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Carnival, seafood, fishing port and film city, the perfect small holiday guide in Zhejiang
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Each year's National Day holiday seems to be inevitable. So, is there a place with relatively few tourists and easy and fun?

Ningbo is what I would recommend. It has not been a very popular tourist destination. The city is not big, but the beauty is exquisite. Seafood, fishing port, film and television city, during the National Day, and the heavy-lifting Ningbo Nice International Carnival, enough for you to play leisurely for three or four days. It's up!

On the first day, I set off from my home to Ningbo and participated in the Ningbo Nice International Carnival

The Nice Carnival in Ningbo is one of the official events of the “China-Europe Tourism Year”. It enjoyed the French Carnival in France, one of the “Three Carnivals in the World” and enjoyed the authentic French style. And 40 Nice mascots are shipped directly from France to Ningbo.

The activity time is from September 28 to October 3, a total of 6 days, friends who want to go, do not miss it!

The weather is so nice, the clouds are white like marshmallows.

During the parade, there were a total of 12 beautiful floats, each of which had a beautiful "festival goddess", and sent flowers to the audience from time to time!

The actors and actresses are all from France. The younger brothers and sisters are all unique in their skills. They do some backflips, sweep the legs of the church, and stack the stairs ... it's all a piece of cake.

Look at this actor on a stilt, like a butterfly fairy!

Is this Tarzan?

The style of the whole car is related to this ape-like hanging head, which is rugged and full of the smell of jungle and mountains.

These two astronauts are responsible for putting the ribbons on. The machines in their hands have the impulse, and the soft colored paper ribbons can fly out far, directly to the auditorium, causing cheers.

Warm and cheerful French local dance.

This is a group of actors with cute clown faces, old and young, male and female. They performed all kinds of emotions, sad, scared, dodging, happy, long time to meet again ... not talking, but they are the group that touched me the most.

Cute clown girl.

This pair found each other in the chaotic crowd, hugged, stared, the boys put scarves and hats on the girls-like a lingering love story in a troubled world, suddenly there was such a moment, I almost shed tears. How easy it is to see you in the crowd.

group photo!

Yes, there is a lot of interaction between actors. Everyone will come to the auditorium, shake hands, take photos, make faces, scream, the atmosphere is very hilarious.

Passion Samba ~

The carnival at night is more exciting, the king of the universe comes to the town first!

Here comes the cute little monster!

Colored confetti and streamers are flying around, so hi to the explosive atmosphere, have you regretted that you were not at the scene?

There is also a comprehensive area in the carnival, where you can enjoy gourmet food, cultural and creative products, porcelain, zen tea and other appreciation sales. While waiting for the performance, you may wish to go shopping.

An animal made of small pine cones.

Of course, there are several cute mascots, and they are friendly and happy to take photos with the audience!

Spectators who have purchased evening tickets can enter the park in advance, stroll around the cultural and creative district, sit on the grass and watch the sunset.

The next day, Xiangshan Film and Television City and Shipu Fishing Port

Xiangshan Film and Television City is located in Xinqiao Town, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It covers a total area of ​​1176 acres. It is based on Lingyan Mountain and combines natural landscapes such as mountains, rocks, caves, water, and forests to create China's first real-life movie. The theme park is built with scenic spots such as the Condor City, the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period City, the Republic of China City, and the Journey to the West. It is currently the largest film and television city in China.

How many TV series have been filmed here?

"Langyao List", "Three Miles of Life, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom", "Biography of the Moon", "Prince's Princess Promotion", "The Condor Heroes", "Journey to the West", "Four Great Traps" ... Is it enough to catch? Human eyeball?

Walking in the scenic area, you can see the huge posters of these TV shows everywhere. You can also click on the map to find the "Jing Wang Mansion" where Wang Kai lived, the "Su House" of Su Changmei's elder brother, and Su Su jumped down. "诛仙 台".

Look at this scene, are you familiar? Yes, it's in the peach blossoms of ten miles!

There is also a bowl of wine in the old street.

After drinking the rough pottery bowl, he slammed into the pile of porcelain pieces, and suddenly felt bold and dry. Not enough?

Suddenly, a sound of suaves sounded on the street corner. It turned out that it was time to throw hydrangeas to recruit relatives.

The charming young lady was helped out by the girl-in-law, looking around and throwing the hydrangea with her eyes closed at last ... Of course, the groom was an audience member, pulled up on the stage, hung red and green, and achieved a temporary marriage.

Recording studio.

The thunder and lightning in the movie is a large thin steel plate, which can make a similar thunder sound when it is moved; and the wind sound is a long blower. When you shake the handle, you can make a shrill scream; It is played by the leather hammer of the toilet bowl. When you tap it on the small table, it comes to life ...

The friends dubbed "Sansheng III, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom" on the scene of the role, and the killing scene, it was amazing!

Wu Dalang cooks cakes. The key is that the background sound of the TV series is still in the store. Pan Jinlian shouted: "Dalang, Dalang ..."

Yichun Courtyard.

However, the building in the film and television city is Yichunyuan today, and it will become another house tomorrow. It all depends on the plot needs!

The ribbons in the building are fluttering with satin, and walking through them really feels like walking around!

This is the home of Big Brother, Shuiliandong.

The big brother saw the camera on him the most and immediately performed a whole set of actions professionally. Even if it is a mass actor, professional ethics is full of leverage!

It belongs to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period City.

I met a group of soldiers on the road and probably just finished shooting a certain shot, so it ’s really interesting to walk around the film and television city. Who knows where?

At the southern end of Xiangshan Peninsula in Shipu Town, in ancient times it had the title of "Zheyang Middle Road Town". It is one of China's historic and cultural towns and one of the six major fishing ports in the country.

When I arrived in Shipu, it was about four o'clock in the afternoon, and the sunset began to thicken, and the sky and buildings were as oily as oil painting.

To tell the truth, I have never seen a seaside town that is more delicate and tortuous than Shipu. The old street is not long, but the stairs are stacked. The wooden shops are lined up. The air is full of seafood. A few steps is the sea. I should stay here for a month, watch the sunrise and sunset every day, and the fishing boats leave the port.

Bowling Street, this is a prosperous side street built along the mountain. It is said to be small because the street is not wide. Standing on this side of the street, you can see the small fragmented objects on the table on the opposite side. It is because the shops are followed by one another. The old prosperity scene does not need to be guessed, and it is also immediately visible.

There is also a small museum on the old street.

China's first sound film "Fishing Light" was filmed in Shipu. Yu Guangqu is a masterpiece of Chinese cinema in the 1930s. It won the Moscow International Film Festival and won the ninth place. It is China's first film to receive international honors.

There are also specimens of baleen whales. It is said that the fishermen caught it by mistake.

Maybe it's late. There are no tourists on the street. It is quiet and quiet. There are only those who keep the shop. They chat with their neighbors one by one.

However, this is exactly what I imagined the ancient seaside town. Ivy climbed on the ancient mottled city walls. People sat casually on the steps and smoked gossip. The air smelled of the sea and also had a leisurely atmosphere.

During the Ming Dynasty, the southeast coast was seriously affected, and Shipu built a city and stood for the right wing of East Zhejiang. One door after another, we can see the tight defense at that time.

The middle street was built in the Ming Hongwu years, and was paved with slate and stone steps.

This is the Moon Cave Gate-style Fire Wall.

Although the middle street is only 250 meters short, there are more than a hundred large and small shops, including Qianzhuang pawnshops, north-south strange goods, and traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.

Looking up, the carved columns and painted buildings still show the old style.

Another moon hole door.

The most common are all kinds of seafood, dried fish, shrimp skin, and fish bream, that is, dried dried seafood, which is easy to store and is the most traditional food on the southeast coast.

This is a drug store. It is said that the best skills in gynecology, the ancestral craftsmanship is passed on only to the daughter-in-law. If a male guest comes to buy medicine, he hangs a small basket from the corner of the balcony on the second floor, puts the money up and puts the medicine down. Although the main house is a woman, he does not have direct contact with the male guest. Incompetent.

Listening to such ancient legends and anecdotes, it is very interesting to stroll in the old streets.

In the harbour at dusk, all the fishing boats are neatly lined up in the harbor due to typhoons coming in the next few days. The fishing off season is about to end. At that time, the grand and joyous fishing festival is another story.

Ningbo Bund. It's great to take a walk and take a walk.

Surrounded by bars and streets, Shengge is lively all night.

Day Three, Ningbo Gang Museum, Tianyi Pavilion

The Ningbo Gang Museum is located in Zhenhai District, Ningbo City. The important business gang in the modern economic history of China—the Ningbo Gang is the object of the exhibition. The age is the context, historical facts are the clues, and the characters are the highlights. The content of the exhibition is based on the mission of inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of the Ningbo Gang. It systematically shows the epic of hard work of the Ningbo Gang from the end of Ming to the present.

Walking around the museum, I often hear such marvels:

Wow, this is Ningbo!

Wow, he (she) is from Ningbo!

For example, Tongrentang, as everyone knows, is actually Ningbo, not Beijing as everyone thinks.

For example, the first Zhongshan suit was tailor-made for Mr. Sun Yat-sen by a tailor in Ningbo, and finally swept the country.

One more thing, the Zhongshan suit is really good-looking. It shows the subtle, introverted, gentle and elegant of the oriental man, and it is not inferior to a suit! -Of course, the premise is that the body standard.

The "Anzijie Writing Machine" invented by Ningbo famous linguist Anzijie has the functions of editing, modifying, storing, transmitting, and writing 10 languages. Named after the inventor's last name, this is the first time in Chinese patent history.

Ningbo is one of the birthplaces of marine culture. The Ningbo people who were soaked in the rain and the wind seemed to be born with blue passion in their blood. Bao Yugang among the world's seven ship kings was Ningbo people! Am I surprised?

This was the Ningbo ship Baoshun purchased by a Ningbo merchant in 1854. It was the first commercial oversized ship at that time, marking the beginning of the Chinese steamship era.

This Rolls-Royce was a special car for the party and state leaders purchased at the expense of Mr. Xingjiu, an overseas Chinese, at his own expense. It cost 80,000 U.S. dollars and witnessed many historical moments.

In the old Shanghai "Report", news stories about Ningbo people are common.

The Tianyi Pavilion was built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty and was hosted by the then retired Ming Bingbu right servant Lang Fan Qin. It has a history of more than 400 years and is a representative work of Chinese book culture. It is not only the earliest existing private library in China, but also one of the oldest libraries in Asia and the three largest family libraries in the world.

This Dongming thatched cottage was originally Fan Qin's library. Later, with the increasing number of books, this room could no longer be accommodated. He also built a Tianyi Pavilion to store books. This thatched cottage became His private reception room.

Tianyi Pavilion.

It is said that the rules are strict, books cannot be left, non-men can't enter ... etc. It is also because of such strict rules that these books can be preserved to the greatest extent. By 1952, all books were dedicated to the country by descendants of the Fan family.

So now Tianyi Pavilion is actually empty, and those precious books have been moved to other places for safekeeping. Tourists can only think of the grand occasion from the structure of the building.

Today's Tianyi Pavilion is actually the general name for the merger of four private gardens. The tour guide said that this is the ancient wealthy area. For the convenience of the visit, the courtyard wall was opened and synthesized. It is still called "Tianyi Pavilion" to the outside world.

A child is looking at the guide map of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum and asking questions to his parents.

This family is displaying Mahjong.

Mahjong originated in the middle of the late Qing Dynasty. It was first used by fishermen for recreation when fishing on the sea. The former was a crane. In this room, various materials and various periods of Mahjong are displayed.

The host here is a diplomat, and there is a statue of "Three Missing One" at the door.

The most luxurious sedan car, weighing 400 pounds, required eight strong men to carry it together, and alternated shifts. It was specially for the then rich people in Ningbo to marry their daughters and marry wives. Can be called brilliant!

This is another one. The owner returned to his hometown to build this gorgeous stage.

With exquisitely carved doors and windows, the sun shines through the flower grid, projecting a beautiful shadow.

Near the Tianyi Square in Ningbo City, the ancient Gothic Catholic Church is gorgeous and atmospheric.

Recommended food in Ningbo

Come to Ningbo, of course, seafood is the leader! You can be dazzled by the variety of famous seafood! My favorite, of course, is the fried rice crab and Ningbo dumplings for several years. What about you, what do you like best?

Accommodation recommendation: Ningbo Westin Hotel

The five-star hotel is located in the center of Ningbo, next to Tianyi Square, next to the Bund and Bar Street, very convenient, quiet and quiet, and the location is very good.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, outside is the bright night of Ningbo.

The bathroom is dry and wet, and there is an oversized bathtub.

The most satisfying is the breakfast at his house, which has both Chinese and Western styles to meet the needs of different guests.

Look, even the salted duck eggs and preserved eggs are ready-made!

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