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Deserve those praises-remember Dawensha Village, Nantian Island, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City
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Dawensha Village, also known as Dasha Village, is located in the northeast of Nantian Island (pictures are from the real-time publishing system for typhoon trails in Zhejiang Province. Pictures in this article are taken by myself unless otherwise specified)

Continuously sultry weather, both physically and emotionally low. When there is a lot of things waiting to be covered with sweat, there will always be a sense of suffocation, and a guilty feeling of sorry for the family's expectations gradually develops, accompanied by some irritations similar to the end of the summer vacation and not doing homework. I really want to throw myself into the sea and float with the waves.
I am very grateful that Jiachen will send a plate of sand ice when this summer is so hot-Nantian Island Dawensha Village Jiayi Sisters Holiday Villa's test sleep activity, and thank you for grabbing one of them! So on a weekend in August, I booked a room with the holiday villa owner, Sister Liu, and invited my brother to drive there. However, the mood of being roasted by San Futian still looks like an irresistible adobe. I just want to change places and continue to kill my time that is not worth a few inches of gold, so when we set off it was already Sunday. Afternoon.
The earliest known Nantian Island was because of a restaurant named after Nantian. Nantian, a very simple and indifferent name, is the largest island in Ningbo, but the island I want is a small island that can be seen on all sides surrounded by the sea. Nantian is not so independent and Small and exquisite. So along the way, I did n’t really expect much from Nantian Island, because it ’s big and does n’t feel like an island. The only thing that makes me feel like I ’m going to the island for a holiday is to take my Xiaofu to take a steamboat ride. This is still Xiaofu Follow me for the first time in more than four years. Constantly disappointing those who have been expecting me time and time again, I know that hope is not reliable. Sure enough, I went to the island and saw the bustling streets of Hepu Town on the island. There is no simple, bright and lazy island. After passing a few acres of rice fields outside the town, I also complained to my companion. You can see that rice can be grown. This island has no feeling at all, just like the mainland.

Xiaofu at the dock

The annoying Xiaofu is most prominent on the boat

It's like an adventure, but the beauty is waiting for the camera at the end of the road. Follow the navigation, pass the lively Hepu Town, pass through the narrow alley of Xiaobaizhang Village, and then bypass the two hairpin bends, and suddenly see a large beach on the hillside and the blue sea, which is rare in the offshore Zhejiang, Dawensha Suddenly it loomed in the bushes by the sea. Dawensha Village is relatively peaceful, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea. The natural barrier further isolates it from the bustling and prosperous, and takes a leisurely content. Looking at the golden sandy beaches and clusters of high cumulus clouds under the lazy sun in the evening, I deeply felt that the previous thoughts were really negative. Dawensha Village completely satisfied my demand for travel destinations.

Sunset in Dawensha Village (Photo by Ruan Shaofeng)

The parking lot is right next to the sea. A sand bar is separated from the sea. Park the car. With the pictures in the solicitation draft of the Sedan Club, you can recognize the Jiayi Sisters Holiday Villa as the parking lot. The most luxurious villa. So parked the car, followed the alley, check in first.

Jiayi Sisters Holiday Villa

The three-story small western-style villa has an open-front yard and a one-story annex building. On the balcony is a five-sided glass sun room. Sister Liu is sitting in the yard with her family. Seeing us, enthusiastically led us to the room on the third floor. The sea-view room on the top floor has a panoramic view of the entire beach. Released, the natural fragrance from the charcoal-grilled fir board penetrated into the nostrils. With such a perfect end of the journey, what are the narrow lanes and broken roads along the way? There is such a simple house, why should it be on an island?
It's not too early, and the passion for recovery is out of control. I can't wait to go to the sea before the sun goes down. So put on beach pants and quick-drying T, and ran to the beach. Due to the external influence of the severe tropical storm Omes, the clouds in the sky are very beautiful, but with it, the waves are a bit large, which is not a good time for swimming. After being soaked in the water and hit by the waves a few times, I gave up The idea of ​​drifting with the flow, this is the rhythm to float to the Diaoyu Islands! It happened to be dark, so we started to look for food, because sister Liu's family does not provide food for individual customers.
There is no need to say more about the seafood on the island, except that it is a bit more expensive, and there is nothing fussy about it. After running around for a long time, a bottle of ice beer is indeed essential. Take a few sips and look around the small fishing village at night, because it is Sunday night, there are not many tourists, blowing the sea breeze, listening to various small bugs Walking in the grass, there was a faint noise from the beach in the distance, and suddenly I was very relaxed. I just wanted to feel the scenery, the feeling, and the crab quietly.

Globe Trekker

After dinner, I did n’t want to go directly to the room to sleep, but there was no entertainment place in the village (in fact, if I did, I did n’t want to go), so I walked to the beach again. Since the next day is Monday, the beach is not lively, but the game And the campfire is still essential. To me, such a beach is just like an appetite. It can be lively, or you can walk quietly to one end and listen to the waves.

Campfire on the beach

When going out, it is indispensable that the photos of friends circle stimulate the otakus and otakus, but this time the photos showed an unexpected surprise-breakfast. Because the pictures were too artistic (there should be shy expressions here), after seeing it, Sister Liu said that she invited us to breakfast. With a little expectation, set the alarm clock and go to sleep.

Beach before sunrise

The island is not exempt from watching the sunrise. Helpless, since I went to college to Ningbo, I have visited islands and beaches ten times, but the perfect sunrise-honestly, I have never encountered it once. This is by far the biggest reason to stay up early while traveling. As usual, this time I didn't really see the sunrise this time, and a cloud of clouds hovered in the position of the sunrise. However, due to the impact of the storm, the clouds were still beautiful.

A professional photographer is having fun with mobile phone shooting

Xiaochenchen said it's called Dog Batian

The sun is actually quite high, but always behind the clouds


The sky is getting brighter and the people are getting more and more

Skip the indisputable process of going back to make up for sleep. At 7: 3 in the morning, Sister Liu sent a message asking us to have breakfast, so I ate Ai Qing bun that I had never eaten. Is it a Nantian specialty?

Brown Sugar Bun and Ai Qing Bun with Sea Duck Egg and Snow Vegetable Rice Cake Soup

Outside the window of a room with sea view (photo by Ruan Shaofeng)

It's the weather like the beginning of the composition of the elementary school. Due to late arrival yesterday, it was still unclear when I saw the sunrise in the morning. Speaking of it, I only really seriously looked at Dawensha Village. Dawensha Village is still relatively simple as a whole Yes, although the bungalows with stone walls and blue tiles and the villas of Liu's family are newly built, the antique exterior bricks and the interior of the logs are in harmony with the style of the whole village, and they do not seem to stand out there. From the windowsill, you can see the whole big beach (the Dawensha village has two large and small beaches, the small beach will be mentioned later). Although it is not close to the sea, you can see the beach because of a certain distance. panoramic. Not a first-line sea view room, but a higher-grade full sea view room. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the room, throwing sunlight into the late summer and early autumn across the veil, have a little enthusiasm, but just fit the style of the island.

Deluxe Ocean View Room

The floor-to-ceiling windows of the ocean view room can directly see the sea

Small separate tea room

Relatively affordable mountain view room is full of oranges (it matures in October)

Large living room on the first floor

In the middle of drunkenness, the schoolboy with advanced male cancer started to urge that while the sun was not so high, he went out to take pictures. Following Sister Liu's guidelines, we decided to take a look at the small beach. At low tide, the big sand beach and the small sand beach are connected, and you can walk directly to it, but it is unfortunate that the water level is the highest in the morning, so we can only go over a small hill to the small beach.

Small hill overlooking the reef

Looking back at the big beach on the hill (photo by Ruan Shaofeng)

Clean little beach

It turns out that turning a small hill bag is well worth it. After the tide and low tide of yesterday and the sun rain this morning, the traces left by tourists on the weekend are nothing, as if it were a new continent. Step carefully and try not to leave our own footprints in the photo. Several small reefs were just the foreground, so they were long exposures and continuous shooting stacks, and the two wereted the shutter with excitement. The seawater was pressing relentlessly step by step, almost taking away the camera of his younger brother. Here's a special reminder, please pay attention to protect your camera.

When the water rises

Playing time is always faster than going to work. When the seawater rises and there is almost no place to settle, I feel the ruthlessness of time, the rolling wheels and the like are too artificial, and the stomach is the best proof. So I went back to the villa for a brief flush, packed up my luggage, bid farewell to Sister Liu, and headed for Hepu Town, the destination is Tiger Noodle House.

Vegetable Market in Hepu Town

Tiger Noodle House

Tiger Noodle Restaurant is also a restaurant recommended by Sister Liu. It is famous for seafood noodles in Hepu Town's vegetable market, but there is no seafood in the store. The guest official who wants to eat seafood is the entire Hepu Town vegetable market, the largest vegetable market on Ningbo ’s largest island, casually order your favorite seafood, give it to the store, and the store will give you a bowl of noodles for eight yuan , A unique and personally made seafood noodle. Drooling, right? However, my fellow schoolmates did not like to eat seafood, so I left alone, and after searching hard, we found a noodle restaurant famous for seafood noodles, and one of them ate a bowl of fried rice cakes that looked like potatoes and onions. It is worth mentioning that the fried rice cakes in this shop are not the kind of flaky rice cakes in Ningbo, but are strip-shaped rice cakes similar to Xinchang's Quzhou area. No wonder when I first arrived in Shipu, I felt that the Shipu dialect was closer to the dialect of Quzhou in Xinchang than the words in Ningbo.
After eating rice cakes, I was on my way back, and when I went back to the boat, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't taken a selfie for two days, so I had the following black and white double shaman. The return journey was speechless, slightly.

Black and white double evil

Nantian Island, known from Nantian Yaxu, has always had an overestimation of Nantian Island. It is a contradictory mentality. On the one hand, it is a place worthy of "Yasu" or "Yasu", and the other side is offshore. The island is insensitive, but it is more insensitive to large islands. Both of Nantian Island are occupied, but it is because the name of a restaurant has a very high expectation for it. Before landing on the island, I was always embarrassed. I was afraid that it would be difficult to be famous under the prestige, but I was looking forward to a rare holiday that was worth spending. Fortunately, as soon as I got out of the pier after landing on the island, the brand-new Great Straight Road brought a little comfort. Although the island was still considered too large at the time, a long and straight coastal road was still worth driving. After going around a few hairpins, I couldn't help but exclaim when I saw Dawensha Village on the beach. The Nantian Island and Dawensha Village, which I have seen with my own eyes, are worthy of the word-of-mouth compliments from the previous words. The radon brought by the heat and trivia also dissipated under the double wash of sweat and sea water.

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