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March 3, 2013, Ningbo (Yaojiang, Moat, Yuehu Park, Tianyi Square, Tianfeng Tower, Qita Temple, Old Bund, Deji Lane)
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Get up at 7:00 in the morning and continue today. Today I mainly tour in urban areas.

The hotel is 30 meters from Yaojiang. Go along Yao Jiang in the morning. Today's weather is good, and there are few people in the morning. Yaojiang's riverside is a place for fitness and exercise.

This is the Yongfeng Bridge on Yaojiang. There is no wind today, and the river is calm as a mirror.

Turning from Yongfeng Bridge to Ningbo's Beidou River, this small river is the moat of the ancient city of Ningbo. The old city of Ningbo is small.

Road vehicles are scarce on the moat, presumably due to weekend mornings.
Go straight along the moat. I want to go to Tianyi Pavilion today. Tianyi Pavilion is probably the most famous scenic spot in Ningbo. It is the library of ancient officials. But came too early, before Tianyi Pavilion opened, went to Yuehu Park next to Tianyi Pavilion. This is Ningbo's old city, and there are many ancient buildings in this area.

Many elderly people are exercising in Yuehu Park in the early morning.

On the square of Yuehu Park, I don't know what flowers are blooming, white and elegant.

Yuehu Park is large and the environment is beautiful. There is a large area of ​​grass here.

A main road crosses Moon Lake and divides Moon Lake into two parts.

It is located in the old town, so the ancient buildings can be seen everywhere and the protection is complete.

Moon Lake Park, small and chic bridges and gazebos.

There is a sculpture in the southwest corner of Yuehu Park, which is a goddess at close range.

Walking along Yuehu Park, the roadside is full of platanus, and it must be green in summer.

Still came to the main road just now, in the past was the North District of Moon Lake.

There are so many green spaces in Yuehu Park, which is very suitable for exercise.

There are also many ancient buildings in Yuehu Park, and some of them have become museums or exhibition halls.
At the far north of Yuehu Park is Drum Tower. Drum Tower is located on Zhongshan Road.

The Drum Tower in Ningbo is very majestic. Behind the Drum Tower is the business district.

Drum Tower can climb to the second floor and shoot down the Drum Tower business district. There are few people in the morning.

Next to the Drum Tower is the site of Yongfengku. This is a royal warehouse built in the Yuan Dynasty and has great historical value.

Gulou business district, visited last night.

A few hundred meters west from Drum Tower along Zhongshan Road, there is a brick tower very abruptly. This is the site of Tianning Temple. Tianning Temple is now a school.

Zhongshan Road is a very busy road. Ningbo's most famous Tianyi Square is on this road. There are many tall buildings on Zhongshan Road.

Ningbo Tianyi Square is indeed a large commercial center.

Tianyi Square is full of shops.

Tianyi Square is very beautiful.

It's still Tianyi Square and walked for a long time.

There is a cathedral one street south from Tianyi Square, and the church tower is so tall. Suddenly found that there are quite a few churches in Ningbo.

It's been almost 3 hours since I got up in the morning and found a place to have breakfast. Today I tasted the rice cake with Ningbo characteristics. As early as watching the "China on the Tongue" documentary, I introduced Ningbo's rice cake, and it really has a good reputation. Today I ordered beef rice cake soup. A big bowl was only 10 yuan and I was very full. Rice cakes have a smooth fragrance.

Exit from the rice cake shop and continue west to Tianfeng Tower. The tower stands prominently on the side of the road and can be seen from a distance. This area is the business district of Chenghuang Temple. 5 yuan for the tower.

Chenghuangmiao commercial street, there are many tourists here, very lively.
From the Chenghuang Temple all the way south, to Fenghua River, I am going to follow Fenghua River all the way north to the Old Bund of Sanjiangkou.

Xingning Bridge over Fenghua River.

Follow Fenghua River all the way north. Green grass on the waterfront.

Walk 10 minutes north from Xingning Bridge to Qinqiao. It is said that the bridge looks like a piano from a distance, hence its name.

To the north of Qinqiao is Lingqiao. The Lingqiao is being repaired recently. There are many tall buildings on the riverfront.

The urban area of ​​Ningbo often sees large areas of grass, which is very suitable for living.
A few hundred meters east from Lingqiao is Ningbo Seven Pagoda Temple, which is the most famous temple in Ningbo. The ticket is 5 yuan.

The Seven Pagoda Temple is huge in scale and is still being expanded. It seems that the incense is strong.

The Qita Temple is very quiet.

Tibetan scripture building of Qita Temple.

Seven Pagoda Temple, antique.

Rooms at the Seven Pagoda Temple.
It's almost 1:00 noon, find a place for lunch.

The specialty of Ningbo is of course seafood. This is a kind of small seafood in the local area. It is a bit like squid. I don't remember the name. It's called garlic roasted small seafood, it's delicious.

When I came to Ningbo on a business trip 10 years ago, I remember eating steamed salted fish, which is a local characteristic of Ningbo, and I still remember it. I ordered one today and it tastes good, just a little salty. It seems like I need to drink more water this afternoon.

After dinner, continue to the city center. This is the Jiangxia Bridge.

There are many tourists on the green land of Sanjiangkou. You can see the tall buildings of Jiangdong here with a good angle.

I came to the Jiangbei Catholic Church last night. It is not as beautiful as the night. Many newcomers are shooting wedding dresses here.

To the north of the church is the Minjiang Bridge.

Ningbo Old Bund, compared to Shanghai's Bund, there is no crowd and no noise.

The Old Bund business is very good at night, it seems a lot deserted during the day.

Old Bund, now a bar area.

The architectural style of the Old Bund is a bit like Shanghai's Xintiandi.
From the Bund, prepare to go north along Renmin Road to see the historical and cultural block of Deji Lane.

Deji Lane is just opposite Baisha Park. Looking at the other side along the Minjiang River, the unknown building is under construction and its shape is strange.

Tak Kee Lane is a recently restored historical and cultural neighbourhood, and there are many well-preserved old-fashioned homes here. Previously this area was a concession area.

Deji Lane is very beautiful.

Old house in Tak Kee Lane, local style.
It's getting dark again, and there is still a little time before returning to Shanghai. I'm going to check it out at Qing'an Hall.

I had to take a picture of Qing'an Guild Hall from the outside and take a picture.

Qing'an Hall is on the east bank of the Minjiang River, where the riverside is full of spring.


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