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Ningbo & Zhoushan 3days 2nights HAPPY ~ (on)
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In July I read Zhou Yunpeng's old book, Spring Blaming, and the last chapter was a biography of Zhou Yunpeng written by the Green Demon. After reading it, I especially wanted to listen to Zhou Yunpeng's live music and feel the power of his humor. The good friends shared the news of the Tokai Music Festival in the circle of friends, so they immediately bought 2 tickets for the Tokai Music Festival. Say goodbye to summer with a seaside music festival.

First, I have a few puzzles when searching for strategies and schedules:

1. What is fun in Ningbo one day?

A friend recommended: Gulou and Nantang Old Street

2. How to take a car from Ningbo to Nansha?

Take a bus from Ningbo Bus Station to Shenjiamen, then take a special bus from Shenjiamen to Zhujiajian Nansha.

Q: But there is a confusion. I went to Shengsi Island the year before. I took a long-distance bus and then took a ferry to Shengsi Island. According to the truth, Zhujiajian is also an island. Why go directly to Zhujiajian for the bus? Why there is no information on the Internet if there is no ferry?

A: I was still confused when I got on the bus. Later, a super-super long bridge appeared on the bus. I was finally relieved that the island was connected by a bridge. You can get on the island if you need a ferry.

Q: How many stops are there in Ningbo? What is the relationship between Ningbo South Station and Ningbo Station?

A: Ningbo Railway Station is Ningbo Railway Station (Ningbo South Railway Station). Ningbo South Railway Station and Ningbo Railway Station are together. Ningbo East is rarely used for the temporary construction of the South Station.

3. What is the relationship between Zhujiajian and Nansha?

Zhujiajian's beach is the most famous. It has been recognized by the International Sand Sculpture Organization WSSA as one of the best sandy and scenic beaches in the world. Zhujiajian's sandy beach and its scenery far exceed the best summer resorts currently. One of the Hawaiian Islands.

Zhujiajian attractions include:? Daqingshan? Nansha Sand Sculpture Art Square? Wushi gravel beach? Guanyin Cultural Garden? Lover's Island? Baisha Island

Nansha is one of Zhujiajian's attractions. Nansha has a large-scale sand sculpture exhibition and other activities.

(I personally have no special interest in scenic spots. As long as there is a sea and a beach, I will be satisfied. Lying on the beach and blowing hair will be enough for me to enjoy the day. So I decided to just stay in Nansha.)

4. Can I set up a tent in Nansha at night?

Q: Can I set up a tent on the beach at night?

A: Yes.

Imagine being in a seaside tent. When you wake up in the morning and open the curtain, you can see the sun slowly rising from the seaside. It's great ~ I bought a tent specifically.

Preparations before departure:

1. Buy tickets (Buy tickets for the return trip only on the last day)

@ Suzhou to Ningbo 120 train 3H

@ 宁波 到 沈家门 汽车 50 2H


@ 南苑 e 家 南唐 老街 店 (Here is a 10-minute walk from Nantang Old Street, and it is only 2-3 kilometers away from the South Bus Station to be done the next day. It was booked on Ctrip on Saturday. Late. Conditions are OK, main price and location are very good)

@Tent (Nansha live tent)

3. Let's go-the actual itinerary:

Day 1 August 31 Suzhou to Ningbo: Nantang Old Street-Tianyi Pavilion-Drum Tower-Nantang Old Street

① Tianyi Pavilion

② Lumao Street

③ Drum Tower

④ Love coffee

⑤ Glad to meet your restaurant

⑥Nantang Old Street

12:30 Arrive at Ningbo Station, and hit 10 (Ningbo starting price is 10 yuan) to Nantang e Home Nantang Old Street Store. Opened public comment and went to a fried chicken steak restaurant to eat fried chicken. I came back after eating about 2 o'clock, and I was a bit tired. I lay down and watched the TV "Little Daddy" while watching TV while traveling in another city, and suddenly found that it seemed better than at home. We are not in a hurry, anyway, it is slow and slow, travel is just for rest ~

16:00 There is a station opposite the hotel, and Gulou Station is just a few stops away. Start navigation on foot: Gulou Station to Tianyi Pavilion (3 kilometers)

Just look at the pictures without going around:

Because at that time I felt that the collection of books in Tianyi Pavilion could not understand, but just came to take a photo to take a memorial. At 5:32 in the afternoon, I took pictures here. It turned out that I was not the only one. It was the first time that I heard that this is the World Book Day. Every day, I introduced a famous bookstore in various places, which mentioned Ningbo's Tianyi Pavilion.

17:30 After the group photo of Tianyi Pavilion, walk to Drum Tower. After shopping, I love coffee and drink coffee, thank you for the postcard, and finally found in the public review that I am very happy to meet you. I walked 900 meters to have a delicious dinner, and there is coffee next to it. I called back to my apartment at 22:00 and packed up for a night tour of Ningbo and walked for another hour to Nantang Old Street, because it was too late and many doors were not open, and Maokong was not open because it was not open in the third phase. . However, it is quite comfortable to cross the road at night, especially in late summer and early autumn.

Love coffee is small but really super ~

Glad to meet you in the restaurant: On the projection screen on the wall is Chaplin's old black and white silent movie. It has been a long time since I watched Chaplin's movie. It is estimated that it was more than 10 years since I last saw it. For a moment, my heart calmed down.

Young is to bloom like flowers ~

There are many photos of Nantang Old Street on the Internet, which are very beautiful, because we only started to visit this street at 23:00 in the evening, which should be completely different from the noise in the daytime. Everything slowed down and quieted down at night.

The leisurely uncle fishing on Ma Lu Road, the magnificent collection of books in Tianyi Pavilion, the love of coffee in the Drum Tower allows me to appreciate the charm of professional people doing professional things. I am very glad to meet your restaurant Chaplin's film, the infinite tranquility, and the restaurant A simple tofu on the menu is called "You haven't eaten my tofu". The fun lies in life. Life is meaningless. To create some fun, novelty is better than dull repetition day after day.

When I walked the street with my boyfriend at night, I evoked many memories of hanging out at night:

The first beautiful night: in 2009 with LJ in Deba and Rainbow Bookstore in Wuhan, reading a book and seeing that the bookstore was closed at 2 am, so went out to take pictures and play on the street bridge, and finally waited for the overnight bus to return to the dormitory.

The second beautiful night: 12 years with LJ at the Jinji Lake in Suzhou, watching "Zhengyou" at 0:00. After watching the movie, we went to the whole house and found Jianlibao as a child. I immediately bought a bottle of it as a nostalgia for youth. I walked on the road and walked to a bus station. It happened to have a night back to Pingjiang Road 2.

The third beautiful night: 12 years and HF in Changzhou at 10 pm near Changzhou Railway Station. Fengchen International HF said: "Bus, taxi, which one to choose?" I said, "Let's go." I walked back for two hours and it was exactly early winter. The road was full of ginkgo and it was so beautiful. Back to the dormitory in KFC and hot soy milk, eat a piece of fries and feel a wonderful life.

. . . . . .

The most recent beautiful night is tonight. I walked on the road with my boyfriend in strange Ningbo to remember each other's beautiful nights. oh no He doesn't seem to have a particularly deep beautiful night memory, but he has a very sad journey. . . . . .

Thank you for accompanying me through an unforgettable and beautiful day ~

"I say moonlight is so beautiful tonight, you say yes."

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