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Visiting the Seafood Feast of Shilinquan at Sea ---- 12 Years of Dragon Boat Driving (4) Finale
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It takes about 2 hours to drive from Xianju Guankeng to the Xiangshan Yuankai Hotel we stayed in. After I originally planned to stay at the hotel, I went to Xiasha Beach to eat seafood in the evening. Due to the delay in going up the mountain, it was obviously impossible to achieve the original plan. After calculating the time of the journey, I decided to go to Baizhugangtou Farmhouse for dining in Linhai. This is also our way to Xiangshan. Moreover, the farmhouse feels good to everyone.

After driving on the road, the pouring rain began to drain. Everyone drove carefully and refueled at the Linhainan service area of ​​the Taijin Expressway. They arrived at Baizhugangtou Farmhouse at 7 pm.

Because I contacted the boss in advance by phone, I still served the dishes according to yesterday's standards, and tried not to repeat the dishes.

Leaving the farmhouse at 8 o'clock, at this time the rain and wind stopped, we went north from Linhai to the expressway, exited Ninghai, and successfully checked into the Yuankai Holiday Hotel in Xiangshan at 10 pm

On the 24th, after breakfast, we headed to Hualiu Island. From the hotel to Hualiu Island, it took about an hour. After crossing the newly opened Gaotang Island Sea-crossing Bridge, we will soon arrive at the Jingao Pier of Hualiu Island. When the car arrived at the wharf, the car and passenger ferry just left the wharf, and everyone was a little annoyed. It would take another hour (the flight runs every hour), which was all caused by Qin J. Check-out was 10 minutes late. We plan to It started at half past eight. Therefore, punctuality and discipline are the purpose of team travel.

The gold high chair is 1200 meters away from Huali Island, opposite

In order to save the ferry fee, at the same time consider the capacity of the ship (before departure, see the Raiders said that the ship can only carry 6 cars) and 7 cars are assembled into 5 cars. The other two cars are parked in the parking lot at the dock (free of charge).

When I was waiting for the ship, I saw a ship coming to unload seafood. The gourmet expert XD waited for an inquiry and bought 6 live big barracuda crabs to prepare for processing at Huali Villa at noon. Liu Q clutched the crab in fear.

Every day, because he was wearing a pair of cushioned plastic slippers, he accidentally fell down on the pier and took half of his teeth away. The brave everyday did not scream and cry.

Everyone talked, looked at seafood, bargained, and the time passed quickly. On the boat, we had 5 cars. According to the netizen's strategy, we learned that the ferry fee can be negotiated. It is estimated that it is privately contracted, and the price is 70. One yuan for one round trip, passengers do n’t need money; the master in the team once again negotiated with the boss of the boat, 300 yuan for 5 cars, 10 yuan cheaper per car, 50 yuan can add a dish, haha. . . . . This ferry fee is quite kind.

Facing the gentle sea breeze and looking at the scenery on both sides

In 15 minutes, we arrived at Hualiu Island.

At this time, it was eleven o'clock noon, and we had already contacted Huali Villa to go there for lunch at noon. Hualien Villa is the only place on the island where you can eat and stay. It takes about ten minutes from the dock to the villa.

The entire villa is also a group of 22 people with no other guests.

In addition to helping us process pike crabs, we ordered many other seafood. Among them, iron plate dumplings, soy sauce yellow mud snails and other flavors are excellent. There is also a 15 yuan bag of poached sea prawns on sale from fishermen, which tastes good.

After lunch, head to Hualiu Island, the scenic spot is just beside the villa.

After the communication and negotiation between Xu L, Xu and others and the ticket office, we finally gave us a 40% discount, which is 24 yuan a person, a child half ticket 20 yuan, Liu Q can also be regarded as a student to enjoy half ticket treatment.

This is also the only time to buy tickets for this trip.

Hualiu Island has a viewing schedule, which is most spectacular at low tide. When we went, it was a good time for low tide viewing.

Follow this path to the scenic area

There are two scenic spots on Hualiu Island. One is climbing, which is a bit difficult and the other is the conventional core scenic spot.

Only half of the team climbed down, and Big G did not dare to climb again because of a shoe problem (hole shoes). His weak wife and Little G fell down, and Teacher Zhang also came down.

On the issue of shoes, I emphasized many times before departure that hiking shoes and brook shoes need to be non-slip, but some people still do; including the hand platform, I also emphasized not to forget to bring the charger, but some people still forget, I even use red Marking reminders, every time you travel, everyone will either forget this or forget that. I wondered, these friends are doing such a good job, why is this so careless?

Difficult down to the seaside reef

The average tourist can't see the beauty here

Zhang B is thinking about life like the Europa and Cristiano Ronaldo

Teacher Zhang is good enough

A lot of beauty

I dare not come down to the people I just met, but just look at us from afar

After that, we came to the regular scenic spot --- the core area of ​​the sea stone forest

Big G couple boarded Thumblin to witness love

Others follow suit

What is Zhang B thinking?

Pebbles after the rain, crystal clear

There is a suspension bridge connecting the stone forest

Xiao Song caught a crab

Goodbye --- Beautiful Stone Forest

Hualiu Island was discovered by Lao Chai when we traveled to Wenling on New Year's Day this year. At that time, there was no time to do homework, and no one answered the phone in the scenic spot. Now it seems that the time is definitely too late.

I went to Xiachangshou Village from Huadao Island. The narrow village road was difficult to make a U-turn. The villagers were very enthusiastic and helped to remove the obstacles and let us make a U-turn. The reason they can live long is that I am a man Purpose.

We also watched the ruins of the barracks against the pirates in the past, and started to go the wrong way. We found them under the guidance of a fellow

The barracks of that year have become a ruin

Imagine the situation where the commander used to fight the pirates here

Myrica rubra is translucent and makes me salivating

There is also a memorial hall next to the Qing Dynasty in the barracks. I think that the eradication of the Ming Dynasty is the general trend.

I arrived at the pier at 4 o'clock, and when I was waiting for the boat, I saw someone fishing, let's say that I asked him to sell the fish I caught (30 yuan, about 7-8 doubles). It was the first time I saw it.

This sea bass has a slightly open mouth, we are going to let the restaurant process it at night

After a while the boat came over and it drove as soon as it was on board. Goodbye-Hualiu Island

After getting off the boat, I saw fishermen sorting sea shrimp. I wanted to buy some food for the evening, but I did n’t buy it because the price was a bit outrageous.

When I left the pier, it was already 4 o'clock and I had to eat on the way. At this time, I remembered that Xiangshan has a farmhouse on the side of the provincial road. It was the way back to Shanghai. I went to Xiangshan twice for business trips. , It tastes good, there are many kinds of seafood. When we came to Xiangshan on the 23rd, we also passed the farmhouse. The neon lights were flashing and the scale was very large. I called it with a handstand. The name seemed to be a countryman's restaurant or a thatched cottage. He asked Liu Q to search the Internet through his mobile phone and found that his name had changed.

I arrived at the restaurant at 6 pm and it turned out that there were a lot of seafood. The sea bass allowed them to steam with the catfish. As a result, the sea bass tasted no worse than the expensive Dachang fish. We also ordered a lot of dishes, but unfortunately we couldn't drink by car. There is a kind of tan cake in the restaurant which is very delicious and is a specialty of Xiangshan. Everyone bought a lot and took it home.

Leaving the hotel at 7:30, soon after I opened, I met a policeman who checked the wine and drunk. Of course, we are all fine.

After getting on the high speed, many friends ’hands broke up because they woke up for a day without power.

At more than 11 pm, all vehicles arrived home safely, ending an unforgettable three-day self-driving car.

Everyone is looking forward to the next self-driving. After seeing the photos, some friends who did not go for various reasons did not believe that Zhejiang has such a beautiful scenery.

The end of the Dragon Boat Trip by car.


June 28, 2012

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