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Feel the most common weekend of old Ningbo people (Qita Temple, Dabu Park)
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The schedule for this weekend is hurried. The weather forecast says that it is rainy on Saturday, which makes me a bit discouraged, but I also do not want to give up the relaxation and washing of my mind this weekend. In fact, there are many large and small temples in China, and I have also been to many. What impressed me the most was Famen Temple when I went to Xi'an with my roommate Mao Mao. For the purpose of "pilgrimage", the two of us came back in the rain for 4 hours in a car and rushed to Fufeng County. Deeply shocked ... To be honest, I do not have any religious beliefs. This may have a lot to do with the environment in which I live, but I have not cultivated or established such beliefs when I grew up. I am very envious of people with faith. I think it is a very strong state of mind, and I do n’t have it. It is a regret in this life. Religion is a kind of Zen, a kind of predestination, a practice of only one person. I regret that I do n’t have such a predestination, but I would like to know such a group of people, or to feel them.

It's another season of kinky rain, and the spring in the south is a constant drizzle, so you have no temper and can only accept such gifts. Fortunately, the sun gave me the gentlest light in the morning! (When I woke up at 6 o'clock, I woke up gently, mounted my mobile phone, carried my backpack, and started with my camera ... It is said that it will rain in the afternoon. I first went to the office and got my umbrella. When people go out, they still have to think carefully.)

I came to the vicinity of the Sanjiangkou in Ningbo again. In my impression, there will be such a bridge or a small bridge soon after Ningbo walks. In short, water can never be separated. When I got here, it was already around 8 in the morning. From the photos, I could see that the blue sky was not very clear, and I felt a little faint. The river was calm and there were no big ships. On the way back, I encountered a dredged steamer, but it drove so fast that it had sailed without catching it ...

On the bridge, there are many citizens riding battery cars and cyclists. I guess they are busy making a living. Just like my old father, he is still so accustomed to work hard and work hard. The theme of working in his life will never change.

From the bridge, I saw two traffic police on duty, as well as multiple volunteers. Such a crowd has been there along the way, which deeply moved me. There is no rest on the big weekend, or people in a busy week have given up a day of leisure, come here to volunteer, to assist the traffic police. As long as such people are still there, I know our society will still be warm and hopeful. This is not a show, nor is it a "brushing" experience, but a deep love and dedication. The traffic in Ningbo is still very orderly. It is rare to see "Chinese style" crossing the road.

Walking on the road, I saw the little yellow flower on the green belt and couldn't help taking her most beautiful gesture. These flowers have a long flowering period and are suitable for planting on both sides of the highway, giving people around them an excellent mood and a vibrant atmosphere. The significance of plants and animals to humans, I think this is also one of them. Let us discover the vitality of life and love the beauty of life more!

Slowly ... The sun is rising ... At this moment, I really want to embrace the city, or in other words, I was deeply embraced by Ningbo at that time!

This photo is my helplessness ... sigh! I passed the “Giant” bicycle store on the road and saw several bicycle enthusiasts dressed up and gathering there. Another group of passionate people ... I thought silently in my heart, I really wanted to take a picture of them, each of them was filled with a happy smile. It ’s such a big happiness to have dreams and hobbies ... Some people are still sleeping in bed on the weekends, and they have started their own cycling. Maybe exercise is also a kind of Zen. It is quiet thinking and cultivation, it is an independent journey, and it is not a matter of perseverance and courage to reach the destination and destination, but the love from the heart. Like them, they can "sacrifice" this rare time to "joy" on the weekend!

Passing New Oriental, I couldn't help but glance at it. It can be said that "New Oriental" is a belief of mine, a belief about courage and persistence. When I was in college, I met New Oriental. I also met a group of lovely children and found my love for my career.

Walking and walking, we reached the gate of the Seven Pagoda Temple-quiet in the middle of the trouble ...

I do n’t know how to describe everything I see in the temple. I can only say that I feel it with my heart ... I do n’t want to say anything ...

Out of the Seven Pagoda Temple, I searched for "Dabu Park" on my mobile map, and walked there very close. In fact, this is a particularly small park, only the school playground is as large as it should be, it is not as big as the playground. But it's super lively inside! Most of them were grandpas and grandmaes who gathered together to play cards. In the pavilion, they took their granddaughter and chatted, with sweet happy smiles on their faces. Some young men take blood pressure for their grandparents free of charge here ... Shouldn't this be the peaceful weekend? I came softly, then walked gently ... and left with a happy mood.

Leaving Dabu Park, my trip today is almost over. Go to the urban area and enjoy a purification of your taste buds too ... pleasant weekend, this is the end slowly and so quickly! I think next time, I can work hard again next week ...

There are too many good things in life waiting for me to discover and explore, too much positive energy waiting for me to dig for myself.

Beautiful life, fighting!

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