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Travel is the pursuit of life 15.09.05 Ningbo Xiangshan Shipu + Yushan Islands 3-day tour
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This time I want to put a warm reminder at the front to write. One is that I have encountered many twists and turns, and the other is that I hope to put it on the top to give a clear reference for bees who want to go later.
1. On how to go:
The companion who can drive this time cannot drive because of eye problems, so he can only go by bus. Fortunately, there is a direct bus from Xiangshan Shipu to Shanghai. The whole journey takes about 4 hours, and the fare is 157 yuan per person. There is only one rest stop in the middle. After arriving in Shipu, board the Yushan Island by boat the next day.
2. Regarding the purchase of tickets:
Tickets can be purchased on-site at Shanghai South Railway Station or on the official website of Shanghai South Railway Station. Booking website: http://www.ctnz.net/
Shanghai Long-distance Passenger Transport South Station: Tel.021-962168
Shanghai can only book tickets for the outbound journey (remember to choose the destination of Shipu (Zhejiang Province)), and return trips must be purchased locally in Shipu; if you want to go to Yushan Island in July / August, it is a typhoon-prone season and it is easy to cancel For boat classes, if you have already booked a ticket and refund it, you will lose a refund fee of 16 yuan / person. It is recommended to book it online one day in advance (because if there is a typhoon company, you will be notified one day in advance, and it will not be purchased on site. Back seat), we bought a week in advance, this time we lost the refund fee ...
3About the drop-off location:
Depart from Shanghai South Railway Station (666 Shilong Road) to Shipu (Zhejiang Province). Remember that the bus will stop once in Xiangshan County. At this time, don't get out of the car, just sit in the end, that is, Shipu Town. After getting down, there are 2 buses that can go to many attractions and also to the ancient town of Shipu. The terminal is Shipu Water Passenger Terminal (please bring your own change for 1 yuan). It is recommended that the hotel choose the vicinity of the Water Passenger Terminal so that the next day to Yushan The island is easy to take a boat, so you don't need to worry about the morning boat ~
4. Regarding the round-trip ferry ticket to Dengyushan Island:
The reservation system is adopted for the ferry ticket, otherwise it is impossible to land on the island. Reserve the mobile phone number in advance to reserve the mobile phone number and buy the ferry ticket.
Shipping company appointment phone: 0574-65969002; If you choose to stay at the Eastern Airlines Hotel, the boss can make an appointment for you Contact information: Boss Wu: 135-0668-2288 (I saw him appear at the place to buy tickets on the return journey, and also manages the ticket company ,Cattle!)
Clipper: 220 yuan per person per time: 1.5 hours; Slow boat: 160 yuan per person per time: 2.5 hours The speed of the island is usually 10 o'clock on the island, and the slow boat is not necessarily; There are 3 flights a day, and there may be only 1 in the off-season. This time we only have 1 slow boat or 12:30, so that we ca n’t catch the bus from Shipu to Shanghai on the last day, we can only go to Hangzhou and then take the bus. Move back to Shanghai. For details, see point 5.
5. Regarding the time connection between the bus and the ship:
There are only 3 buses from Shipu to Shanghai. This is fixed. The latest one departs at 14:50. The shipping company will inform you of the return boat time two days in advance. If there is only one boat departing at noon ( Departing at 12:30 counts the 2.5-hour boat ride behind the latest bus), then you can only detour from Hangzhou back to Shanghai. If you have enough time, I recommend staying in Shipu for one night at last; but listen to locals say July / August Or on the weekends, there are usually several ships departing. This time we chose to work in September, so the returning ship has one. (For details on how to return from Hangzhou to Shanghai, please read the travel notes)
6. About accommodation:
This time Shipu booked Jinjiang Star (Xiangshan Shipu Store). I made the order on Yilong. I paid cash at the store for easy cancellation. Regarding accommodation on the island: The Eastern Airlines Hotel next to the lighthouse where I live is also close to Xianren Bridge, and the boss will pick up and drop off at the pier, instead of walking to the lighthouse on the top of the mountain. I highly recommend this hotel on the island this time, not only took us into the lighthouse, but also invited us to have lunch for free. The boss looked very fierce, but he was very kind. Hahaha Eastern Airlines Hotel Wu contact information: 135-0668- 2288 Book a room a week in advance
7. About tickets:
Tickets will be involved in Shipu, an old fishing port city (60 / person) and a Chinese fishing village (60 / person). This time we did not buy tickets and then went. For details, please refer to the post travel notes. ~
8. About this journey:
The round-trip boat is a big problem. I read the guide earlier that it is easy to get seasick. I don't think that this kind of constitution will cause this kind of problem. I didn't expect that the boat was really shaking. It is recommended that you know that you are seasick before proceeding carefully. At the same time, it is strongly recommended to take seasickness medicine half an hour in advance. It is necessary!
9. About must-have items: sunscreen, mosquito repellent, parasol, flashlight, seasickness medicine. When the sun is there, it is very sunny, and there are many mosquitoes in summer. Only the lighthouse on the island is bright at night. If you want to go out to see blue tears, remember that the flashlight must be Equipment. If you drive, you can bring your own tent, if the hotel rents 150 / top


Holding the hottest July / August without going out, this playful heart has long been restless. I was thinking of grabbing the tail of the summer to eat a few meals of fresh seafood on the islands around Shanghai. I asked my friend to go to Shipu at the end of August. The key is to see the legendary Yushan Island where you can see the stars and blue tears ! The little friends held the long-awaited mentality and waited until the day before the trip, got a phone call from the shipping company, and encountered the typhoon boat class canceled ... why is it another typhoon (last time I went to Guam!) ... Fortunately All the hotel reservations can be cancelled free of charge. After discussing with your friends, you can't go to Yushan Island and rescheduled it, so this trip in early September. Generally speaking, this trip is quite satisfactory (except for seasickness!) Although there are also twists and turns, although no blue tears are seen, this place is still good for the surroundings. I personally feel that some places look like Jeju Island, and they look the same as before. Put your favorite photos ~


Regular items:
ID card, cash (1,000 yuan), daily necessities (toothpaste, toothbrush, towel), charging equipment, parasol, sunscreen, seasickness medicine, insect repellent, food (bread / snacks), flashlight (mobile phone has its own flashlight function) Can not bring, the way out at night is relatively dark), camera (Sony a5000) + mobile phone


Bus: Outbound: Shanghai-Shipu (Zhejiang Province) 157 yuan / person Return: Shipu (Zhejiang)-Hangzhou South 101 yuan / person + Hangzhou-Shanghai Hongqiao train 78 yuan / person Ferry ticket: Outbound: Express boat 220 yuan / People return: Slow boat 160 / Person Hotel: Shipu-Jinjiang Star 149 / room / Night Yushan Island-Donghang Hotel 330 / Person (including three meals)
Tickets: No other meals and transportation: Seafood noodles 30 / person Seafood meals 63 / person per person Charter spots 20 / person (60 in total) Sansamian 18 / person Note: Many private cars on Yushan Island are not expensive The most expensive spots are only 20 / times. You can refer to the car guide for a total of: 1252 yuan / person

Brief itinerary

D1 Shanghai-Shipu (9:59 minutes, the actual departure time from Shanghai South Railway Station is about 4 hours and 15 minutes)
Upon arrival, take No. 2 to Shipu Water Passenger Terminal, walk to the hotel to check in to the ancient city of Yugang, and after dinner go to the Chinese fishing village: Jinjiang Star (Xiangshan Shipu Branch)

D2 Shipu to Yushan Island (departure at 10 o'clock, 1.5 hour journey)
Pick-up from hotel at the pier to check-in at hotel, then lunch tour around the island (lighthouse, fairy bridge, path to Wuhu Jiao, windmill, air-raid shelter during the Republic of China, campsite)
Accommodation: Eastern Airlines Hotel

D3 Yushan Island-Shipu-Hangzhou South-Hangzhou Station-Shanghai
After lunch at 11 o'clock, transfer to the pier and wait for the ship; arrive at Shipu at 12:30 and take the 3:50 bus to Hangzhou South (about 3 hours and 10 minutes). Take subway line 1 to Hangzhou Station (1 stop) and take the train to Shanghai Hongqiao

Travels D1 Shanghai-Xiangshan Shipu

The trip was successful in September and I was not notified of a typhoon. I was still worried before I went. Once I was bitten by a snake, I was afraid of straw ropes for ten years ...

Due to the physical reasons of my friend this time, I ca n’t drive. Seeing that the traffic is convenient for everyone to take a bus and play cards, so here I will show you how to quickly go to the South Station to find the bus stop (because I am the first Once on a long-distance passenger bus, don't laugh at me ...)

Take Line 1/3 to Exit 2 of Shanghai South Railway Station, then follow the signs for Long-distance Passenger South Station as shown below

See the guide below and take the elevator upstairs

If it is booked online, just use your ID card to get the ticket. This is the same as a moving car.

Here are the tickets, just find the corresponding ticket gate and wait ~

The official answer is 4 and a half hours to Shipu, in fact it can be reached in about 4 hours, only one stop in the middle, friends, pay attention, everyone who wants to go to the toilet hurry up ~~~
After I arrived, I needed to buy a return ticket. I just wanted to ask the shipping company for the return time, so I received a call saying that only one slow boat leaves at 12:30, and the slow boat is 2.5 hours, so we all have to do 3 o'clock After 30 minutes, the bus went back. After seeing the ticket at the moment below, petrochemical ..... There is no direct train back to Shanghai. I ca n’t help but want to talk about it. Do n’t they even think about the Shanghai people going back today ... . So after the discussion, only from Hangzhou to Shanghai, but fortunately (only!) There is a bus to Hangzhou South at 3:50, only to do so ~
Friends who recommend to go on weekdays, it is best to stay in Shipu for one night, otherwise it is too frustrating (remember to buy the ticket 1 day in advance, I saw that there are no tickets available, because the day is sold out .... )

Although the return route was a bit tortuous, we still found a way to go back the same day, so we changed into a hotel and set off ... Go out of the seat 2 bus to Shipu Water Passenger Terminal and take a timetable for route 2 for your reference.

2 road car, bring 1 change

We took the water passenger terminal and walked around for about 10 minutes to find our hotel Jinjiang Star. Pack our luggage and start our first day trip to Shipu, hahaha

When I went out and saw a private car asking for the price, I learned in the communication that going to the Chinese fishing village after 6:30 pm is free. So he suggested that we go to the old city of Yugang first. Similarly, he took us to the back street and we said that we could follow the path to the old city of Yugang. After reading the guide, I learned that it is difficult to call a car in a Chinese fishing village after 7 pm, so I told the master that he would pick up and drop off all the time, so I ’m not afraid to go back no matter what time ~~ Hahaha, I took it to the ancient city A total of 60 yuan from the ancient city to the fishing village and then back to the hotel from the fishing village, the price is still very high!

In fact, you can ask the local residents, most of them will point you to a free road, the picture below is the path, and then see a staircase going up to the tower, where there are no people selling tickets (at 4 o'clock, I did n’t know if there was before)

The stone steps go up to the city wall

Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City

Encountered a small fresh shop, Zhang students want to send star movies again

If there are no tickets, basically all the exhibition halls in it will be lost. You need to show the tickets, but I don't think it makes much sense. In fact, to be honest, tickets are really not worth 60, so I think it's okay to walk around, and it is not recommended to go on purpose. After going out, I saw a pier, and I ate seafood noodles in the annex. A person 30 can choose seafood by himself, and can eat tofu fish (a good memory in Shengsi), it tastes good ~ but it is a bit worse than Shengsi

We chatted and waited for the driver to pick us up from the Chinese fishing village. Hahaha. The special car is very comfortable. The Chinese fishing village can have supper when going at night. I recommend fat and big fat. There is also a reason for free at night. The facilities are not open. In fact, it used to be sea breeze to eat seafood, which was quite comfortable ~

Chinese Fishing Village · Sunshine Coast Scenic Area

Chinese Fishing Village · Sunshine Coast Scenic Area

Chinese Fishing Village · Sunshine Coast Scenic Area

Chinese Fishing Village · Sunshine Coast Scenic Area


Plus a special 2 photo, hahaha

Chinese Fishing Village · Sunshine Coast Scenic Area

Ferris wheel at night, there are swings next to it, but they are full ... all pair of lovers

The place to eat supper in the evening, there are 189 people in total for 3 people, Wang Chao is particularly delicious (small octopus), oysters are very fresh, tofu fish is generally not as good as Shengsi ~

Big fat

Of course, selfies are inevitable, hahaha

I have enough to eat and drink. The phone master came to pick us up. It was really worry-free. Today I spent a day eating, drinking, and drinking. Everyone looks forward to landing on the island tomorrow ~~

D2 Xiangshan Shipu-Yushan Islands

The woman always went out of ink to see if it was too late, so she could only buy a cake for breakfast. Another comrade had already gone to breakfast ... We added a private car for 10 yuan to the water pier ( 3 lazy people, in fact, it will take more than 10 minutes to walk) Sailing at 10 o'clock, buy tickets there at 9:30, in fact, you can arrive before 10 o'clock, do not worry too much.

Ferry Terminal

Buy tickets at this window ~

Clipper 220 / person, 1.5 hours

Seeing the calm weather that day, I did not expect that the ship can also be so powerful! Everyone around was vomiting, immediately put on headphones, didn't want to hear this sound. It ’s really uncomfortable. I did n’t open my eyes very much during the whole process. I think the best way to avoid seasickness is to avoid disturbing sleep, take seasickness medicine in advance, listen to music and take a deep breath before taking the boat. The guys vomited, and the guys stood firm to the end. After 1.5 hours, they finally reached the ground, and they no longer saw the yellow sea.

After a while, I heard a lot of cars near the pier, which are from various hotels. I found the Eastern Airlines Hotel and went up. The driver ’s elder brother absolutely took the mountain road racing mode, and he did n’t stop all the way. It is recommended to tighten the handrails next to it. The scenery along the road is very beautiful ~

Donghang Hotel (Yushan Island)

After arriving, the boss greeted us warmly for lunch. The first meal was very rich.

Eat and drink, pack your luggage and start our island tour today, hahaha! Yushan Island is very small, and it can be completed in one afternoon. We first went to the lighthouse next to the hotel, then went to the nearby Xianren Bridge, and then went down the road all the way, saw the campsite, and continued to see the shelter. Walking along the beach along the road is very comfortable ~~~

When I finally went back, the boss took us into the lighthouse. (The tourists were originally unable to enter because there were few people that day. The hotel owner and the lighthouse staff knew us and brought us in. It was really good to see it from a close distance!)

The lighthouse opposite the hotel is even more beautiful at night (great!)

The flowers on the road feel so beautiful ~

The other side of the lighthouse is the Fairy Bridge

Finding a platform is of course a selfie! Selfie! Selfie! Important things to say three times, hahaha!

Optimistic about the lighthouse and Xianren Bridge, they went all the way along the route taken by car. In fact, there is only one way to go down the mountain and keep walking. Is this picture very artistic? The few stones on the right are Wuhu Jiao. .

I found the most popular camping platform. In fact, there are 3-4 camping sites on the island. I think this platform should be the most beautiful! This day happened to be the end of the small holiday. There was only one tent, and there were very few people on the island. The advantage was that the scenery was taken. The disadvantage was that there was only one boat going back! !! !! No choice ...

Do you think the photos below seem familiar, pretending to be on Jeju Island, hahaha

Continue to pretend ~~

Continue to see the innermost air-raid shelter:

Behind the bomb shelter, I did n’t dare to go in ~

Almost reached here to the pier when we landed on the island, so we returned the same way. In fact, we can go back to Donghang Hotel along the air defense shelter, just a big circle ~

When we arrived at the hotel, three of us were lying on deck chairs. The boss's younger brother probably asked us if the lighthouse had gone. We said we could n’t go in. He said he would take you there.

I heard the lady said that the lighthouse saves solar energy during the day and lights up after 6pm, the only thing on the island that shines (except for the lights of the hotel)

Yushan Lighthouse

Stinky ~~

What are we talking about

Landscape on the lighthouse

It's just sunset, but the weather is a bit overcast, so the red is not obvious, but it is already good, hahaha

That's why I love the lighthouse ~~

Lighthouse at night

We 3 were sitting in the outer hall of the hotel. The sky was full of stars and the lighthouse was on the right. We were chatting about the sky. It felt so good ...

D3 Yushan Islands-Xiangshan Shipu-Shanghai

Because it was a noon boat, I wore the Xianren Bridge again in the morning. Today is a sunny day, and it feels a little different from yesterday ~~

Almost went back to pack things, and then went back to the lounge chair in the hall. Just as the bosses were eating, they asked us if we wanted to eat the eel (say that it ca n’t be eaten in ordinary places), and then we were cheeky (laughing), so we became together The lunch was over, and the boss did n’t charge for lunch when he finally calculated the money. He said that he did n’t have to collect it with us, and he did n’t cook it for you intentionally. The boss was so angry (haha)

Someone will also drop us off at the dock. This time the car is not driving so fast. At the ticket office of the dock, guess who I see? Be the boss again! I said why are you here, he said he was responsible for ticket sales, cow! Isn't this a monopoly? The hahaha ticket office has a sense of intimacy and is very clean, like the scenes that appear in TV series ...

Scene outside the ticket office

The boss said, "It's smooth sailing. It's better to go back than to come. We can rest assured." but! but! When I came back, I vomited. The slow boat was very broken and boring. It is recommended that if you take medicine in advance, you should sit on the plywood outside the boat (remember that small bench, that can be moved, Because there is always a wave on the splint) It ’s better to blow the sea breeze, and it ’s convenient to spit it out (according to the boss ’s words, make a contribution to Yushan ’s fish haha) In fact, it is really comfortable It ’s a pity that noon meal ~

When I was approaching, my friend took a photo. I feel a bit ~~

After arriving, take a section of the road to find the No. 2 station, take the water terminal to another terminal, Shipu Bus Station, and then take the bus to Hangzhou South (3 hours and 10 minutes)
The bus will not stop, remember to fix it before getting on the bus, and buy delicious.
This time we bought noodles in a nearby store. The boss kept saying that it was good for 2 minutes. After 15 minutes, it was not good. Then we saw that we were about to drive. We can only let the boss ’s small worker go to the bus company and say Wait a minute, it turned out that we were outside the car ........... The first time I had soup noodles in the car! We are sitting in the first row, the driver brother is always worried that our face will come to his head, hahaha

After arriving at Hangzhou South Railway Station, I walked for more than 10 minutes to Line 1 and took 1 stop to City War. Hangzhou Station departed to Shanghai Hongqiao. The latest train is 20:18. If not, you can take Line 1 to Hangzhou East Railway Station (9 stops), where trains are late

I was still a little careless, bought a moving ticket on Ctrip, and then went to the scene to collect the ticket and found that my ID was missing! This is bad for me, what should I do? !! It turns out that there is a temporary identity certificate. Just open the window next to you. If you have the same problem, you can refer to it. Actually got in the car and found it in my other bag (sweat!)

Goodbye, Yushan Island ~ Although seasick, I don't regret going through the hard landing on the island, I really like the quiet feeling, just walk along the path by the sea, keep walking ...

Next stop, continue ...

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