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Where to play this Dragon Boat Festival? Let me tell you a few good places for face value explosion!
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Seeing the Dragon Boat Festival

At a cheerful pace

Strutting towards us

Do you want to stay at home?

Are you going to sleep all day?

If you don't go out, you live up to this great time!

These places are beautiful in the Dragon Boat Festival. Let ’s go together

Domestic Xanadu-Lujiang Village

Across the river from North Korea, the beautiful Yalu River, meandering, flows through Lujiang Village.

Lujiang Village is not large, but it has all the internal organs. There are places to watch the sunrise and places to watch the sunset; there are fishing fires and clouds of sea, anyway, each has its own feeling, but each feeling is different.

by ZOL Forum Good people and good dreams.

Human island away from the hustle and bustle — Zhoushan Sheshan Island

Set foot on the beach on Laoshan Island, enjoy the sun and air of the island, and appreciate the poetic and picturesque scenery of blue sky, white clouds, sandy beaches, and waves. Coming to the face is the quaint and traditional ocean atmosphere, and an unforgettable humanistic island trip.

Take a boat to Changtu Island. There is a secluded resort on the island. Here you can catch crabs on the sea, barbecue on the beach, bonfire party ... Experience the life of the island and be a real island owner.

Forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the fast food and traffic on the land, simply take a swim, bask in the sun or blow the sea breeze at night, taste seafood, drink small wine ... and get a share Warm and romantic.

(Bonning Peninsula Resort)

Getting up early to visit Moxin Mountain may not be as prosperous as you think, but it is accompanied by the sea and the purest island style.

Ascend the Jade Buddha Pagoda and see the beautiful scenery of Xiandao. If the foggy sky can still see the fairy mist shrouding the pagoda, it is spectacular.

After listening to the scriptures, enjoy a simple plain vegetarian meal. Although it is coarse tea and light rice, it can let you taste the tranquility and indifference away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Stroll down the mountain and pass through the tea garden of Moxin Mountain, planted "Penglai Xianzhi"-one of the top ten famous teas in Zhejiang, find a quiet place, drink a cup of tea, and enjoy some life.

Although the ancient fishing town has faded away from its former prosperity, the rich and simple fisherman customs make people want to find out.

In the ancient town, there are traditional foods such as sea sugar cakes and stone flowers. There are also bars and cafes. Take a look around the ancient town of Dongsha. Although not as overcrowded as other ancient towns, it has a lot of market flavor.

Tip of the Tongue's Dragon Boat Festival — Jingzhou

In Jingzhou in June, the Miao village was lively, and everyone sang and danced together. In May, Jingzhou was also quiet, with mountains and rivers, a flat boat, and a leisurely lake.

by Hongtuwang hnfans

May and June are the mature seasons of Jingzhou bayberry. The annual bayberry festival is also held at this time. Sweet and juicy bayberry will surely fall in love at the entrance.

by Hongtuwang hnfans

Experience the feeling of crossing in Guzhen — Tongkou

The eaves are connected to the eaves, and the shops are next to the shops. The old shops, old brands, and old houses have Ming and Qing style brick, wood, and stone carvings. Culture is everywhere, and art is everywhere.

Strolling on Wuli Long Street, it seems to have crossed a space-time tunnel and walked into history at a glance. Everything is so long, deep and heavy.

The purest pasture in China-Hulunbuir Prairie

Hulunbuir is a pure land created by magical creation, a fantasy heaven and earth, and an ideal homeland that modern people inadvertently throw away and find by all means.

It is said that she is vast and wide, because she cannot see the margins, and can hold all the cattle and sheep of China; she is beautiful, because she has many legends, and each legend can be heard.

The beauty associated with water plants — Weining Caohai

The water plants in the lake bloomed in the blue water, one after another, a series of yellow flowers, red flowers and white flowers. The boat floated among them, and the flowers floated with the water waves, like a fairyland.

In the evening, the forest is dense, the water and the sky are full, the green peaks are standing, the white sails in the lake are sparkling, sparkling, a peaceful and indifferent scene of paradise.

Everyone dumped it-Qingdao

In Qingdao, there is a kind of blue, called the sea blue, which captivates the sea and cleanses the soul;

In Qingdao, there is a red German building called Qingdao Red with red tiles and white walls, which tells a vicissitudes of history;

In Qingdao, there is a beer called Tsingtao Beer, the favorite beer of the locals. Take a sip in summer.

Qingdao, the clouds are hazy, the wind is blowing into the sea, this dream city is inviting you.

Must go daze town-Shuanglang

Shuanglang is an island in Erhai Lake, located in the northeast of Dali City, and is the "Canghai scenery first town."

It is not suitable for detailed strategy here. Taking the time out of the day, sitting quietly in the lake is the best way to open here.

Facing such a double corridor where half of the world is half of heaven, you must find a reason to stay for yourself.

Mysterious wonderland at 30 degrees north latitude-Enshi

Enshi is a national autonomous prefecture under the jurisdiction of Hubei Province, China. If you walk carefully here, you will understand why it is known as "Hubei Little Tibet."

The most famous here is the clear glass sea comparable to Semporna, but compared to Semporna, the cliffs on both sides of the Pingshan Canyon and the lush trees around it add a bit of domineering.

The greenness that overflows your eyes makes you cool and comfortable in this hot summer.

I don't want to be pushed everywhere by the crowd?

Don't want to take passersby pictures in scenic spots?

These scenery are beautiful and unique

Pick one that you like!

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