station. The fare to Shenjiamen was 49 yuan, and the journey took about two hours. From Shenjiamen North Station, there is a bus No. 27 that can take you to Xiong, it seems that it is only 2 yuan, and it will arrive soon. Then get off and buy a ticket for Putuo Mountain (22 yuan for a regular boat and 28 yuan for a speedboat). You will arrive at Putuo Mountain in about 15 minutes. After landing, you can directly buy Putuoshan tickets, 160 yuan each. Adult mothers enjoy 50% discount on the treatment of old people's cards. Those who have elderly people, please bring your old people's cards!

I lived on Putuo Mountain and lived in a seaside home. The family room I booked on Taobao had a big bed and a small bed. The three of us could sleep together. The price is 200 yuan. It is said that it is 400 yuan on Saturday and Sunday. It's 1200 yuan, sky-high price! Therefore, I always advocate not to travel on holidays. The host Sister Swallow was very enthusiastic. When I arrived at the pier to pick us up, Sister Swallow greeted us warmly and helped us recommend the route. My brother-in-law was in charge of shopping at Shenjiamen. The crabs and wrasse we picked were very good. Quality. Although the home is not as big and comfortable as the hotel, this home away from home is also a highlight. There are many similar Tsukuba inns on the island, and there are also hotels. Choose according to your preference.

The air on Putuo Mountain is needless to say, it is naturally superb. It is very pleasant to take a walk by the beach after dinner!

There are many temples on the mountain. We think that all the temples are almost the same, so we don't have to worship them one by one. So I only went to the Fayu Temple and ate fast in the temple-only 5 yuan. The old mother has been here twice before, and each time she worships Nanhai Guanyin, so the focus of this trip is Nanhai Guanyin, which is just over ten minutes away from where we live.

For no reason, standing at the feet of Nanyin Guanyin, my original impetuous heart was temporarily calmed down. Looking up at Guanyin, my eyes felt moist. It is also this delicate feeling that tells me-I will come again in the future. When the old mother is 70 years old, she will also accompany her. ——Four years later, the old mother said she would choose the day of my birthday, huh! At the foot of Guanyin, take a group photo with the old mother.

From the Nanhai Guanyin, what attracted our attention and footsteps was the Guanyin Jump Temple that extended to the sea. After entering the temple, we did not go to worship, but went directly to the seaside, where we took photos and watched the sea view.

The arrangements for the return trip were comfortable. Departed at 10:30 to the pier, took a speedboat to Banshengdong pier, and bought a ticket to the airport bus directly at the pier (this was completely unexpected to me, I didn't see anything before doing homework), 60 yuan each , Two and a half hours, we bought the last ticket at three o'clock, and then called for dinner at Gaojiazhuang Restaurant (this is the restaurant I asked my brother-in-law and also read online Raiders), called No need to jump watch, very close. The restaurant is very healthy and the environment is very good. There is luggage storage service. We enjoy a delicious and affordable lunch leisurely in the private room. Seafood here will not be slaughtered by people. It is recommended! After a short break in the private room, it was not until half past two that we set off and returned to the airport at Banshengdong Pier. If it hadn't been for the plane being delayed for two hours, I would have been right at this point.

Nothing along the way, safely home. Leave some text as a commemoration, and also make a reference for other travel friends.

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