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Xiaoyan's Diary of Ningbo——A beautiful place to take photos
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Ningbo Garden Museum is the first museum in Zhejiang province to focus on gardens. I am really reluctant to take it out and share it, for fear of disturbing its purity.

The museum is very quiet. Even on weekends, there are very few visitors, as if it was reserved by us. It is especially suitable for taking some materials with my new Panasonic LX100M2.

LX100M2, as the successor of LX100, is also the 7th generation model of Panasonic's well-known LX high-end compact camera series. Compared with the previous generation, the biggest upgrade of this generation is the sensor. The maximum pixel has reached 21.77 million pixels, and the actual effective pixel is 17 million pixels. It has achieved fine image quality and high resolution.
In addition, the touch screen function has been added to the back of the camera, which not only improves the convenience of control, but also enables users who are used to shooting with mobile phones to get started quickly.

Let's take a look at the filming effect this time. In the Ningbo Garden Museum, framing at any angle is very charming. White walls and green trees are a blockbuster.

From the appearance of the fuselage, the "Lumix" and "leica" logos on the front of the LX100M2 are very eye-catching. The camera lens is a high-quality LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens with a 24-75mm zoom focal length and a maximum aperture of f / 1.7-2.8.
The right side of the fuselage is equipped with a curved leather handle. The comfortable feel can maintain stability when shooting with one hand, and the thumb pad on the back makes the camera difficult to slip.
The hot shoe on the top of the machine can be conveniently connected with flash, microphone and other equipment. The LX100M2 does not have a built-in flash, and Panasonic is particularly thoughtful with an external flash. It is very convenient to use. After connecting to the hot shoe, the switch can work normally.

When you enter the Garden Museum, you can't wait for the rich landscapes such as the pavilions, bridges, corridors, pavilions, and landscapes ...

The big trees here are here before. Through the careful design of the designer, they penetrate into the indoor exhibition to jointly create a picturesque and tranquil garden landscape, which is harmonious and integrated.

After taking photos outside, you can also visit the museum to learn about the history of the development of Ningbo gardens. The main color of the museum is white logs.

Everyone must lower the decibel during the photo and visit, so as not to destroy its tranquility.

The above picture was taken in a low-sensitivity environment. It can be seen that the LX100M2 performs well in terms of sensitivity, and it can retain the details in both the bright and dark parts. When ISO is 1600+, there is a slight noise in the picture, but this level of noise is completely fine for picture recording.

If you really need to shoot in a low-light environment, you can complement the flash with the flash to avoid shooting with high sensitivity due to insufficient light. It can be seen that the film shot with the flash above has greatly improved the imaging effect.

As far as the filming experience in the afternoon is concerned, the LX100M2 camera has a strong metal texture, fine workmanship, good grip feel, professional control, and small and lightweight shape that is convenient to carry around.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an ordinary photography enthusiast, I believe the LX100M2 can definitely satisfy your discerning vision.

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