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Family warm vacation, luxury tour of Ningbo Park Hyatt
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I found that many hotels look similar, it is really difficult to choose when traveling!

Five-star hotels are like that, most of them are familiar with European style!

Recently found a hotel with a big Chinese style, can't wait to experience it!

A thousand miles away-Ningbo, where the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the culture is beautiful.

Come and watch the video I took! See what is different?


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After watching the video, you must be very excited! Find out more in the travel notes below!

[DAY 1]

Ningbo has a rich cultural heritage and a long history and culture. It belongs to the typical Jiangnan water town and seaport city, and is the estuary at the southern end of the Grand Canal in China. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the luxury car successfully took our family to Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel. This is a 209-room luxury resort consisting of low-rise buildings and private villas. The hotel is located on the bank of Dongqian Lake with beautiful scenery and tranquil environment, only 2 and a half hours drive from Shanghai. It is a perfect place for vacation and relaxation. Ningbo means "Hai Ding Ze Boning", while Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel located on the bank of the quiet Dongqian Lake, fully interprets this tranquil and cozy mood. Surrounded by mountains over 500 meters above sea level, the surrounding scenery of the hotel is like an elegant Chinese landscape painting. With a warm welcome from the hotel, we enjoyed our stay in the carefully furnished Presidential Suite. This is a single-family villa. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the 225-square-meter Chinese-style house allow you to enjoy the lake and mountains of Dongqian Lake. It has a master bedroom (a luxurious double bed) and a sub-bedroom (one King size bed) and a double room (two single beds), a private courtyard, a dining table for 8 people. Uniquely designed open-plan bathrooms feature oversized luxury bathtubs, separate steam baths and toiletries from the American brand Le labo, and modern conveniences including wireless and high-speed Internet, and iPod docking stations. Whoa! !! Room number "888", really great! !!

The design of the room card is great, and the Chinese style runs through every detail. The Presidential Suite at Park Hyatt Ningbo is huge! !! The entrance is an indoor pool with two rest beds next to it. The furnishings focus on Feng Shui, and the design takes the Chinese style! The professional butler service throughout the whole process is sincere and meticulous! Floor-to-ceiling windows make the entire suite bright, and the Dongqian Lake view outside the window has a clear view. The suite is really beautiful, take a family portrait memorial right away. Have a cup of tea, have a snack, take a break and feel the beauty of the Presidential Suite. Then there is the living room, dining room, kitchen, back garden, which is very well equipped. The curtains throughout the suite are electric and automatically raise at the touch of a button. There are three rooms, each with a large bathtub and automatic toilet, bath products are American brand LE LABO, like!
The master bedroom is beautiful and the suite has a high spine. The sense of space is strong, and the high-end atmosphere is upscale! When you open the door, you will feel the sense of Park Hyatt derived from the simple and minimalist style. The design of the bedroom and bathroom is one, which makes the room very spacious, simple and beautiful! Firstly, the extremely high roof occupies the theme of leisurely ethereality, and a large number of simple and natural colors restore the essence of the Jiangnan Youju. At the same time, the overall style of the paving of vertical lines, chic grass and brick walls, rattan ceilings, and decorated with wooden lattice windows fully reflects the charm of water and countryside. Take a break and play too tired.
The door of the room is very large, it's super atmospheric! It also takes a lot of effort to move the vice-bed, and the comfort is first-rate. Every bedroom has a large bathtub, super cool! The electric toilet is of the TOTO brand. It automatically opens as soon as you approach it. It also has functions such as washing, massage, and drying. The most surprising thing is that both the basin and the shower faucet are from German contemporary brands. This set is really expensive. It costs tens of thousands of yuan. Most people have to wait a few months for ordering. It is really too luxurious! Others such as intelligent lighting scene control, electric window screens, Roman blinds, etc. are now standard equipment of Park Hyatt Hotel, which is very good.
Daily necessities are available! I like this vintage jewelry box very much.
There is also a study, which is good. Why is there a babysitter security room in the presidential suite? They must always take care of me and protect me! !!
The refrigerator in each room is full of drinks, so refreshing ~~
The hotel prepared PJ champagne for us, so kind! So happy, it's time to celebrate with champagne! !!
Watch TV, have a cup of coffee, keep your eyes closed, this should be your vacation! Tall Nespresso capsule coffee machines are only available in high-end hotels.

The flowers from the hotel are really beautiful, my mother loves them! Thank you!

After a short rest, the family followed Vincent, our personal butler, to the Qianhu Fishing Port to watch the scene fishing. very interesting! Fishing is difficult, and the bighead fish is very smart and will jump out of the fishing net!

After several rounds of fighting, I finally caught one, super fat! Of course, the chefs of Qianhu Fishing Port will have to cook this fat bighead fish!
[Qianhu Fishing Port] The environment of the restaurant is very good, with private pavilion rooms. I especially like their dishes, which are made in Germany. It is said that one is worth more than 1,000 yuan, which is very expensive.
Inspired by the local characteristic culture, "Qianhu Fishing Port" aims to provide the freshest aquatic products in this water area. It is famous for its authentic seafood dishes, mainly Ningbo cuisine and Zhejiang cuisine. This is a unique dining destination. The restaurant cleverly uses the geographical advantage of Linhu to re-interpret the theme of "seafood market". Guests can personally select fresh ingredients from various fish tanks and watch the masters through the open kitchen cooking. Qianhu Fishing Port has 10 independent private boxes, designed in a pavilion style, with small bridges and flowing water, pavilions and pavilions, making you feel like you are in a classic Chinese mansion.
Look at the menu, your index finger has moved! The show is coming! [Qianhu Fishing Port] The dishes are exquisite, rich in Jiangnan characteristics. The restaurant features traditional Ningbo flavors and offers a variety of specialties from the coastal areas of Zhejiang. At the same time, all seafood and lake fresh from the East China Sea and Dongqian Lake will be launched seasonally on the seasonal menu.
Qianhu Honey Juice is sweet and sweet. When you take a bite, a touch of fragrant incense fills the entire mouth, which is very unique! good to eat! Liquor-style seafood drunk San Xian added white wine inside, it goes well with seafood, it is delicious, good!

Qianhu Fishing Port is indeed a signature of the hotel. It is a very popular luxury Jiangnan restaurant made in Ningbo! Remember to book in advance if you come over the weekend! Steamed Qianhu river prawns in soy sauce, small one, one bite, free wine.
Too rich, can't you hold it? !!

As soon as I caught it, I took it to the kitchen and simmered the fish head soup. The fish soup is so sweet and sweet, the aftertaste is endless! The signature assortment of Chinese and Western desserts did take a lot of effort. The effect of dry ice is like a cloud and a fog, great love!

After lunch, take a meal under the blue sky and white clouds to enjoy the lake and mountains of Dongqian Lake. It feels great ~ Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel is the only hotel in the Yangtze River Delta with a private luxury cruise boat. Have a leisurely time with your privates, while enjoying a different experience brought by the "Classic Catering Private Dinner".
The double-deck dining room has a professionally equipped audio-visual entertainment cabin and a spacious off-board saloon. After enjoying the exquisite private banquet prepared by the hotel chef in front of you, the professional sommelier will serve the guests with a selection of red wine, champagne and signature cocktails. You can enjoy wine and wine by the lake, and enjoy the magnificent scenery from the vast lakes and mountains from zero distance.
The meal has not only witnessed romantic moments of marriage proposal, a farewell bachelor party, a series of beautiful photos, but also created many unique fashion parties, whether it is Chinese and Western luncheons and dinners, themes Meetings, private gatherings, or karaoke games, casual afternoon teas, cocktail parties, every voyage is full of surprises!
Lake sightseeing time: every Tuesday to Saturday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, Sunday from 1:30 to 2:30 pm, the weather is fine, you can sail. Bathe in the sun, breeze, and leisurely contentment!
2500 years ago, then the general of the country Fan Ye resolutely gave up his senior officials, Hou Lu, and his beloved Xi Shi lived in the tranquility of the lake and mountains. According to legend, Fan Ye, a rich and powerful country, buried his savings in the lake, and the "Dongqian Lake" is named after this legend. Feel the life of fishermen in Dongqian Lake, pleasing to the eye. Dongqian Lake is the largest inland freshwater lake in Zhejiang Province. It is surrounded by the Fuquanshan acres of tea farms producing famous green teas such as "East Sea Dragon Tongue" and "Clouds and Spring". It has survived since the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Numerous ancient Buddhist temples and grottoes, as well as many traditional Jiangnan fishing villages that live and work here. Dongqian Lake not only has beautiful scenery, but also enjoys Putuo and Jiangnan countryside. There are beaches and water parks nearby. Many people are very busy!

Tired of playing, back to the hotel suite, there is a feeling of returning home, so comfortable. Have a glass of champagne, watch TV, or enjoy the lake view in the back garden, then take a nap, the perfect holiday. In the room, drinking champagne, taking a bath, and taking a swim are also great.

The bathtub is so beautiful, it would be wasted without installing b, hahaha! Enough to play in the Presidential Suite, it's time to take a closer look at various locations in the hotel! There is a shuttle schedule in the hotel lobby, and guests can take the free shuttle to the city. What impressed me most was the square-shaped pool filled with gas fields in the lobby. The water flowing in the lobby was continually coinciding with the heavens in Fengshui, and the thick torch copper pillars at the four corners could remind people of wonderful scenes. Stepping into the huge and heavy hotel door, it seemed as if I had come to a palace, and I saw the shape of the atrium garden through the glass windows. Looking around, I didn't seem to know where to go, so I simply tasted it with a visit. The atmospheric pattern, the ground is pure leather, low-key luxury. The entire lobby is full of beauty, with the accumulation of a large number of straight lines combined with the two purest colors, black and white, interpreting a simple beauty. And seeing the once-formed giant gallery columns, the organic polymer aggregated to make porcelain-glazed floor tiles, solid wood stairs, and even a large number of red rose and phalaenopsis flowers in the lobby secretly stunned the hotel's cost. The height of more than 6 meters in the lobby makes the overall space feel very tension. A zigzag shape is formed around the atrium garden. On one side is an infinity pool overlooking the lake landscape platform, and on one side is the business center. The front desk is inside. You do n’t have to go to the Mirror of the Sky or Shuanglang Erhai. It is super beautiful after watching it here!
The hotel has a state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor heated pool and outdoor pool with unlimited lake views. At the same time, the hotel's spa has ten spacious and comfortable beauty treatment rooms, which will create a unique and beautiful spa experience for guests. In addition, the hotel's banquet hall and seven multi-functional meeting rooms are the best place for all kinds of meetings and events, and also the dream place for the perfect wedding. The 22-meter heated indoor swimming pool is immersed in the comfort and calm of the hotel's heated indoor swimming pool, where you can enjoy a quiet and private time. Unique designs everywhere, full of details! like! The business center has computers for your convenience.
The hotel's greenery is very well done, and the mood is particularly good!

Dongqian Lake is like a picture of Chinese style, so beautiful! Living in the seclusion life of Fan Ye and Xi Shi by the lake, leisurely, and comfortable! The Little White House in the distance, I have been to the United States, I said that it is not like the White House at all.
Instantly felt the beauty of humanity and nature!
Park Hyatt Ningbo, which was freeze-framed in my shot, is the same as Wonderland ~ Of course, this picture on the cloud was made by PS, hahaha! Birdcage lights are special, artistic style! A birdie just happened to fly over, as if flying out of a bird cage ~ 26m outdoor infinity pool
Swim in the outdoor infinity pool and enjoy the magnificent view of Dongqian Lake nearby. Take a break by the infinity pool and get ready to go for a swim. I met a lot of children. It's so cute!
Fun is a must, ha ha ha ha!
The sun is shining, swimming is a lot, and everyone is relaxed!
I ’m tired, I ’m so hungry, it ’s time to go to dinner! [Yue Xuan Western Restaurant] The open-air barbecue is very famous. The steaks, lamb chops, oysters, lobsters and so on are all grilled very fragrant! While enjoying a sumptuous dinner while admiring the scenery of the lake and the mountains, you may wish to try it at Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel. It feels great!
Yue Xuan Restaurant is a home-style all-day dining restaurant with beautiful views of Dongqian Lake. Guests can dine indoors or choose to dine outside on the wide terrace overlooking the outdoor infinity pool and the vast lake. Steak and seafood, what a mouthful!
The meal at night is really beautiful. Fortunately, I passed by and saw a few drinks at the [Red] bar in the evening, listened to music and watched the show. I was so relaxed and in a great mood. Red is a Chinese-style Jiangnan classical palace remodeled, located between Yuehu Spa and Tea Garden. It is a multifunctional lakeside dining and entertainment place with traditional Chinese appearance and unique style.
A professional sommelier will bring you a variety of homemade boutique cocktails, top-quality red wine and champagne. Experienced celebrities will also cook authentic Japanese cuisine with exquisite ingredients. The live sing of the modern band will make you feel a wonderful party night . The Kunqu performances, which begin at 7:45 pm every Thursday to Sunday, will take you to the wonderful traditional culture, which will be mesmerizing and lingering. You can't help feeling the time to slow down when you taste the exclusive cocktail. Not swimming enough during the day? Back to the suite, you can also swim in the indoor pool, which is so cool!
Two lounge beds by the pool, super large glass of juice orMilk, sleep soundly at night. The night bed made us deeply feel the considerate room service of Park Hyatt. Ningbo Baiyue's night bed was very well done and very standard. After dinner, returned to the room and found that everything was done! The room is clean and tidy, foot mats have been laid in front of the shower room and bathtub; the light curtains in the room are adjusted to be a little darker; the ice bucket is filled with ice cubes and placed in the most convenient position of the living room and the room. The water is also full. Basically completed what the night bed should do, I'm impeccable! There are also exquisite chocolates. I like them very much. Thank you Park Hyatt!
Good night, Ningbo. The night view of Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel is beautiful. Unlike the strong winds and waves of the seaside hotel, it is built against the mountain. There is a gentle wind blowing from the lake. The lake is calm in the moonlight, with a little starlight shining. [DAY 2] Get up at 5 in the morning just to watch the sunrise, you can see it in the back garden of the suite, too convenient! !!

Playing in the morning, watching the sunrise, cycling around the lake, a great joy in life!
The hotel is quiet in the morning, the breeze is blowing, it is very cool and comfortable.

Tired of stepping on it, hurry back to the hotel for breakfast! Breeze, open the door, enjoy an open-air breakfast with your family, and enjoy the lake view of Dongqian is the right way to open the holiday.
Fresh bread with a variety of jams, rich in taste! Have my favorite Western breakfast: bacon, fried eggs, sausage.

Eating breakfast in such a beautiful environment is especially spiritual. This red leaf tree is said to be a special variety introduced from Japan and looks great.
The environment is really good, the lake is beautiful, and the waves are sparkling.
The weather is particularly good. Opening the sunshade top curtain saves electricity and environmental protection, and the interior is bright enough. The design is very user-friendly!
Learning to grind glutinous rice paste and dumplings in [Tea Garden] is very interesting. By the way, taste your own work! The tea garden is located in the center of the hotel, in a unique ancient temple-style building.
Private boxes are provided on the outdoor terrace, and traditional tea room furniture and decoration are used in the interior. Antique Chinese moulds and tea buckets are provided for a pleasant and relaxing afternoon tea time.

In the afternoon, you can taste the specialty teas and exquisite Chinese and Western refreshments selected by the tea master.

In the evening, Tea Garden provides guests with classic cocktails, fine wines and champagne, etc. It is an ideal place for three or five confidants to gather and talk in an elegant environment.

Every Wednesday to Sunday from 15:00 to 16:30, we will perform the traditional production process of dumplings in the tea garden. Not only will you follow the 700-year-old traditional production techniques, but you will also experience the joyful and festive atmosphere of your family.

The decoration of the tea garden is very retro. Sit back and relax. You can also enjoy a variety of Chinese and Western refreshments and taste authentic Jiangnan snacks.

It is very interesting to enjoy tea and talk about life leisurely.
Continue to walk around the hotel today and relax.
The bridge is flowing, and the hotel is full of beautiful views! It's called Xianren Bridge, just outside the lobby of the hotel. There will be fog regularly, which is very artistic. At [Yue Xuan Western Restaurant], taste freshly baked Pizza, crispy, so good! !! This has an open kitchen where you can watch the chef cook freshly, 100% fresh! !! Yue Xuan Restaurant is a home-style all-day dining restaurant with beautiful views of Dongqian Lake. Guests can dine indoors or choose the wide outdoor terrace, while overlooking the outdoor infinity pool and vast lake.
Guests can choose from a buffet breakfast in the open kitchen. For lunch and dinner, a selection of à la carte meals and specialty wines are available. You can choose from elegant Chinese cuisine and authentic Western cuisine.
The "Tibetan Tavern" has an amazing amount of wine, and the open kitchen equipped with a large oven allows guests to enjoy the chef's cooking process on the spot, allowing guests to enjoy the authentic Chinese and Western specialties in a comfortable and elegant environment. Every weekend, Yue Xuan Brunch offers fresh seafood such as lobster, which is carefully prepared in different cooking methods, to provide you with a wonderful feast of taste. While you enjoy the delicious seafood, exquisite traditional snacks, top champagne and cocktails, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Dongqian, which is full of smoke, and live up to the weekend. Wow wow! so many! Endless rhythm!
The soup has Western style mushroom soup and Chinese style trotter soup, which is suitable for different people's tastes, great!
Pizza is full of ingredients, the skin is super crisp, and the taste is rich and delicious!
Except for Pizza, how to get less spaghetti and make it very delicious. Recommend this prawn, slightly spicy and delicious! You have to go back to your room to pack your luggage.
The weather is getting darker, and we are leaving at night. I really want to leave Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel! On the occasion of separation, the hotel gave me the "Sons + Fathers" sponsored and published by the Hyatt Group as a gift to me, very happy! Love is simple, and company is the best gift! Finally, thank you for arranging a luxury car to take us to Ningbo's famous Old Bund! The Old Bund
is one of the few remaining 100-year-old Bunds in China, 20 years earlier than the Bund. By preserving the style of historic buildings and neighborhoods, and implanting new urban culture, Ningbo Old Bund perfectly combines the heavy history and the desire for development. The cultural relics, old, fading and new buildings constitute witnesses and carriers of different historical periods, and the remodelers deliberately created the charm of the 1930s and 1940s. Today's Old Bund reveals modern meaning, and is a fashionable consumer center integrating food, accommodation, play, leisure, shopping and entertainment. The view is nice and worth visiting. There is a bar street here, which is very lively.
Bar Street nearby, great place!
Open-air flower market, good business.
Goodbye, Ningbo; goodbye, Park Hyatt.

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Park Hyatt Ningbo is a 209-room luxury resort hotel consisting of low-rise buildings and private villas. The hotel is located on the bank of Dongqian Lake with beautiful scenery and tranquil environment, only 2 and a half hours drive from Shanghai. It is a perfect place for vacation and relaxation. The unique hotel restaurant will lead the trend, and the passionate staff will provide guests with meticulous and sincere service. Yuexuan Restaurant with open kitchen, Qianhu Fishing Port Restaurant with pavilion-style private rooms, and tea gardens offering a variety of Chinese and Western refreshments, all present sophisticated and modern design concepts. In addition, the hotel's banquet hall and seven multi-functional meeting rooms are the best place for all kinds of meetings and events, and also the dream place for the perfect wedding. The hotel has a state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor heated pool and outdoor pool with unlimited lake views. At the same time, the hotel's spa has ten spacious and comfortable beauty treatment rooms, which will create a unique and beautiful spa experience for guests.

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