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Come to Ningbo to see Tianyi Pavilion, the oldest library in China, and find local specialties in Drum Tower!
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When the high-speed train headed to a distance, when the distance from the destination became shorter and shorter, and finally stopped at the Ningbo platform, this July, I finally had the opportunity to measure the land under my feet with my own footsteps. Because Shanghai and Ningbo are not too far away, the two-hour drive did not make the body tired. Therefore, it is better to set off directly to Tianyi Pavilion, the first stop of our July trip.

Model and Cultural Miracle of Ancient Chinese Library——Tianyige

Tianyi Pavilion Museum full ticket: 30 yuan for adult half ticket: 15 yuan for full-time undergraduate and below students holding student ID (excluding graduate students, short-term training students, adult continuing education students)
60-69 year olds holding ID cards or other valid documents Travel Team: 24 yuan (must have a tourist guide card, a group ticket, and 10 or more people)
Opening hours:
Daylight saving time: May 1st-October 31st 8: 30-17: 30 (Stop ticket sales at 17:00,
No admission)
Winter season opening hours: November 1st-April 30th, 8: 30-17: 00 (Ticket sales are closed at 16:30, admission is prohibited)
Closed every Monday morning (except for statutory holidays, not postponed) and opened at 13:30 in the afternoon.

Tianyi Pavilion is located in Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It was built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 400 years. It is the representative of Chinese book culture and the earliest existing private library in China and the oldest in Asia. Library and one of the three largest family libraries in the world.

The mission of a family, a history of books. Tianyi Pavilion has devoted the efforts of 13 generations of Fans. From the Opium War to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement, every war disaster that Tianyi Pavilion has experienced has recorded an extremely difficult history of collecting books.

Four hundred years of sad columns and sighs are hidden in the 300,000 collections of books. In the gloomy collection of books, the books are as silent as in the past, and stand like a weathered stone lion.

The drizzle rained down and strolled in the Tianyi Pavilion. The strong cultural atmosphere always impacted every cell of the body. The whole person could not help silently, carefully considering the thickness of the history and the depth of the culture.

Why is it Tianyi Pavilion? If you want to know a city, it is bound to go to the place with the deepest historical and cultural heritage. Tianyi Pavilion is known for its long and profound book collection culture, sky-like garden art, simple and elegant ancient building style, and convenient and superior. Geographical location has undoubtedly become my first choice in this journey.

In the middle of it, I was used to the fast and fast pace of the magic city. I looked at this antique wooden building and the moss-covered blue stone slab road. Culture as a symbol and a record, no matter what the time, when we face them, we will still be in awe and awe.

History and culture are so wonderful. When you approach it intuitively, you can't help feeling a sense of depression, and this depression comes from the self-respect for this history and this culture. After a long time in the middle of the city, the moment of silence may make you feel unable to breathe, but our life is indispensable for this silence, it will always remind ourselves: I am a person with flesh and blood, thought and culture !!

Drum Tower-Locally Famous Food Street

After all, most people return to the downtown area, and the Drum Tower, not far away, is filled with fireworks.

Gulou Commercial Street can be said to be synonymous with Ningbo cuisine. The antique buildings on both sides of the street have Jiangnan characteristics, blue bricks and tiles, hot horse heads, taste local authentic snacks, go to Gulou to explore the panorama of Ningbo city. That's it for the first day.

Recommended food in Ningbo

The taste of Ningbo cuisine is slightly salty, and the taste is still good, especially the soft and glutinous rice dumplings, the original steamed crayfish, the salty and sour soup with sauerkraut yellow fish, and the endless aftertaste of red cream crab. One of the dishes missed ...

Recommended accommodation

Eat, drink, swim, and hurry to the hotel for a rest. The same day I stayed at Ningbo Haishu Tiangang Xiyue Hotel. This hotel located at Exit C of Liyuan South Road Station on Metro Line 2-Liyuan South Road is a classic representative of the "Sky Harbor Jubilee" brand under Sky Harbor Hotel Group. The hotel is guided by the "innovative Chinese style lifestyle", creating a product model of "integrated development of catering and guest rooms". In recent years, with its unique design style and service model, the hotel has successively won honors such as the "Golden Pillow Award", "High Participation Award", and "Platinum Award", and has become the conference and living room of the middle class in Ningbo.

I have to say that Tiangang Xiyue Hotel can be described as both internal and external, the design of the lobby seems to let people play through, the fairy lingering around the intertwining of the lute and the zither, and the lotus pond is another beautiful painting, antique In the middle of the moment, it reveals a good luxury.

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