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Jinan to Putuo Mountain begging for a three-day highlight tour
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Jinan to Putuo Mountain Classic Three-day Tour——Pray for Children, Play

Going to Putuoshan has been brewing in my heart for a long time, and I finally have time to go. It is very urgent. Based on my own strategy, I added the help of the inn boss to complete this long-cherished trip. Afterwards, bumpy roads and hot summers were worth it. I remember an article that said that a woman will go to Putuo Mountain once in her life. Although she has been used to many gimmick titles, this time she is really full of gains. Clear water and blue sky, like the washing of the heart, now there is the urge to go again, time is too urgent. I hope everyone can help, because I am not a photo shooter and I do n’t have the habit of taking pictures, so the pictures are gone, please understand. Less gossip, let's talk now.

I. Preparation for departure: self-examination guide, travel, map, taxi app, mobile power, sunscreen, a pair of comfortable shoes is very important, a pair of trousers (you need trousers to worship Buddha) and other things you need.

Second, the way of travel: [train (Jinan-Ningbo) + bus (Ningbo South Station is Ningbo Station to Shenjiamen) + bus (Shenjiamen Bus Station to Zhujiajian) on the 25th, return on the 27th + ferry (Zhu (Jiangjian Wharf to Putuo Mountain) + two legs] I can really forget if I do n’t write it down

There are basically two types of trains from Jinan to Putuo. Trains or planes are more urgent, so the way to go by train, but the trains are still up and down, and the time on the road is about 9 hours (plus looking for buses, Idle time like waiting for a car). The journey back is much faster. Next time I choose a plane.

I was on the G63 train (Jinan-Ningbo). It departed at 7:26 am and got off at Ningbo Station at less than 1 am. I used Ctrip to buy at 2:20 in advance from the South Bus Station and got off in advance. In Shenjiamen's bus, there was more than an hour in the middle to eat some food to replenish the energy. There are many buses to Shenjiamen, and there is a bus for more than 20 minutes. In order to prevent too much passenger flow, I booked the ticket in advance, it is very convenient, just pick up the ticket in the lobby. South Bus Station is very close to Ningbo Station. You can see it from the station exit, and it takes less than 5 minutes to walk.

Get on the bus and get off at Shenjiamen. Do n’t get off early. After getting off, there are many buses nearby. I chose to take a ferry to Zhujiajiantu Pier to Putuo Mountain, and the bear on Zhujiajian Lianhua Road. Brother Seafood House was so famous that I went there and wanted to go to Nansha by the sea to watch the sunset, so I chose to do bus No. 25. Bus No. 27 went directly to the Wharf. The bus is 3 yuan each. When I went there were not many people on the bus and there were few cars on the road, so I drove quickly, got off at the end of about 15 minutes, and walked to the Bear Brothers Seafood Building. Seriously, the price is true. Not expensive, taste is normal, but this level is also good in tourist areas. At this time, it was already 7 o'clock in the evening. The ferry from Pudong Pier to Putuo Mountain was the latest at 9:50 pm, so there was still time, so we took a taxi to the beach, which cost about 10 yuan. The quality of the seawater is average, but the sand is very delicate. The night ticket is 30 yuan. After seeing the sunset and sitting for a while, it drops to the dock. The taxi fare is about 25 yuan.

When buying a ferry, buy tickets for Putuoshan directly, 160 yuan for adult tickets, 25 yuan for ferry tickets. I bought a recently-departed boat, and I called the inn to pick it up before boarding it. I recommend Putuoshan Impression Bodhi Inn (free pick-up service, map, health, location is good. It is located at the pier and the largest temple-Puji Temple. between).

The ferry is very stable. It takes about 20 minutes to reach my destination. Putuo Mountain is already late at night and full of stars. It is rare to say that because there are no private cars on the island, only tourist buses and bicycles, so we went on our legs. Inn. The guide on the road told us some local customs, it is really a treasure. The price of the inn is about 220 yuan. The rooms are small and basically the same. They are clean and sanitary. The only disadvantage is that there is a restaurant downstairs. Although it is convenient to eat, it is a bit messy. There is a supermarket next to it. The price is OK and it is more affordable.

Third, worship Buddha

Because I was on the island for one day, I asked the boss to help me design the schedule, mainly to seek children, time is very urgent, many have to give up, and only went to the most important places. So my journey is like this

At 5:30, Puji Temple opens and worships—Tianhua Baizitang (close to Puji Temple, next to the bus station) —Ferry to Mount Luoga (the boat at 8:30) and worship on the island After that, I will return for an hour and a half, eat—take the ropeway to Huiji Temple—walk to Fayu Temple, and after about 3 o'clock after worship, I go to Guanyin of Nanhai again, and then return to eat and go back to the inn. It is recommended that you bring some energy supplies such as gelatin cake and chocolate, as well as water, and there is free direct drinking water in Luojia Mountain. I drink enough, and bring a bottle with me at the place to eat. Add some so the water is ok. Time is very tight, basically non-stop, even running away, but at that time was more focused, worshipped the Buddha, and didn't feel tired to support, knowing that these key temples were worshipped, they were completely relaxed.

The buses on the island shuttled on the road. It is recommended that you must take a bus when the time is short. I plan to go to the Luojia Mountain Boat at 8.30. If I do n’t catch up, I will wait for a boat to pass at around 9 o'clock. of,

Puji Temple-Tianhua Baibaitang: Walking, Tianhua Baizitang-Dock: Bus, Luojia Mountain can be walked along with people on a mountain road, after worship, leave, there are not many views to see. Dock to ropeway: bus, Huiji Temple to Fayu Temple, 1108 steps, it is a downhill road, but it also tests people's will and sincerity, and sees many three-step worshipers who are devout and admired. Fayu Temple-Nanhai Guanyin: Bus.

Fourth, return

I walked back around 7 o'clock the next day, and my heart was reluctant. It was a blessed land. The earliest return ferry was around 6.20. We were the last one we bought. We went back around 8 o'clock and sat in Cihang Plaza. Route 27 went directly to Chengbei Station in Shenjiamen, and then returned the same way. I bought the g64 train, which seems to be around 5 pm. We strolled around Ningbo, had some snacks and strolled. I went to the train station after shopping in the old street,

V. Summary

This journey was very rushed, but it was fulfilling. My expectations were met, and the sea breeze was blowing, and my heart was much more comfortable. Will come again and will definitely come again. Personally, I feel that I need to spend two to three days on the island to get enough time. I can still pay more for it. In addition, the journey is more ups and downs. I still have to fly to Shanghai and then Zhoushan (Zhujiajian) to save a lot of time.

I uploaded and uploaded a form of Li Buddha, please refer to it,

Here are a few tips to remind everyone: 1. Before going to the bank to change some change for merit use, I changed 300 yuan, next time I will change some more, I changed it to 10 yuan denomination Yes, the amount you like can be as you please. 2. There will be local uncles and aunts who will take you to burn incense. The service fee of 10-30 yuan / person, I did n’t invite it, because I feel respectful, devout worship, and pure worship. I don't agree, just refer to the table below to worship, thank you again for the powerful finishing, very useful. 3. I don't know too much about the etiquette of Buddha. Someone told me before, this time there is a promotional video on the ferry to Putuo Mountain. If you don't understand it, you can take a closer look. 4. My incense was requested at the inn. I forgot to pay too much for the bucket. The big bucket is 25 yuan. I just put the money on the table. 5. I bought a special product for my family-Guanyin cake and Putuoshan. This brand says that his house is the most authentic. There is a specialty store near Puji Temple. It costs 10 yuan a box and the price is okay. The taste is similar to that of pastry mooncakes. . The only things I can think of now, if you are interested, you can leave a message. This is also the first time for me. Please let me know if there is anything incomplete (* ^ __ ^ *) Hee hee ...

This form of worship list was compiled by a netizen. It helped me a lot when worshiping the Buddha. I would like to share it with everyone here, and thank the netizens for their hard work.

Puji Temple:

Yuantong Baodian: Zheng Guanyin (Male Avalokitesvara) Nan Wu Guanyin Bodhisattva: Xu Dayuan

Manjushri Hall: Manjushri Bodhisattva South Manjushri Bodhisattva: Seeking Wisdom

Puxian Temple: Puxian Bodhisattva South Wuxu Puxian Bodhisattva: Seeking career

Daxiong Hall: Buddha of Heng III and No Buddha III (Central Shakyamuni Buddha, Right Yakushi Buddha, and Left Amitabha): Seeking Family Peace

Jizo Hall: Jizo Bodhisattva: Without Jizo Bodhisattva: Elder Health

Bomun Hall: Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes Avalokitesvara The Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes Avalokitesvara: No Mercy, Great Compassion

Galan Hall: The Galan Bodhisattva, the non-Galan Bodhisattva: Seeking fortune

Sanzhou Induction Hall: Wei Tuo Bodhisattva: That without Wei Tuo Bodhisattva: Seeking Family Safety

Tianhua Baizitang sends to the sub-building:

Get off at Puji Temple and Zhongba Station. On the way towards Puji Temple, there is a little western-style white courtyard building called Tianhua Baizitang. After entering, there is a small strip-shaped courtyard, go forward, the first door on the right side is Tianhua Temple, continue to point forward and backward, there is also a "Baizitang" on the right hand side. This "Hundred Children's Hall" is a hall behind the main hall, which is also the second hall. From the stairs next to the main hall door, you need to go up to the second floor. On the second floor, there is a statue of Guanyin. This building is also called the "send child building."

Fayu Temple:

Temple of Heaven: Maitreya Buddha-Veto Buddha

Jade Buddha Temple: White Jade Buddha Shakyamuni

Yuantong Hall: Guanyin Bodhisattva

Thousand Hands Avalokitesvara Temple: Thousand Hands Avalokitesvara

Nobita Treasure Hall: Yoko III West

The Three Sacred Temples: The Great Buddha Avalokitesvara to the Bodhisattva

Guan Gongdian: Guan Gong

[Send child Guanyin like wood carving, there is a child in the lotus flower embraced. In the small hall on the left side of the main hall. ]

Huiji Temple:

Temple of Heaven: Maitreya Buddha-Veto Buddha

Nobita Hall: Buddha Shakyamuni

Avalokitesvara: Avalokitesvara

[Baiyu Note Shengniangniang approved red robe. Behind the Avalokitesvara in the Avalokitesvara Temple on the left-hand side of the main hall of Huiji Temple

Guanyin Scenic Area


Avalokitesvara Temple

Avalokitesvara Temple

[ Portrait of Sending Guanyin There is a hall under the big bronze statue. After entering the hall, go clockwise to the right door. On the wall to the left of the door, there is a portrait of Sending Guanyin to worship. ps: I didn't find it]

Purple Bamboo Forest Scenic Area

Refuse to go to Guanyin

Purple Bamboo Zen Forest Temple of Heaven

Purple Bamboo Zen Forest Yuantong Hall

Shakyamuni, Reclining Buddha, Purple Bamboo Zen Forest

Fanyin Cave Scenic Area

Brahma cave (main hall) Brahma cave: Guanyin Bodhisattva

(Partial Hall) Fanyin Cave, Shancai Cave: Luo Han

Fanyin Cave: Avalokitesvara

Shancaidong: Sending Guanyin, Child of Good Fortune, Medicine Buddha

[After entering the Fanyin Cave scenic spot, there is a courtyard with the words "Sanskrit sounding bright" on the door. Go down the stone steps in front of the courtyard to a loft "Zhensheng Pavilion" suspended on the mountainside and descend to the lowest floor , There is a statue of Guanyin. In addition, if you have a relationship with the Bodhisattva, you can see the Bodhisattva opposite the valley in this attic. 】


Reclining Buddha: Buddha Shakyamuni

Five Hundred Arhats Hall

Xitian Scenic Area

Yuantong Temple (Guanyin Hall)

Yuantong Zen Temple (Bronze Hall)

Meifu Temple (Daxiong Baodian)

Meifu Temple (Liandan Cave)

Spirit Stone Crest (Yuantong Hall)

Guanyin Cave (Yuantong Hall)

Guanyin Cave (Guanyin Hall)

Nantianmen Scenic Area


Roga Shan Yuantong Temple

Sending Son Guanyin (behind Yuantong Temple). Ps: not found

Roga Shan Yuantong Temple

500 Hundred Lohan Tower (Heart of Guanyin) [After worshipping, circle Hundred Hundred Lohan Tower clockwise for 3 weeks (generally, the ring is 3 turns clockwise)]

Mount Loga

Sendzi Guanyin Temple is the last of the 7 temples on Mount Luojia. Sendzi Guanyin Temple is on the left side of the entrance.

I only paid homage to the three main halls, the Guanyin in the South China Sea, and the Mount Luoga, so you need to personally experience the specific situation of other temples. If there are any errors, please ask for suggestions.

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