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The most beautiful graduation season in Shanghai, a rare bright youth
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After four years in Shanghai,

We finally graduated.

The past four years have been really fast. There is no time to reflect on it.

We ushered in separate moments.

Those who are happy, sad, and noisy,

Secretly awkward days,

Eventually it became a rare memory.

Life is so amazing, life is so amazing,

Several people who lived their lives clearly, but they came together.

Oh, it ’s really strange to think about it,

Of the six people, only I am a foreign baby,

Of the six people, a bear child called radish eventually left,

I miss it, it was a crowded bedroom.

This smiling girl with short hair glasses has been mistaken for boy paper countless times,

Love pirates, love games,

Love to wear T-shirts and trousers, love to sell cute.

She is Xiaotian.

The beautiful child with a side face is our cutest little loli,

Little one, stubborn and independent,

Like horror movies, like duck neck,

I like beautiful boys and handsome uncles.

She is loli sauce.

The girl behind is the most numb person in the bedroom,

Soft-spoken, tired of doing things,

I like tou sang the most, I like the dark room the most,

She is Nani.

The coldest bear child in it!

Also my favorite baby ~

I spent the night in an unmanned bedroom without knowing how many

Take me to eat delicious food when I have the least money,

Scolded me when I was wronged,

When I think about it, it ’s time to accompany me to the desert,

You can also perform a Qiong Yao drama when you run 800 meters (I really want to laugh cry!

She is my favorite rabbit baby, oh NO, we all love her ~

If life is destined to be a dog-blood movie,

Then our movie is only half-and-a-half already destined to climax! !!

Every time I think of these clips, I laugh half-dead, it feels so good!

baby! !! In the future, if you are not with me, how can I be like fog and rain and wind! !!

T ^ T ~~ You are wind ~~ I am sand ~~ ·

Finally, I think we really all deeply and deeply love the city of Shanghai ...

No matter who will study abroad in the future,

Who went to get married,

Who went to open the store,

Who went to the base ...

Keke ... the last one is a bit off ...

We are still a loving family!

Love yours, all the time! ~

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