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In the summer of the free shipping area, it is full of salty flavors. Ningbo food collection, including food, drink, fun guide
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The ancient town of Minghe is not big, and it takes an hour or two to walk slowly. The ancient town is mainly composed of three long streets, namely the upper street, the middle street, the lower street, and the middle street is the most prosperous. It used to be the essence of Minghe.

A bazaar has been formed here since the Song Dynasty. In the early years of the Republic of China, Minghe Ancient Town was an important "Sanbai" (cotton, white cloth, rice) distribution center in Cixi. At that time, there were more than 200 boats moored on the streets and rivers. The old streets of the ancient town today are empty and there is no prosperity in the past.

In Minghe Ancient Town, there are very few tourist groups and few individual visitors. Many shops are closed on this day. Unfortunately, the authentic Cixi cuisine has not been tasted. The rice cakes here are famous.

The most famous town of Minghe is the twenty-four zoumalou, which was built by Ye Cifeng, the son of Yexinyu, a Chinese medicine giant in the fourteenth year of Jiaqing.

Happy and loving owners, pretty cute.

Why not open the door and want to eat plum dumplings.

Too hot, come with a cup of iced mangosteen and a cup of 3 yuan to relieve heat.

Minghe Ancient Town Address: Sanxingqiao East Road, Cixi City

Songlan shan

Songlan Mountain is a holiday beach only 9 kilometers away from Xiangshan City. Various supporting facilities are perfect, which is suitable for taking parents and children to relax on weekends.
Songlan Mountain has East Beach and White Beach. The East Beach is a kilometer long. The Baisha Bay Beach is pure and sandy, and the rocks are wonderful. The two beaches are connected by a red walkway, with a total length of 3.1 kilometers. The coastal landscape walks. It is the best way to take a walk. It takes more than an hour to complete the walk.
It's a pity to see the sea view from the room.

The beaches stretch for thousands of miles.

Seen from a distance, this boardwalk looks like a red ribbon from Songlan Mountain. Walking on the boardwalk, the seaside is on one side and the green mountains and trees are on the other side. The atmosphere is magnificent.

To the end ~ White Beach

"Langyao", "Biyue Biography", "Prince's Princess Promotion" and "Three Lives, Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom" are all shot in Xiangshan Film and Television City. For me who like Hanfu, this is also a good place to take pictures. It's a pity to take a look.

The entire film and television city is divided into Xiangyang City, Dali Palace, Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period City, Republic of China City, and Tang City. I really want to go to Tangcheng, but unfortunately still under construction. The Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period is also the place where the most dramas are filmed. There are currently no existing ruins of the ancient city in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, and only in the film and television city fantasy scenes of ancient times.

You can arrange it according to your own time. Tickets are so expensive. Of course, you have to go and see them everywhere. In fact, Xiangshan Film and Television City is still not very big compared to Hengdian, and it can be finished in three hours.

It's still raining, the front of the city wall of Xiangyang becomes muddy and tourists are reluctant to walk in the scenic area, but I can't be excited. There is a reflection in the pond. Squat down and bring the camera close to this wow mud water. Already.

Is there a very familiar place for Langyabang? However, tourists cannot go up the walls.

Xiangyang is a small antique town. Compared with the nuisance of the ancient town, it is more suitable for taking pictures.

In summer, the orthodox Hanfu will not be able to wear the upper body. It is too hot. It may be that the weather in ancient times rarely exceeded 30 degrees, and there are no short sleeves. This time, the improved Hanfu with Han elements is cooler ~

With friends, I made a sister flower back to the shop, haha.

In fact, the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Period City is the most beautiful. Unfortunately, the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Period City are currently filming TV shows. To prevent tourists from walking around, you must be a battery car restaurant.

Are you familiar? I was a little excited after watching N Langya List!

The battery car turned around in ten minutes. The walk was actually very large, next to the Republic of China.

Rainy days seem more nostalgic

This is not a movie, there are regular performances in the Republic of China.

Next to the film and television city is Haiying City, which is also a Republic of China style, basically imitating the old Shanghai. Tickets are cheaper at 60 yuan. Sea Studios is also a national style, basically built after the old Shanghai. I think it may be that the Republic of China ’s drama of the War of Resistance against Japan was particularly large. The supply of the movie theater in the Republic of China was in short supply, and another one was built. It is larger than the Republic of China Town in Xiangshan Film and Television City, and its buildings are much newer.

It's a pity that Huang Meitian's pouring rain couldn't take some pictures in Haiying City.

At the end of June was Huang Meitian from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. The heavy rain from time to time left a lot of regrets for this trip, but the rain did not hurt my travel enthusiasm, because I live by food, hahaha. Because there are Ningbo cuisine, small seafood, and various snacks, especially the savory taste, I just lowered the tip of my tongue, but my heart was the biggest motivation for me to survive the rainy season ~~


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