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Xiangshan Shipu + Tantou Mountain Three Days and Two Nights Tour
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It is said that travel is the best exercise for children to grow up, and this trip to Xiangshan is also to satisfy the wish of the family's baby to go to the beach to collect shells and catch crabs. The difference between watching the Raiders and travelling is not a few days, but since we go to non-weekends, the rooms, tickets and everything are convenient. All the tickets are ordered on Ctrip. Compared with several, Ctrip is the best deal.

Time: Three days (August 12th-14th)

Personnel: 4 big and 1 small (5 years old)

Way of travel: Travel by car

Cost: 1,000 yuan for meals. Since the travel time is a no-fishing period, there is no seafood, so it is not expensive to eat.

Transportation fee: 220 yuan for round-trip transportation (departure from Hangzhou, Xiangshan Expressway exit), postage is about 300 yuan, ferry ticket 145 * 4 + 80 yuan

Accommodation: 800

Other sporadic

That adds up to about 3200.

Since the children are still small, the schedule is relatively easy:

D1: Departure from Hangzhou at 8 am on time, arrive at Xiangshan Shipu at 12:00, check in hotel. At that time, we were thinking about children, so we were not happy to toss back and forth, so we chose the hotel closest to the pier, called Xinxing Hotel, which was set by Ctrip. It only takes 2 minutes walk to the pier, and there is a vegetable market next to it, which is full of seafood. You can buy it yourself. The owner is nice and will recommend you delicious and fun places. At the same time, he also opened a seafood supermarket on the first floor. When he leaves Shipu, he can take some special products back. If you have a high room requirement, choose a hotel. After all, the price of the hotel is so low, so the requirements for hygiene must not be too high. After checking in, we ate dinner first, and then went to visit the ancient city, which is right next to the hotel, so it's easy to walk. Tickets booked by Ctrip online can be redeemed at the visitor center, which is super convenient.

Upon entering the entrance of the scenic spot, the baby was attracted to the hermit crab. He had to buy it, but after three days, he died.

I chose the ancient city because of this picture. It was really beautiful and I couldn't help but take a few more pictures.

After strolling through the ancient city, the baby clamored to go to the beach immediately, so we drove to the Imperial City Beach. We have to mention this Imperial City Beach. The beach is very large, but it is divided into charged and non-charged by an iron network. Piece. This part of the charge is actually the beach of the Chinese fishing village. I read a lot of strategies on the Internet saying that this Chinese fishing village does not need to go in. There are many people and it is not interesting. However, there is no charge after 6 pm. We went to see it at night. Sure enough Nothing fancy. The one that does not charge is another one, but it is more difficult to find. It is called Changgu's Huangcheng Beach, and bus 1 is in the end, and then you can enter it. We are driving, so it ’s convenient. In fact, we saw Xiangshan Film and Television City on the national road from Xiangshan to Shipu, and then drive forward to see a signpost on the beach of Changgu Imperial City. Turn left to enter. There is a troop inside. This beach car can be directly driven in and can play drifting. Since there are few people to go, we pick up a lot of hermit crabs with different shell shapes.

For dinner, we bought some seafood at the market and processed it. After eating, strolling in the adjacent Straits Square, very lively. The day is over.

D2: After waking up naturally, I went to Seafood Plaza to catch the ship at 10:00 and went to Tantou Island. The ticket is also a combination ticket booked online, and it is easy to exchange. The ferry arrived on the island in about half an hour. The sea water is obviously much better. It costs 10 yuan to enter by battery car. You can also choose to walk for about 20 minutes. When you reach the predetermined room, it is really dumbfounded to enter. This is wind power, and electricity is supplied for a limited time. No wonder the owner of Shipu Hotel said that the island is not lived by people. It is enough to play. It is better to return to Shipu. However, it is the last boat at 4 pm. In this case, it is not fun, and originally I wanted to watch the sunrise and sunset, but I still grit my teeth and overcome it. Many tourists on the island bring their own tents and barbecue materials, so sleeping tents are also a good choice, which is a troublesome point for bathing water. The seawater is much more blue than that of Shipu.

There are sheep on the island

The day we went was exactly eighteen on the lunar calendar, the tide was big, and the waves were very big, so we dug a lot of Shaha, and there were super big ones, can you see clearly? The small white particles are small shells, these are grandchildren, the larger ones are behind.

The electricity on the island is generated by this thing-the windmill

Girl picking shells

The meals on the island are a bit expensive, and ordinary seafood costs more than 50, but the amount is super small. Any fish is hundreds. Later, when I took my daughter to take a nap, I went out and found a super affordable shop. The key is that the owner is very good. The old man fishes on the island during the day, so he can eat real game with good luck. We had a jellyfish that he dropped that dinner. The name of the restaurant is Qunrun Island Hotel, but the name of the restaurant cannot be seen on the outside. Only the word “seafood noodles” is seen. Relatively few, the house looks poor and feels very lonely, but it is the best place to eat, the real sea view room facing the sea.

Does this picture remind you of the song "The Old Man and the Sea" and also the poetry of Haizi's "I have a house, facing the sea, and the flowers bloom in spring". Listening to the sound of the waves, drinking beer and eating seafood, it is very pleasant, and there are also many mosquitoes. The key is cost-effective. Seven seafood and two vegetables are only 330 yuan, which is much cheaper than that stall. Dinner at noon (it seems to be called a casual restaurant is No. 5 anyway, the residence is also their home, the boss attitude is very bad) 200 yuan for two seafood and two vegetables, the key attitude is not good.

After dinner, bonfire party, catching crabs, a lot of activities.

The day is over

D3: Due to the bad weather, the sunset was not captured, but the sunrise was also a good trip.

Breakfast is also eaten in the old man's restaurant. A bowl of seafood noodles is 30 yuan, which is not bad. After breakfast, I will go to the first boat at 9 o'clock to return to Shipu, and I will buy some seafood specialties in Hangzhou. This ended the three-day trip to Xiangshan, but most unfortunately did not go fishing. If more people can think about it, don't care how much is caught, the key is that the process must be very cool, generally 800 yuan-1,000 yuan a boat.

For the first time writing a travel journal, please forgive me for not writing well.

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