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One day drive by Siming Mountain in Zhejiang
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I thought about the May Day holiday in 2019, and wanted to visit the beautiful Siming Mountain in eastern Zhejiang. I checked out some related travel notes and strategies on the Internet, and briefly understood the related geographical concepts. I saw that some authors suggested that the mountain road is rugged and novice. As a general driver, I hesitated a bit. But I couldn't stand the longing for the mysterious Siming Mountain and the beautiful scenery along the way in the legendary legend, so I decided to set out to explore the poem and the distance.

Combining with the introduction of other colleagues, and the schedule of my trip is one day, and at the same time, I don't want to go back, so the first stop of the trip to Siming Mountain was in Qijiang Town known as Siming Town. Departing from Jiaxing, Zhejiang at 5 a.m. on May 3, 2019, along the Shenhai Expressway passing the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the road conditions were good along the way, and there were not many cars. I arrived at Qijiang Town at 7 a.m., and the town was nothing special. . Mu Ming went to the town's scenic spot, the weir. Since it was not in the high water period, the entire weir did not have much water, and the water quality was OK. There was a small hill behind the weir, and there were trails to climb. This attraction is a non-paid attraction, and there are not many tourists. We haven't had many tourists early. There are only small local vendors at the foot of the mountain.

After a quick glance, follow the navigation through the middle of Zhangzhang and along the Xi line all the way to the village of Luting Township. After walking along the mountain road for more than 10 kilometers, the mountain road is basically two lanes. One side is a metal fence and the other is a wide drainage ditch. You must not get the right wheel into it. But to be honest, the scenery is only average. In addition, many places are still under construction, and they are a bit potty. I must pay special attention to them when driving. I have basically encountered all kinds of curves. As a junior driver, my experience is that the driving is slower. of. It took almost an hour to reach the destination at around 9:30.

It is said that Zhongcun is a small village beside a stream. Parking can be parked at the tourist service center. There are more parking spaces but it is about one kilometer away from the scenic area. The village does not live along the water, and there are stone drains on both sides of the village entrance, which is very rare and interesting. Walking along the stream, there are green trees all the way, there are ancient bridges and stone pier trails, small bridges flowing green water and green mountains complement each other, and there is something wild in the mountains. Nakamura is also a free scenic spot, and the commercial atmosphere is not very strong. I took a menu and price of farmhouse, and the price is still acceptable based on home cooking. As the number of tourists gradually increased around noon, listening to the accent is basically based in Ningbo, still quite local characteristics. Nakamura ended the tour with a covered bridge.

Then proceeded to the next stop Mao Mao Village, along the south section of Zhangzhang Section, Xibei Section and Xibai Section. This section of the road is a mountain road, the journey is more than 20 kilometers, and it takes an hour and 20 minutes. On the way, I passed a glass suspended sightseeing platform, which can overlook the Zhougongzhai Reservoir and the green mountains; and a red scenic spot, the New Fourth Army Siming Mountain Red Memorial Park. The scenery along the road is very nice. This section of the mountain road has downhill and mountain sections, sometimes along the mountain wall and sometimes near the edge of the cliff, it is still a bit dangerous. On the way, there are various road conditions and curves such as u-curves, s-curves, and hairpin curves. The sweat that opened up also caused a lot of adrenaline, which was both stimulating and scared. On the way, the most thrilling thing was to meet two buses with more than 50 seats in a U-turn. You have to reverse to borrow to pass.

Arrived at 12:30 in the ancient woods scenic area of ​​Maoyu Village, this is a free attraction, not many tourists. The ancient trees are towering, the air is fresh, and the mountains and forests are quiet. The scenic area is not just ancient trees. After walking downhill, you can see the entrance of the hydrophilic plank path, change the scenery step by step, walk down the steps in the bamboo forest, and walk through more than 500 steps to enjoy a lush blue wave, beautiful lakes and mountains. Of course, you have to return to the same way to appreciate the good water scenery. This may test your feet. I am sore on my calf the next day.

After leaving Siming Maoyao, I set off for the last leg of the trip to Siming Mountain. The whole journey was about 42 kilometers. This route is the most beautiful in today's journey. It passes through the Xibai section, the West Line, the western half, Xian Kushiro and Provincial Highway 213 took more than two hours. The first half of the road is a two-lane mountain road. It has both the wild fun of climbing up the mountain side and the fun of walking through the forest. You can get close to nature and feel the breath of the mountains. Xiantong Road and Provincial Highway 213 are relatively good highways. They can deeply appreciate the feeling of ups and downs of the mountains and the sense of driving around the circuit.

I arrived at Liang Nong at 4 o'clock in the evening. It should be considered to be at the foot of Siming Mountain. I found the online red shop Shangliuhe and bought a few boxes of Liang Nong big cakes. To be honest, big cakes should be bought and eaten now. Feel the sweet and glutinous warmth and sweetness.

Leaving Liang Nong, bid farewell to the legendary, beautiful, full of historical and mysterious Siming Mountain. This is my first trip to Siming Mountain, but I believe I will start the second, third and even more Siming mountain trip, I will be back.

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