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Meet Beaver House, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Laohu Lake, and enjoy a leisurely and slow life
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As a drunkard person, I was lucky to be born in Zhejiang, a place where there is no shortage of beautiful scenery. In order to live a busy life, we occasionally need to relax ourselves, life is not easy, and cherish. This time we came to Dongqian Lake for a self-driving tour around. Dongqian Lake is known as "the reputation of Ningbo Back Garden" and is the largest (natural) freshwater lake in Zhejiang Province, with an area three times that of Hangzhou West Lake.

In addition to the well-known attractions such as Fuquan Mountain and Xiao Putuo, Dongqian Lake also has an undeveloped small fishing village such as Yinwan Village. Sitting on the treasure of Fengshui in Dongqian Lake, it still retains the rustic feel of the fishing village.

There is a poem saying: "Shui Kuoyan has a deep hope, and the fishing fire fills the Qianchuan river. The passenger boat is filled with sadness, and it is suspected that Hanshan Temple is sleeping outside." At the fishing boat, the ripples of light reflected in the water trembled, whether it is across the lake Looking, climbing up and overlooking, or straying into its path, will make people firmly remember the "Yinwan fishing fire" known as the Ten Scenic Views of Qianhu Lake.

Here, there is no need to deliberately search, landscape is scenery, architecture is scenery, humanities is scenery, and scenery is everywhere.

The entire ancient village is connected in a winding, narrow and winding path. Because it has not yet been developed, there are no tourists along the way, and there are no seemingly lively markets, vendors and restaurants.

Strolling in the former stone-paved alleys of Yinwan Village, in the increasingly exquisite scenery of Dongqian Lake, it is as peaceful as to commemorate the rustic past and find a trace of entrance for nostalgic people.

The houses in the village are sometimes quaint and sometimes exquisite. The color of the emblematic building is a bit of a hue between the white walls and gray bricks. The life here seems casual, but it maintains a stubborn spirit. Walking between these old houses, there is an illusion of time and space traversing, and time seems to be frozen here.

The villagers are still washing and cooking in clean lake water, and a few primitive boats are docked on the shore, occasionally rowing the lake to salvage some freshness. Perhaps this is the original look of Dongqian Lake.

There are still many fishermen who make a living in the village. When they saw an uncle painting a boat, his expression was serious enough to be almost religious.

Standing on the side of the road is the magnificent Zheng Ancestral Hall. It looks like it has been renovated recently. In addition to Zheng's big surname, Yin Wan also has Xiang and Sun surnames. Xiang and Sun have their own Ancestral shrine.

The life of Yinwan Village is quite different from the rest of the city. Although the village has not been developed yet, the B & B and the farmhouse restaurant look good. Fortunately, we found a beuty and smart homestay with a calm and intimate appearance.

The bed and breakfast is very well located, backed by Yinwan Village and facing Dongqian Lake.

The entire homestay blends Chinese and Western architectural styles. The external white-walled building is in harmony with the original local building and environment. The interior is fresh and clear ins. The rooms are mostly first-line lake view rooms. The location is amazing.

The service at the homestay is very attentive. In order to facilitate the pick-up and drop-off of the guests, a shuttle bus is provided. Due to the narrow road near Yinwan Village, a self-driving car can park the car in the parking lot at the entrance of the village, and then transfer to the guest house by shuttle bus.

I thought it would be a little boring to see the scenery here, but after I came here, I found that there are many things to play. Looking at the map on the mobile phone, I found that the surrounding area of ​​Dongqian Lake is full of scenery, such as Fuquan Mountain, Xiao Putuo, Taogong Island, and Mashan Wetland Park.

In addition to the beauty that nature brings to us, there are also Youngor Zoo, Sunshine Waterfront, and other resorts. The Youngor Zoo is "the largest wildlife park in China's waters", with more than 200 species and nearly 10,000 animals. Sunshine Waterfront is a scenic spot with the theme of water sports and leisure. It has the largest artificial beach in Ningbo, and beachside activities such as beaches, kayaks, sailboats, and motorboats can be enjoyed here.

Guests staying here can go to Fuquan Mountain, Xiao Putuo and other scenic spots directly by booking a cruise. The homestay also provides exquisite bicycles for free. If you don't want to go out for fun, it is also a good choice to ride a bicycle to walk around the village.

The friends who loved leisure saw the fishing rods in love and caught fish directly on the terrace at the door.

The living room on the first floor has a movie viewing and entertainment area. This configuration is very intimate. You can watch a movie with your friends at night. If you have a meeting, you can also use it as a conference room.

The friends here grilled and cooked together, and the atmosphere was particularly good. I am usually busy with work, and I do n’t have much time to play and communicate with each other. Such activities have enhanced our friendship and team cohesion.

The kitchen in the bed and breakfast gave everyone a stage to show, and the sleeves were rolled up to start the stomach filling plan. Some people were responsible for chopping vegetables, some were responsible for washing vegetables, and some were responsible for cooking. The small kitchen was full of people. It feels great when one thing happens!

My own cooking is really fragrant. I accidentally eat it!

How Afraid Are People to Eat? Never mind, there are a bunch of barbecues waiting for us! Beer with barbecue, cool!

There is a separate chess and card room on the first floor, and some people play cards while eating barbecue ~

There is a big benefit to living on the third floor of Beaver House. There is a large balcony with 270-degree lake views. The breeze on the lake brushes the cheeks to dispel the summer heat.

Sitting on the balcony, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Dongqian Lake.

Since it is a smart homestay, of course, it has its own uniqueness. From opening the door to controlling the TV, curtains, air conditioners, lights, etc., all are intelligent and can be controlled remotely with a mobile phone.

It can also be controlled by the "Hello, Qianhu" intelligent AI audio dialogue. For technical control, I don't like it too much. After returning home, we also need to set up an intelligent control system.

The lighting control of the room is very scientific, and there are multiple mode combinations to choose from to meet various application scenarios.

The design of the room type must be well thought out by the boss. The family room, special room, double bed, double bed, tatami, etc. can meet the needs of different groups of people.

Lighthouse standing on the terrace

Without going to Erhai Lake, you can also take photos of Erhai Lake. The large terrace in front of the guest house is the best place to take pictures. You can temporarily forget the troubles of life here, embrace nature, blow the wind of Dongqian Lake, and imagine Jiangnan Fishing Village Slow time.

When you come to Dongqian Lake, don't miss the special food and souvenirs of Dongqian Lake. The owner recommended this restaurant as a farmhouse restaurant. Behind the plain name is the authentic local taste.

White strips

Herring paddling

Money lake river prawn

Qianhu kisses goodbye

Dongqian Lake's most famous four dishes, Qianhu Four Treasures "Langli Baitiao, Qianhu River Prawns, Qianhu Kiss Goodbye, Herring Paddling" we tasted all.

Fresh ingredients make every dish here no longer ordinary, seemingly bland white-cut chicken, because the farm's own native chicken is used, the meat is firm and the texture is glutinous.

The silver fish scrambled eggs are also made of earthy eggs, golden in color, fresh and delicious.

Smoked fish made by the boss himself.

We had a meal in the light of the lake.

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