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Yushan-facing the sea, spring blossoms
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Yushan is right at his doorstep, but facing a three-hour boat trip, he never had the courage to embark on this journey. He could only hear the beauty of Yushan from the mouth of others.

The development of science and technology has not only shortened the distance between people, but also made the distance between the ground and the ground closer. Now it takes only an hour and a half to take a speedboat to Yushan from Shipu. So, book the boat ticket and room (friends who want to go to Yushan must pay attention, the boat ticket and room must be booked in advance, the sooner the better), pack up, take the spring breeze, we set off ...

The Yushan Islands are divided into Nanyushan and Beiyushan. We went to Nanyushan (Northern Yushan does not allow tourists to land on the island).

We took this speedboat to Yushan. It turns out that Shipu only takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to Yushan

Yushan is an island. A bare island is surrounded by a narrow road around the island. The only high-level means of transportation on the island is a tricycle. The road is too narrow for people to make way for the three wheels.

One of Yushan's impressions: the sea of ​​flowers

Passing this mountain pass, a sea of ​​flowers came into my eyes ...

Haizi ’s phrase, “Facing the sea, spring blossoms” made me think that he was talking about Yushan.

The flowers in the mountains and the mountains do not hide their beauty at all. They are fighting on the roads between the mountains. The feeling of being in the sea of ​​flowers can only be experienced when you are there.

Impressions of Yushan II: Toshio Yamashita

Crossing the sea of ​​flowers, the other side of the Yushan Mountain presents another scene. The flowers are no longer dense, and the original appearance of the stones is exposed in the mountains.

The beautiful image of Yushan always likes to hide and seek with people. If you are not curious to lie on a low wall and look at it, you will never find this vertical column standing here.

Xianren Bridge-one of the iconic landscapes of Yushan (There is also a large iconic landscape that should be a lighthouse. Because of the fog on the day, we only saw the shadow of the lighthouse, and interested friends can also enter up close observation)

Yushan Impressions III: Fishing Village

There is a village on Yushan Island. The village is in the east and is built on the pier.

The honest and pragmatic Yushan people depart here every day and return from here. They are full of fish and the family's hopes to go home.

The big bass and rockfish that my colleague's husband went out to sea fishing became the food on our dinner table that night. When going to Yushan, seafood banquet is indispensable. The freshness and beauty of Yushan seafood make us all praised by those who are used to eating seafood.

I wanted to remember my journey for the first time, and recorded every bit of the road, only to find that my language was so barren that I could only tell things by map.

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