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A well-known platinum residence hidden in the deep mountains fulfills a childhood wish: Ningbo Longguan Channa
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Speaking of the history of Ningbo, it can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. A history of more than 7,000 years has precipitated this coastal land into a wonderful picture. Although the prosperous and vicissitudes of the ancient city of Tang and Song Dynasties have turned into dust, the long coastline still records the splendid Hemudu culture forever. Below the gorgeous Siming Mountain, there are still typical ancient Yi plane remains. The puppet drama, one of the earliest foreign opera types to enter Shanghai, has also become a national intangible cultural heritage. As a puppet actor for more than 20 years, she took off her costumes, wiped off the oil on her face, and with her childhood wishes, she silently created with her familiar or imagined lifestyle. This ancient homeland ...

As everyone knows, Siming Mountain, which is known as the natural "oxygen bar", is known as the Second Mountain of Lu. Here is the magnificent momentum of Longhu Mountain, the strange rocks of Tuoring Ridge, the dense forest, the green mountains and the clear water, and various birds and beasts infest the ecological environment.

Longguan Township, Luzhou, located at the foot of Siming Mountain, may be the ancient village with the highest negative oxygen ions in this quiet mountain! The lush forest is lush, and the clear streams creek. A rustic old mansion, the four seasons full of flowers in the courtyard, and the terrace carefully guarded by the sun and the stars at that moment, the life that urbanites longed for here was only fully presented in only three years of repair Right now.

Her name is Dai Ruxidan, a puppet actor who was once keen on tourism. Now, as the owner of this old house, she entertains guests from all over the world. In Sanskrit, she called serenity and serenity, so she put the same label here.

Channa was really taken care of by her as quiet and natural as her name, one brick, one tile, one grass, one tree, as if they were interpreting what Xanadu is. Everywhere does not reveal the classic Chinese aesthetics. As Dai Rudan said, she was willing to drop everything and go back to the place where she was nurtured, not just to build a house. So, among the blue brick and tile tiles on the entrance wall, we saw a pattern engraved with Chinese traditional culture of 5,000 years. You can also see the green and organic ingredients provided to guests at the agricultural demonstration base not far away.

Two low red wooden fences are just a tender invitation to visitors. If there is a fate, let you admire the extraordinary caverns of Zen as you enter. The fleshy stone walls can always touch the softness of the heart inadvertently. A few lines of bamboo can spread the elegance of each courtyard. The courtyards echo each other but each has its own interest, and the mood created by each small scene is worth your repeated play. Each corridor and corridor are not unexistent, they are a clever connection. Walking in the courtyard, listening to the reverberation of nature in the quiet, feeling the flow of peace of mind, naturally, you will feel that Zen is in the sky, so wonderful.

In the past, I was indifferent. After all, the years were affectionate, and the smile was warm. Perhaps this is the most real life state of Dai Ruxidan, which is reflected in Zen.

Follow the wooden ladder to the loft with the ancient style and ancient charm, where there are rooms that she has carefully created for friends from afar. The traditional wooden structure tells the inherent architectural language. The wooden lattice door and window window are suitable for the graceful woman leaning against Twisting a strand of careless laziness.

The bare rammed earth wall and stone wall, like the traces of years in my mind, are looming in different places. Decorations engraved with the times, carefully customized furniture, floor heating throughout the house, central air conditioning, and smart bathrooms are all indispensable. Imported home-style mattresses are under the gauze swayed by the breeze. Maybe they will take you to a fight. A dreamlike world.

The original food restaurant coincides with the true nature of Zen. Fresh ingredients come from the countryside. All the dim sum is handmade by our aunt. Every season, you can eat a variety of local cuisine.

In addition to being wrapped in belly, it is also about spiritual pleasure. The corner of the restaurant is displayed with cotton and linen costumes and traditional hand-made blue dyes. The unique charm permeates the entire space. A book that is transparent on all sides, use the secret words of the forest to express the nostalgia left by time. The tea room returned to the real world, in a fragrant tincture, experienced a rare half-day leisure.

The country bar subtly blends a touch of exoticism, just waiting for the starlight of the night to shake the beautiful beat through the wine glass in his hand.

The most amazing thing is the private hot spring on the other side of the stream. In the winter, the heat that makes every pore soothing is promised, and the pampering in this secret realm is promised ...

As a cultural and art-themed homestay, Zen often held various cultural events such as women's elegant school and tea ceremony flower ceremony training. Companies that focus on corporate culture will choose to do group building here.

As a child, Dragon View clearly became the ideal Dragon View of Dai Ruxidan today. Channa is more like a site where Dragon View can inhabit. It's just that there's a simple and pure here, and a fresh and natural one. Compared with the honor of "the first batch of platinum guesthouses", Dai Ruxidan cares more about an unhurried life, a calm and indifferent ...

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