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Xiangshan Shipu——Hearts of puffer fish dried # 自驾游 体验 师 ## 美丽 浙江 #
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Revisiting Xiangshan Shipu, just for the puffer fish that I really want, haha, do you think the officials are irrelevant? Of course, it has its own allusions ~ I will tell you later!

Little Dingzi was very lucky this time, he was picked as a hotel experience by Ctrip (WeChat public account: ctripzijiayou), free experience 1 night at Xiangshan Shipu Peninsula Hotel (check-in on July 19), and 2 tickets for 2 attractions each : Xiangshan Shipu Ancient City and Chinese Fishing Village. As a result, Xiao Dingzi also produced a variety show blockbuster "Fathers and Daughters", produced by: Xiao Dingzi; male and female protagonist: Ding Ding Ding Ma

We set off from Shanghai at noon on July 19, and the total mileage from the navigation at Xinzhuang to Shipu Peninsula Hotel in Xiangshan was 306 kilometers, but the new car just changed requires a grinding cylinder, and the high-speed journey did not exceed 85 yards. . . In addition, the middle rest station stopped twice, and the total journey time was 4.5 hours. At noon on July 20, it started from the Chinese fishing village attractions with a total mileage of 309 kilometers. The middle rest station also stopped twice, and encountered a late night when entering Shanghai. The peak was blocked for a while, and the total return time was 5 hours.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge VS Xiangshan Port Bridge

The Peninsula Hotel is easy to find, and is conveniently located in the center of Shipu Town.

The first thing to do when entering the hotel is to check in. Although my mom and dad slept for four hours along the way, they were resting in the car after all.

On the wall pillars on both sides of the counter are the nameplates of five-star hotels and green tourist restaurants:

The floral peacock at the counter brightened my eyes, and the hotel was practical:

The staff at the reception desk was very good. When I learned that I was a hotel experiencer at Ctrip. After checking in and taking my parents back to the room to take a rest, the staff took me to understand the hotel facilities and the specific distribution. The business ability is very Oh strong!

Hotel Room (Superior Standard Twin Room) Show:

Double bed, but the bed is not big ~

Grey Philips TV

Writing desk ~

Service Book ~ 1180 Ocean

Resting angle ~

Tea station

Toilet ~

Hotel facilities and distribution:

Open buffet restaurant on the first floor ~

First floor shopping mall ~

The library opposite the mall, I like this better ~ Library service desk

Library ~

Various books ~

In addition to the gym, the billiards room and table tennis room are not open, and the beauty salon is closed. This is a bit lacking.

After returning to the room to adjust the rest, Ding and Ding returned 80% of their blood and went out to find food to eat ~ haha

We did not go to the more famous Shipu Seafood City. After being introduced by the taxi master, we came to the stronghold of the locals, near Yuquan Road on Nanping Road. In fact, it was only 7-8 minutes walk from the hotel. Picked a restaurant at random, called Happy Xiaochao, just around the corner of Yuquan Road, Nanping Road. The business was so hot that the crowd was full ~ the boss's father took us to their branch and walked 1 minute on Yuquan Road.

There is no menu in the restaurant, and I directly look at the order in kind, but I still have some uncertainties at the beginning, but it is OK to check out. A table of 300 small seafoods, my mother said that it is OK ~

Look at this table full of dishes ~ haha

Dish sweeping

Look at my fighting power ~ ha ha ha ha

Walk back to the hotel, walk a hundred steps after meals, live to 99 ~

After a restful night, I got up early the next day. After the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel ran out of buffet breakfast, I checked out and rushed to the first spot, Xiangshan Shipu Ancient Town.

An ancient fishing port ancient city, the bustling crowds and main attractions are not my dishes, quiet is good, but Ding Ding Ding Ma is still a visit to this generation, so Ding Zi also posted some of the previous year walking in This picture, a quiet city ~

Stone seams on the wall, tough and erect ~

Conch potted plants, this scene is located on the main scene street, you must not miss passing by ~

But I like this quietness, how about you guys ~

The graffiti that makes me laugh ... hahaha, let me laugh for a while ~

Here comes the protagonist ~ Dried puffer fish!

The door that was accidentally passed by when walking in the streets of the ancient city the year before last, the door was open, and this pot of things was placed on the patio stone platform of this family. From a distance, I did n’t know what it was. When I went in, I forgot it was their private home, haha. Then the hostess and auntie came out of the kitchen and talked like this. This is the dried puffer fish caught by her family and just put it on ... I asked if I could sell it to me. The hostess was very simple, But she didn't know how much to sell, so she asked the aunt in the neighborhood, and then she was uncertain about the asking price of 6 yuan. . . A pound. . . As soon as we heard it, okay, okay, I just wanted to buy it, but thought that we would have to rush to Nanxi River, so it would go bad if we took it away, so we left with perseverance. . . . . . It was only later that I could buy it and then pay for the hostess to cook it and take away 呗 ~ 唉, so it became a pity. . .

I did n’t find this family again this time in Shipu. This kind of dried puffer fish has some regrets. I will come again ~ Well, definitely ~

The Ocean Science Museum on the main street, which is a touchscreen underwater interactive wall, Dad Ding and the puffer fish fishing rod. . . Hahaha

But I personally do not like such attractions, which is incompatible with the temperament of the ancient city. . .

Hongzhang Silk Village, more than 1,000 disc buckles have exquisite handicrafts, exquisite and elegant ... It seems that I have seen the tenderness of girls constantly like spring water.

It was almost noon after leaving the ancient city. I found a noodle shop near the parking lot. The family ordered seafood noodles with different ingredients according to personal preferences, which were cheap and good. Then I drove to the second attraction, the Chinese fishing village. Ding Ding appeared ~

The main scene after entering the park ~ Ding Ma also appeared ~ haha

The character of King Pi is the true biography of Ding Dao ~ Heh

The sea is clear, but unfortunately I did n’t bring a swimsuit ~

Ding Zi and Ding Ding ~

Mother Ding is unwell, sitting by the shore waiting for the two monkeys to come ashore ~ ​​hahaha

Now it ’s popular to dry your feet ~

Dear friends, what is this ~ haha

Jinlingzi, commonly known as Lai grape, belongs to bitter gourd and looks like bitter gourd, but it is a fruit. When ripe, it is red and sweet. It is rich in vitamins A and C. Ningbo Apo was very enthusiastic and sat pulling. For a while homely ~

Eat, drink, play crazy ~ Fart Fart Fart back to Shanghai ~

Shipu, I will be back ~ haha

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