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For those who care, a special gift: Cixi Hengyuan Hotel Experience Report
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In my imagination, the ideal weekend should be like this. In a quieter place, find a good hotel, free from the daily work. Say goodbye to endless email calls. It is best to have loved ones around you. See Read a book or chat or do nothing together, enjoy a meal, play a game of sports, then wake up naturally, and have a little gorgeous breakfast ... Anyone can take care of everything, don't worry about daily meals, it is most comfortable Already.

I wish you a night's worth of weekend experience at Cixi Hengyuan Hotel. The hotel is located on the shore of Hangzhou Bay, just at the southern end of the Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge. The rave reviews of the hotel's seafood buffet dinner made people look forward to it.

Called the hotel in advance and said that the fastest way to get there was by car. So I booked a bus ticket to Cixi on Ctrip. Departing from Shanghai South Railway Station Coach Station, the earliest flight started at 7:30, basically every 35 minutes Class, the latest class online information is shown as 14:20

There is an automatic ticket machine inside the station, swipe your ID card, and then print out the bus ticket, which is very convenient. The fare from Shanghai to Cixi is 90 yuan / person

The drive from Shanghai South Railway Coach Station to Cixi Coach Station is about 2 hours. In the middle, it will stop at the service area for everyone to go to the bathroom, buy snacks, and go through the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, which crosses the Hangzhou Bay in China. The sea area is 36 kilometers in length from Zhengjiayu, Jiaxing, Haiyan, Zhejiang, to Cixi Waterway Bay, Ningbo in the south, and will change color every other period, like the Rainbow Bridge jumping from the Hangzhou Bay to the sea.

Arrive at Cixi Coach Station, take Bus No. 8 to Cixi Middle School, and then transfer to Bus No. 210. The bus fare is RMB 1

Change to 210, the fare is 2 yuan, take the bus stop of the new district bus terminal to the terminal station, the total time for bus 8 + 210 is about 1 hour

This is the New District Bus Center Station. When you go out, you can see the sign of Cixi Hengyuan Hotel. You can choose to play a small tutu or walk. The walking time is not long, up to 10 minutes.

Hotels in Hangzhou Bay New District

The hotel is hidden under the flowers, with a sense of birds and flowers

Fresh flowers in the rain

Smell away, I feel a bit refreshed

Can't help but stop and take a few photos with flowers.

I wish the days were like the flowers in my hands.

In front of Hengyuan Hotel

Someone was having a class reunion in the hotel that day, and the hotel thoughtfully posted the subtitles for the party

Five star hotel logo

I came to the hotel lobby and reported the name of Ctrip Weekend Experiencer. After showing her ID card, the lady at the front desk smiled warmly and warmly received.

The decoration on the wall is a bit like a leaf and a bit like a sail.

The lobby of the hotel is bright and elegant, and there is no lack of elegance. A circle of flowers blooms in the center of the lobby. The faint scent diffuses, so that every guest can feel a warmth before the floral fragrance.

Not too strong or kitsch, with warm tones exquisite

The dove of peace at the front desk, small details, also the atmosphere

The front desk staff were well-dressed and generous.

Cixi Hengyuan Hotel is the first five-star standard hotel in China with the theme of interactive sports and leisure, so there are many sports-style decorations in the hotel.

The bow is like a full moon, and the arrow is like a shooting star

Windy man

Pinacious woman

The decoration at the elevator probably means Hengyuan. "Yuan" in Chinese characters is the beginning and the origin.

Open the door, the room is spacious and bright, with large floor-to-ceiling windows. According to the different needs of the guests, the hotel provides three pillows of different comfort and hardness, which can be freely selected.

The long workbench is clear at a glance, concise and clear. The design of the swivel chair is particularly comfortable because it takes human mechanics into consideration.

The chaise longue sofa is placed next to the window, next to the side table, and it is most comfortable to lie there reading a book.

The bathroom is very large, separated from wet and dry, and there is a large bathtub for bathing when you are tired from the trip. The towels are soft and you won't get dust everywhere.

The quality of the bathroom determines the quality of the hotel to some extent

Two complimentary bottles of mineral water, and a free Lipton teabag in a mahogany box

Exquisite stationery box

On the journey or when the hotel is idle, reading a book is my pleasure. This time, I brought a gift from the Ctrip Raiders community a few days ago-Ctrip traveller Liu Xiaoshun's book "In the Southern Hemisphere, everything has changed"

In such a good environment, take a few photos

Sit down and send WeChat, share my happiness, and promote the benefits of Ctrip.

After a short break, go to dinner at 5:30, the location is the hotel's harvest goddess Western restaurant, read online reviews before departure, the hotel's seafood buffet, rave reviews, praise.

Super Salmon is the signature of the hotel's buffet seafood dinner

The self-service features of the hotel may be summed up by the idiom "popular". In the idiom "popular", "脍" refers to very finely cut meat (sashimi in ancient times, it is estimated that there were many sashimi at that time) For river fish), "Sunburn" refers to roasted meat, and the metaphor is sashimi or roasted meat, which is well-known in the world.

The hotel's assortment of buffet dishes, not only salmon, crab feet, scallops, prawns, oysters and other sashimi, grilled pigeon, grilled steak, grilled meat, grilled chicken, etc. are also dizzying, those large and small shellfish , Clams, dumplings, snail shells, yellow croakers ... in the row of vegetable basins next to the wall, a seductive and delicious breath. I like desserts here, and live up to expectations. Various cakes, puddings, milk There are many kinds of past, ice cream, everything ...

Whether you are meat-loving, seafood-loving, or dessert pie, you can enjoy it in the hotel's cafeteria.

PS: It's not good to take photos in the restaurant. I just clicked a few, even drinking red wine.

As foodies, we are happy to be thrown into the buffet in a wave of battles. We are slow to move. Do n’t worry about grabbing people and sighing in the empty basin, because the hotel updates the dishes very fast, a plate of seafood has n’t been seen yet. At the end, a new pot of freshness fell down again.

In the face of food, we have no taboos, no meat, no joy. In this regard, a friend has a god ’s summary: After millions of years of evolution, we humans have managed to climb to the top of the food chain. How can you make me a vegetarian now? ?

Seafood with red wine. In a wonderful dinner, the state of eating will not let go, very vicious and very "hungry".

This meal is free of charge. If you eat it yourself, the market price is 148 yuan / person.

The diners dispersed and the service staff cleaned hard.

Take a look at the hotel's public toilets.

Eat and drink, rest for a while, and exercise, after all, you can't give up your figure.

The full range of recreational and sports and leisure facilities is the characteristic of the hotel.

Not to mention common treadmills, badminton, table tennis, spinning bikes, as well as billiards, squash, and even beach volleyball and golf, but golf has a free time period, which is 1 hour.

If you want to play ball games, you can register a racket or cue at the front desk first.

Two ping pong girls will fight heartily

Badminton court, everyone shows their skills

Watching both father and son, having fun

Alas, and beautiful table football, reminds me of the scene where Monica defeated Chandler and Joey in Friends

A spinning bike with a coach on the side

Gourmet food is precious, body is also important, exercise

The five-star hotel is not only a five-star accommodation, but also a five-star restaurant and a five-star gym.

Today's exercise to the end

Exercising with dumbbells

Outdoor sports field, because it rained, I did n’t experience it

Children will not feel bored, there are all kinds of children

Lounge area outside the indoor sports centre

After finishing the exercise, I returned to the room and gave me the welcome fruit and small details, which reflected the hotel's sense of service.

Wake up naturally and have a leisurely breakfast.

Think about the usual breakfast, which is nothing more than steamed buns with soy milk, milk and bread. Chinese and Western reincarnation exchange, sometimes because you are too late to eat, or you rush to eat breakfast in your mouth, just for the belly.

At this moment, sit down quietly, take a turn to look at the type of breakfast, and then slowly pick with a plate, serve sushi, rye bread, a little fried vegetables, a few slices of fruit, a small plate, and wipe out the Chinese, Western and Japanese. What I want is to mix and match, then pour a glass of oat milk, talk about gossip while eating, vacation-style breakfast time.

Another mix and match, fried shrimp for breakfast

Tao is a Chinese mix-and-match pie, floral shirt, vacation rhythm

After breakfast, I came to this outdoor pool with a little South Asian style

It ’s a bit cold this summer, and it ’s not suitable to go into the water.

Outdoor leisure area outside the restaurant, where you can sit for breakfast and talk

We like to take pictures, we will never miss any beautiful area

Surround yourself in the scenery, remembering later, all are memories with smiles.

Five-star pure enjoyment of lazy days, only a moment, but I wish

It was raining, the weather was not so good, and I really couldn't bear the good environment of the hotel. I didn't go to the nearby Hangzhou Bay wetland, wasting two tickets, but I got a good time to read easily.

In the past two days, after reading Liu Xiaoshun's "Everything Has Changed in the Southern Hemisphere", the book describes the story of Xiaoshun's half-year work trip in New Zealand. It is easy and witty, fascinating, and I can't help but think, if I were a few years young Will I follow Xiaoshun and come to New Zealand for a part-time work trip?

At 11:50, check out at the front desk. Remember that the hotel's check-in time is 2 pm, but the check out time is still 12 o'clock in the domestic industry. I have a bit of perseverance in my eyes.

The hotel also gave a free drink in the lobby, you can order Sprite, Coke or black tea, we ordered two cups of black tea, calm down for tea time

Farewell to the hotel, the road outside the hotel


1. All areas of the hotel have WIFI signal coverage

2. The location is particularly suitable for self-driving. The self-driving route is as follows:

To Shanghai: Shanghai—Hangpu Expressway—Zhapu Interchange Area—Shenhai Expressway—Cixi Exit—Turn right to Hangzhou Bay New District——Hotel Ningbo Pojiang North—Shenhai Expressway —-- Cixi Exit —-- Turn right Hangzhou Bay New Area --- Hotel Ningbo Jiangbei --- Shenhai Expressway --- Exit at Guancheng-Mid-Heng Line-Xingci Avenue-Hangzhou Bay New Area --- Hotel
Jiaxing direction—Jiaxing—Zhajiasu Expressway—Zhapu Interchange Area—Shenhai Expressway—Cixi Exit—right turn to Hangzhou Bay New Area——Hotel Hangzhou—Hangzhou-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway—Shangyu Exit—329 National Road —Turn left at East Bus Station—Hangzhou Bay New Area —-- Hotel Hangzhou —-- Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway—Get off at Yuyao—Yuyao Bypass —-- Yuci Link—329 National Road —-- Turn left at East Bus Station— Hangzhou Bay New Area --- Hotel

3. There are no shops or restaurants around the hotel, but the hotel itself is an ideal place for a holiday, including food, drink, accommodation and play.

Take bus 210 and change to bus 8. It takes 1 hour to get to Cixi Coach Station

The return ticket cannot be bought online. We bought it at the ticket office of Cixi Bus Station on the day of arrival. The fare was 89 yuan per person, which was 1 yuan cheaper than when we arrived. On the way back to Shanghai, I still passed the service area when I came.

Two days passed in a flash, a day of five-star pure enjoyment, although short, but also satisfying.

The day trip of Cixi Hengyuan Hotel is not luxurious, but it is the best relaxation. Delicious and rich food, a variety of entertainment, whether adults or children, come here, I believe that you can find a way to relax and happy, even if Do nothing, just stay in the hotel so quietly, away from the daily hustle and bustle, it is also a rare leisure.

It is worth commemorating that the day of the experience was August 16th, which happened to be the birthday of my husband (Tao). I am very glad that I can give him a special gift in this way.

Finally, "Sweep the official WeChat QR code of Ctrip Weekend Tour, come with me to participate in the" Weekend Experiencer "event!" You can also give him a special gift for the ones you care about.

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