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LG Travel Notes is released in March 2013-Ning & # 8203; Bo Zhoushan Putuoshan three days tour
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This time Putuo's trip originated from a LP friend's consultation about going to Shanxi. It seems two things that are not related, but the reality is this. Such consultation has caused LP's longing for Southeast Jin. Putuo's plan can only be implemented in advance, which can free up time for Jindongnan.
Everything in the Yangtze River Delta is convenient. There are many options to get to Putuo. There are car and boat combined transport at Luchao Port, cars with ferry from Shenjiamen, and the most extreme is the plane from Pudong to Zhujiajian. LP and I didn't want to take a long car, and went directly to Ningbo on the 12306 train on Friday. This will not save time on the road, but it is easier. You can also take a look at Ningbo. Ningbo has been here many times. I still like this big city in Zhejiang. The train is really fast and the fare is reasonable. I arrived at Ningbo East Station in 3 hours. There is now only East Station in Ningbo, and a bus moves near the Drum Tower in the night of Ningbo. Ningbo is also a big city. The younger brother at the front desk of the hotel proudly said, "The Ningbo government is rich, so rich! The Hangzhou government is poor!"
According to the data, Ningbo is also a historic city, and the prehistoric site of Hemudu is in Ningbo. The Tang Dynasty was the starting point of the "Maritime Silk Road". Song Dynasty was still a port town. In the Qing Dynasty, the earliest customs house in China was set up here! The five-port trade in modern times also has a share in Ningbo, which shows the important status. It ’s not too late. Put down your luggage and go to the Drum Tower. Before you saw a small square tower on the way to the hotel, take a closer look. The Tang Dynasty brick tower—Tianning Temple West Tower, a national key cultural relics protection unit The small tower stands on the side of Zhongshan West Road. The former Tianning Temple no longer exists, and the east tower no longer exists. This west tower became a landmark here after restoration.

Tang Gou's simplicity, LP likes it. Ningbo at night is not very lively, the old feeling, the road is not considered to be brightly lit, and the construction site fence opposite the West Tower is also a propaganda for the protection of surrounding historic sites. After a little supper, I walked into the Drum Tower opposite. The ancient tower site is a modern clock. It is not too obtrusive, just a little strange.

Behind the city wall is the site of Yongfengku. I did n’t know this before I was surprised. I visited the site at night and there was a gust of wind. It is also on the roadside of Zhongshan West. During the day, it is a park where elderly people exercise and children play.

This site is mainly a warehouse in the Yuan Dynasty. Excavations around it show that there are traces of people living here in different periods, wells, bridges, drainage ditches, brick walls and rubble. It can be seen that there is indeed a long history here!
Walked back to the hotel all the way, the rain was lingering, looking forward to the good weather the next day. The next day was still a cloudy day. I originally planned to take a boat from Daxie Pier to Putuo Mountain so that I would reach Putuo Mountain relatively quickly. Due to the ship's schedule, we still went to the North Bus Station opposite to take a car to Shenjiamen. I took a stroll around the old Bund in Ningbo. This was the most prosperous area in Ningbo, with docks, ships, and merchants. The shipping has been moved outside. There is not much popularity here. It feels that the government is going to make this a new place in Shanghai. It has also begun to take shape now. It is good to make articles around the old houses here.

The Jiangbei Catholic Church on the Bund is a landmark here, with a typical Gothic architectural style. It has a history of more than 100 years and is definitely worth a look.

The North Station bus left on time. Zhoushan belongs to the only two archipelago cities in China. In the past, it was said that the islanders' life depended on the sky. With the development of the economy, the islanders were very restless and wanted to abandon the island and land. The sea bridge came out. Zhoushan ’s cross-sea joint island project is really powerful. Bridges across the sea connect several major islands in Zhoushan. To the north, it connects to the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge to a fast track that leads directly to Shanghai. Although there are no blue seas to see along the way, here are the islands, the docks are crowded with fishing boats, other seascapes, other bridges, cable stays, and suspension cables. They are also amazing. They are basically the top ten bridges in the world. . It takes 2 hours to reach Shenjiamen. Since the new station is not at the pier, it is necessary to take a taxi to Banshengdong pier for a ferry. After a 20-minute ferry, Putuoshan arrived.
I came to Putuo for the fifth time in LG. LP is the first to land on Xiandao and feel the magnetic field of Buddhism. Tickets for landing on the island of 160 yuan are quite expensive!

A homestay was scheduled on LP Island. The owner of the homestay asked the neighbors to pick us up, chat and laugh all the way, ten minutes away, and stayed in the second district of Xishan. Although the homestay is not as good as Taiwan, it is quite satisfactory. The boss is young and there is only one room. Tude is a hobby and likes to make tea. It is said that because of his working relationship, he is familiar with many teachers on the mountain. Since it was noon after landing on the island, I was directed by the boss to walk directly to the parking lot of Puji Temple and take a car to the ropeway. Today I left Foding Mountain first.
Islanders in Putuo Mountain are not allowed to drive. It is said that to protect the environment, the only vehicles on the island are troops, hotels, and the government. We walked all the way to see the good surroundings. Puji Temple is not far. It passes through the release pond. The parking lot arrives. The multiple pagodas on the side stand. It is actually one of the three treasures of Putuo Mountain! Sure enough, the gas field is extraordinary. This is a stone tower in the Yuan Dynasty, and there is only one in Zhejiang. It is the oldest building on the entire Putuo Mountain.

There are not many people waiting for the bus. From the road to the mountain, from time to time, you can see the sandy beach of Putuo Mountain and the strange rocks on the seaside. The scenery is good.
The ropeway is not long, just over 1 km, Foding Mountain is less than 300 meters above sea level. At the top of the mountain is the Huiji Temple, one of the three major temples of Putuo. It is necessary to worship Buddha.

Three incense watches express their intentions, donate some merit, pray for peace, the temple incense is very strong, the temple of the king is built next to the mountain, the main hall of the main hall is dedicated to Sakyamuni, and Putuoshan is a Quanyin dojo, other temples are basically dedicated to Guanyin The temple is not big, I wish you a blessing.

Leaving Foding Mountain, all the way down the steps, the thousands of stone steps walked with sore legs, from time to time on the road there were people who wished to come up with hoees, and there were elderly people taking a rest on the stone steps.

At the end of the stone steps is Fayu Temple, another one of the three major temples on Putuo Mountain. The gate of Fayu Temple is deep. It is much larger than Huiji Temple. It passes through the Kowloon wall in front of the hall and passes through the Temple of Heaven. The incense is still exuberant. Burning incense in Putuo is an important homework. . The biggest surprise is the Jiulong Zaojing in the Jiulong Temple here, which is the second treasure of Putuo Mountain.

It is said that Kangxi specially approved the move of Zaojing, the nine-year-old palace in the Nanjing Imperial Palace of the Ming Dynasty. The roof is a specially approved 100,000 gold tiles. Anyway, this Fayu Temple was basically financed by the emperor. After leaving Fayu Temple, walk all the way to Qianbusha not far away. The weather is quite cold and you ca n’t play with water. The beach here is extremely delicate iron plate sand, very hard, the sea water is yellow, the beach is yellow, completely. Earthy yellow, walking on the beach, feeling different, and feeling good.

Cross Qianbusha, go down the highway, cross the old street with dense shops, and arrive at the largest Puji Temple, the last one of the three major temples of Putuo Mountain. Due to the emperor's move to the imperial decree, the Zhengshan Gate rarely had the opportunity to open, and the large release pond at the entrance seemed vibrant. Walk through Yubei Pavilion, walk past Huxin Pavilion, and step into Puji Temple, the best cattle in Putuo Mountain.

The previous life of Puji Temple was actually not willing to go to Guanyin Temple, which shows the historical origin. The Fayu Temple is called the Back Temple in Putuo, and the Puji Temple is the Front Temple here. Due to the convenient location, the incense here is even worse. Step into the mountain gate with LP, burn incense and worship Buddha, take a look at the temple scenery, worship all the way from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, do not dare to make too strong desire, but also hope the blessing of the Buddha.
Burning incense and worshipping the Buddha did not dare to have any thoughts. After walking through the three temples one afternoon, although I did not see the Yangzhi Guanyin Stele at the Yangzhi Temple, I completed my wish to worship the Buddha and gave me another reason to come again. After worshipping the Buddha, he was hungry, and Su Zhai, who came to the Buddhist temple at Puji Temple, still had some characteristics, and the price was expensive. Putuo Mountain at night is still very quiet, no noise, and it is probably related to the practice of Buddha.
The next day the weather was surprisingly good. I ran to the dock to store my luggage, got a ticket for Shenjiamen to return to Shanghai, and went to Shenjiamen in the afternoon, and returned to Shanghai if I had a chance. Put down your luggage and start traveling along the road near the pier. Not far from the short aunt road, a pile of cliff stones are carved in the sea water near the pier. The ancient Shanmen Torii indicates that Putuo Mountain has arrived.

Inner piety is also manifested by walking along the highway.

Nantianmen is not large. It is located on Nanshan in the south of Putuo Mountain. In fact, it is connected by a bridge isolated in the sea. It is across the sea from the 33-meter-high Putuoshan landmark “Buddhist statue of Guanyin in the South China Sea” built on the top of the Longwan Gang. Similarly, there are a lot of cliff stone carvings. At the same time, you can watch the surrounding beach waves, fishing boats, stone carvings, and the scenery is quite beautiful. .

From here on foot to the South China Sea Guanyin statue, a three-story pedestal with a total height of 33 meters and a Buddha statue of 18 meters. The statue is made of new imitation gold and bronze.

The Guanyin statue is a huge project, an unprecedented event since Putuo opened the mountain. The president of the Chinese Buddhist Association, Zhao Puchu, wrote an inscription on "Southern Goddess of Mercy". The statue of Buddha is huge, but after all, it is a new thing. Byzantine, it seems that every Buddhist mountain will have a huge statue of Buddha. . Mountain climbing platform, overlooking the Zhoushan Islands, the absolute scenery is infinite. Stepping down the South China Sea Guanyin, looking at the Western Jingyuan, passing through the purple bamboo forest, I came to the earliest temple on Putuo Mountain and refused to go to Guanyin Temple.

The temple structure of the Tang structure, the Chaoyin Cave, the dyeing of the body, the waves slamming the shore, and thirty-three different styles of Guanyin Buddha statues are quite a good place. I looked back at Budan Zizhu Lin and worshiped the Guanyin Bodhisattva. On the way all the way, I returned to Puji Temple, looked at the Royal Monument, worshipped Baizitang, looked back at the multiple pagodas, and looked at the fish in the release pond.
Of course, the LP who came to Putuo Mountain for the first time must not go to the Xishan Scenic Area, Puji Temple is mountain all the way, there are not too many tourists. This season is the incense season of Putuo Mountain. Xishan is dominated by natural landscapes and strange stones. There are many temples scattered in the mountains, but the incense can not be compared with the three major temples. There are more nuns, more living, and quieter. Smell. The wonderful stones of Xishan are wonderful, and Putuoshan has many "three". Three treasures, three temples, three stones, etc. Three stones are in Xishan.

I climbed up and down all the way, watched the thousand-year-old camphor tree, and entered the Xishan Scenic Area. A flat boat stone is a sketch.

It is a must for tourists coming here. The introduction of the famous Buddhist mountain is that this stone can accommodate a hundred people to meditate. Pan Tuoshi is the first strange stone in Zhoushan. The secretary visited it several times and took one photo each time. It is no longer possible to climb up because of safety, and it was considered to have climbed 20 years ago.

A lot of incense sticks at Pantuo Shibian were resting, and found a strange phenomenon. 98% of Putuo incense was an old lady. Rarely saw the old man, I do not know why. Walk past Pan Tuo Shi, comeWhen the two turtles listen to the law stones, these two stones are indeed vivid, and they can also be regarded as the sound of the Buddha's sound!

Along the mountain road all the way, not tired, but the scenery is beautiful. Looking at the previous farms, it has now become a residential area. The Yamashita naval base is still the same as it was many years ago. Putuo Mountain is not large. Just walk back to the road. LP can also be regarded as a success, and he randomly found a farmhouse hotel and cooked a few side dishes for a fair price.
The Clippers at the pier are very dense. I returned to Shenjiamen in 20 minutes. I wanted to take a night here and experience the night stalls here. Back to Shanghai, the train when you came, the car when you came back, all the way to Zhoushan Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, directly to Shanghai Nanpu Bridge, the first row of positions looked at the scenery.

Putuoshan is really pretty, and the dharma is boundless. The charm here is still quite attractive to Miss Zero. The mountains are not high, the sand is fine, the sea is not turbulent, the temples are large and small. Expensive seafood, destined we will come again. .

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