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[Drunk Beauty Xitang] Two days and one night leisure Xitang trip
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May 31

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And the drunk you in the camera-Xitang


On the second anniversary of the wedding, and on weekends, I thought I could go for a walk around the area. After scanning the surrounding travel locations, I decided to go to Xitang.

I planned to travel to Xitang in Wuzhen in the end, but in the end I still felt a bit frustrated. It should be more comfortable and leisurely to visit Xitang for two days.

There is no need to prepare for a walk to Xitang, this article is just to share our trip to Xitang.


The weather is rainy and the weather forecast is not good. Thinking of an ancient town like Xitang, rainy and rainy, it should be another kind of scenery, so it was relieved.

I booked a special car the next day, because I couldn't get to the rental and the special car tickets didn't run out, so I booked a car there at 11 o'clock in the middle of the night.

I woke up early and opened the curtains. Sure enough, there was a light rain.

Not long before I arrived at Hongqiao Railway Station, there are actually many different ways to get to Xitang. There are direct buses in Shanghai. High-speed trains and trains can go to Jiashan South and Jiashan North, and there are trains from the railway station to the scenic area.

Train tickets are directly proportional to train time, one yuan a minute ...

Food is food, and you can't help it on the train.

I don't think I will take a train shorter than 30 minutes anymore, so ...

I didn't feel secure, I had already arrived at Jiashan South Station, walked all the way to the station, and boarded K222 smoothly. There are not many cars in K222, about one in half an hour. It takes about 50 minutes from South Station to Xitang. Anyway, waiting in line is also standing, so if there is a car, take it.

Jiashan's buses have very few stops, and Shanghai's 50-minute buses have at least 10 stops. K222 only stopped five or six times throughout the journey, 80% of the passengers went to Xitang. So although the May Day holiday was avoided, there were still a lot of tourists.

The scheduled inn has a special shuttle bus, which is very powerful, driving a BMW to pick up the residents. The Royal Palace we ordered is not in the main area of ​​the hotel. It is in the scenic area with the other two rooms. It is the West Street when going out. It is very convenient to go. .

Interesting coffee shop, but few people, I don't know if it's the wrong time.

Postcards are a must here, there are many small fresh postcard shops along the street.

The store stipulated that no photos were allowed, but it was enough to keep him fast enough! ~ ^ o ^ ~

This shop is called Mango, there are two in Xitang, the shop is also more unique, the Nutcracker is very beautiful.

Accidentally, it was treated as a prop.

Actually there is a beard on the mirror ~ Can you see it ~

After a while, I ’m hungry, and I ’m here for dinner. The corner happens to be the flagship store of the old lady smelling tofu, and there ’s a seat. I ordered a stinky tofu, a tofu, a bowl of sweet wine, good business, and food. There will be more.

I met a child's favorite, Maltose, in the Smoke and Rain Promenade. In fact, we all called it Marshmallow.

The water in Xitang is very green, refreshing and beautiful.

The little yellow flower I took ...

And me who took the little yellow flower ...

I always feel that the birds getting off the boat on the left is so pitiful. The fisherman will throw fish to the distance. The bird will go back to catch it and hide it in the throat. Finally, the fisherman will pull him back and take out the fish, which is cruel.

When I came back, I heard my mother said that these birds were originally used to help fishermen to fish, but they still did not like to train these kind creatures into a show.

There are really many people in Xitang. The thin corridors along the shore are densely packed with people.

The famous Shipi Lane, Xitang has a lot of small alleys, so small that you accidentally miss him.

There is an inn in Shipi Lane. There are really many people in and out, and it is difficult to take clean photos.

Fortunately, there are really many lanes, wide, narrow, long, and short.

Sending a child to Fengqiao, the boy walks along the steps, which means that the girl walks on the flat side. There are also boys walking to the right and girls walking to the left.

The boat swayed slowly ...

Convenient location of the hotel is really important. If you are tired, go back to the hotel for a rest and watch the lively noise of Laifeng.

This is a very interesting tea shop. This shop also has many branches in Xitang. I tried scented tea, which was sour and sweet, and tasted good.

Various packages are also cute.

There is also a shop with an interesting title that sells various "medicines".

I walked around and visited some of the attractions included in the ticket. BTW, when we entered Xitang, the owner of the inn brought us in, so there was no ticket check, but the hotel also helped buy tickets, 50 tickets. If you use it in the afternoon, you can use it the next day.

The city of cats in the sky, cats basking in the sun, and regardless of the harassment of everyone in the window, they took over a desk by themselves.

The slogans around the corner are very sensational.

I really like this sentence.

Love in Xitang, thought this shop was called Love in Xitang.

Standing on Wolong Bridge and watching the scenery ...

With gentle eyes, Xitang's dogs are also super literary.

The restaurant for dinner is near the water, and you can see the bar street by the window before preparing for the evening.

Whitewater fish, must be ordered at each table, delicious and pretty good.

Old duck cricket, honestly, the taste is average ...

The screw lion is also a must-order at every table, it is very affordable, and the taste is also very good.

After dinner, I went back to the hotel to rest. I planned to go to the boat later and go to Pub. Wu Xiansen went to make up again ...

I was bored sitting on the balcony eating snacks, listening to the sound of wind, water, and leaves rustling, so intoxicated.

Is it very different to send the child to Fengqiao at night ... The night boat stops selling tickets at 8:30 in the evening, so don't drag it late.

I have to say that the night cruise is worth a lot during the day, there are not so many tourists at night, and the night view is very artistic and very quiet.

At night, there will be beach heads selling water lanterns. The paper folds are more beautiful. Those who are interested can buy them for fun.

Make a wish and hope everything is well.

Wu Xiansen from Dazhan is in charge, and me from Xiaozhan is responsible.

It's going very well, and the water lamps are all far away, does it mean that the wishes can be realized.

The bar street is completely different in day and night. At night, it seems that it is half full of blood and is resurrected. The deafening music advertises the beauty of beauty.

In the end, I chose a quiet place, sitting quietly in the corner, drinking a little wine, even if not talking, looking at each other, it is good.

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