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This year, the popular glass trestle bridge and Ningbo are following suit. Paying 60 yuan on the bridge
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Since coming out of the glass trestle bridge this year, it has been highly praised by everyone, and many scenic spots have built glass trestle bridges to attract tourists.

But what's more confusing is that once you enter the scenic area to collect tickets, you have to go to the glass trestle and you need to collect another ticket, which is expensive. Originally I had a look at the situation before deciding not to go to the glass trestle bridge, so I only bought tickets for Wulongtan. When I came to the front, I saw that everyone was going to the glass trestle bridge, followed the big army, and spent 60 yuan. So friends who want to play the glass trestle bridge, it is more cost-effective to buy a combined ticket directly on the Internet for a total of 98 yuan.

Talking about this trip, the National Day scenic area has always been crowded, but staying at home for 7 days is really a bit boring. So I'm going to go to Ningbo, which I haven't visited for many years. A check of Wulongtan tickets cost 45 yuan per person, and the price is not expensive. The hotel was booked in the nearby Miyan Village, Zhangshui Town, and left early on October 2.

Wulongtan, Ningbo

After nearly four hours of driving, we reached Ningbo Wulongtan Scenic Area.出发 Departure at 9 am on October 3rd. I thought that there were not many people going to this fare scenic area. I never imagined that ... the parking lot outside the scenic area was full, so the car could not be driven on. However, it is intimate that the temple parking lot under the mountain in the scenic area has arranged parking spaces for everyone. After parking the car, you can take the free bus directly to the scenic area gate. The opening time of Wulongtan Scenic Area is 7:30 in the morning, so during the national holiday, everyone must go out early to the area. 

Each glass is made of three layers of glass stacked on top of each other, and is laminated with a thickness of 34mm. It has the characteristics of high strength, resistance to bending and impact, and its strength is more than dozens of times that of ordinary glass. It is the first 7D concept in Ningbo Hanging glass overpass.

It takes a total of half an hour to climb from the foot of the mountain to the top of the glass trestle. If the weather is hot, it is recommended to take a 10 yuan per person to drive directly to the glass trestle. Glass Trestle Bridge is a newly-established ticket for the scenic area. It can be purchased for 60 yuan each. There are 98 sets of tickets for Wulongtan Scenic Area and Glass Station Bridge on the Internet, which are more cost-effective. I am not afraid, but there are still many people who are afraid of heights. When I saw a lot of grown-ups, the gay men were very scared. Some aunts took the family and walked quickly, saying in my mouth that I was scared, and pushing the tourists next to me, it was too dangerous. Therefore, parents with children must hold their children's hands, friends who are afraid of heights, we must do our best. 

There is a screen in the middle of the glass trestle, and it will have the effect of cracking when you step on it slowly. Because the weather is very good and the glass is somewhat reflective, I can't see the following things, but I am not afraid. The entire length of the glass body is 220 meters, and the vertical height from the ground is 180 meters. The total investment of this bridge is about 20 million yuan, so the tickets for 60 yuan per person are not expensive.

It takes about one and a half hours and two hours to get out of the scenic area. There are several farmhouses at the entrance of the scenic area, and the business is still good.

Tianyi Pavilion

I have lived in the suburbs and need to visit the urban area. Tianyi Square and Tianyi Pavilion were originally located in two places. The former is a shopping mall and the latter is a place worth walking around.

Tianyi Pavilion is the earliest existing library in China. It is also the oldest library in Asia and one of the three largest family libraries in the world. It's just an attraction where you need to buy a ticket. Let's just stop by and walk around. China's scenic spots basically require tickets, and it's not cheap. Relative to some famous foreign scenic spots are free of tickets, very humane.

If tourists are weaving at the gate of Tianyi Pavilion, the experience induction will not be very good.

The nearby park is good

I bought a postcard with my wishes and stuffed it into the post, but I haven't received it yet.

The deep alley is very artistic, so taking pictures is suitable.

The high-rise buildings and small bridge pavilions behind them complement each other, without any sense of violation.

Although the National Day holiday is fun, the current season is really suitable for travel.

When you arrive at Tianyi Pavilion, you are not far from the Drum Tower. Drum Tower is the site of the ancient city tower. Everyone comes to feel the joyful moment on the 70th anniversary of the birth of the motherland.

Drum Tower

Entering the Drum Tower, there are various snack bars on both sides. I am looking for a century-old restaurant called Zao Du Men.

Facts have proven that Ningbo Xiaolong is not used to eating. Xiaolong is a small meat bun in Shanghai, and crab noodle soup buns are also average.

The cage on the left is a small cage, and the crab noodle soup is on the right.

Unexpectedly, three days in Ningbo, what we like deeply is this restaurant called "Oyster Wing". What do oyster wings eat? Popularly speaking, the delicious barbecue is moved into the restaurant, and the business hours are until 2 o'clock the next day.

The most famous of them is the oysters, especially the pressure cooker oysters. The original flavor, the oysters are juicy and juicy, and they are dipped in special sauces. I actually ate 12 of them. Each one is only 6 yuan, really the price of the food stalls, the quality of the restaurant and enjoyment.

I heard from my friends in Ningbo that this store has already opened several in Ningbo. This one we are here is a flagship store. The business is particularly good, so we arrived early and found a good place to order.

There are also many dining tables outside, and young people like to sit outside for food at night.

Roasted chicken wings are children's favorite

The first pot of oysters came, and the waiter expertly helped us open the oyster shells one by one.

The meat is really big and delicious

The crab soup is delicious, and the porridge is cooked well and thick.

Looking at such oysters, do you want your index finger to move?

There is also a group purchase of 39.9 yuan online, including 3 Taihu hairy crabs. Although the hairy crabs are not very large, they are very fat, and there are a lot of crab creams.

I've only been to Ningbo twice, do you have any recommendations for fun places in Ningbo?

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