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When the golden osmanthus is fragrant, I have been close to you again-Ningbo, Shaoxing and Hangzhou
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Came to Ningbo again in the season of golden osmanthus fragrance. The tall row of golden osmanthus trees in the lower floor of the hotel are filled with golden can-osmanthus osmanthus. The refreshing floral fragrance permeates the whole sky, and the nose blows up, wrapping people around ...

We revisited Tianyi Pavilion, Moon Lake, Tianyi Square, the Cathedral, the Old Bund, and Nantang Old Street in the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus. We found that Ningbo is getting more and more beautiful, and it is quite modern. Urban style.

Tianyi Pavilion. Located on the west bank of Yuehu Lake in Ningbo, it is the oldest existing private library in China. It was built in the 40th year of Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1561), and was built under the presidency of the right soldier Lang Fanqin. This is actually a Jiangnan garden. The East Park and South Park in the park are strewn with rocky hills, ponds, pavilions and other scenery. Walking around the park, it seems that you can still see the luxury and grandeur of this big family. The smell of the library's old books ...

There is a couplet in front of Tianyi Pavilion: "The world has a family of books, and the world has a long history." It is enough to explain the weight of Tianyi Pavilion. In order to protect the collection of books, Fan Qin has established strict clan rules. The descendants of the generations strictly follow the legacy of "there is no book in the generation, and the book does not appear in the cabinet."

There is an essay about Tianyi Pavilion, "Wind and Rain, Tiange Pavilion" in "Culture of Culture" by Yu Qiuyu, a native writer of Ningbo. One of the stories mentioned in it is still fresh in my memory. Every time I come to Tianyi Pavilion, Will remember this story.

"During the Jiaqing period, Qian Xiuyun, the niece of Qiu Tieqing, the Zhifu of Ningbo, was a girl who loved poems. She wanted to read a book in Tianyiyige, but she was married to the Fan family by the matchmaker. Girl Qian, do you marry a book or a person, but in my opinion, she neither valued money nor valued the trend in the era when marriage was not free. She just wanted to read a little more by virtue of marriage. It ’s moving. But she never thought that when she became a fan of Fan ’s family, she still could n’t go upstairs. One is that the family rules prohibit women from going upstairs. At that time, it was a side branch. Anyway, Qian Xiuyun did not see any of the books in Tianyi Pavilion.

Moon Lake. It is a crescent-shaped lake in the center of Ningbo, and it is the most lingering place in Ningbo. Here was the landscape in the city of the Song and Ming literati, and now it is the most important green lung in the center of Ningbo. Although it is not as famous as Hangzhou West Lake, its status in Ningbo is as good as that of West Lake in Hangzhou, and it is very leisurely to take a walk here when nothing happens. We walked a full circle along the Moon Lake this time. My husband especially loved it, holding me back for a long time.

Tianyi Square. It should be one of the most famous landmarks in Ningbo. Every time I come there is a different feeling, as if there are more and more buildings on the square, the area of ​​the square seems smaller and smaller.

Catholic Church next to Tianyi Square. Tall, quiet, and solemn. It is rare to have such a large church in the center of a city.

Old Bund. Located at the mouth of Sanjiang, the center of Ningbo, is the earliest Bund in China, 20 years earlier than the history of the Bund. Today, the Old Bund still retains a lot of beautiful old European-style buildings. Most of them have been converted into petty capital bars and restaurants. Therefore, it has become a quite leisure area in Ningbo. It is the most fashionable area in Ningbo and one of the landmarks of Ningbo. In the evening sitting at the open-air table at the riverside bar, watching the sky slowly get dark, and the lanterns on the banks of the Minjiang River gradually light up, which is also a very emotional thing.

Nantang Old Street. Located outside the south gate of the ancient city of Ningbo, it was once the "Nanmen Three Cities" of the former Ningbo business and cultural gathering place. It is one of the eight historical districts of Ningbo. At first glance, the old street was carefully trimmed, completely retaining the charm of the traditional streets and lanes in the south of the Yangtze River. Walking on the old street, there are blue-walled tiles, carved lofts with historical charm and Jiangnan architectural features on both sides of the street, spacious stone roads at the foot, small shops and snack bars on both sides ... it's really amazing Overwhelmed and lingering. It feels that Nantang Old Street is relatively spacious, clean and beautiful among many domestic food walking streets.

I didn't go to Drum Tower and Dongqian Lake this time. If you have time, you can play.

Shaoxing is a cultural city with a long history, heavy culture, beautiful scenery, and outstanding people. There are the famous Lu Xun's former residence, Zhou Enlai's former residence, Cai Yuanpei's former residence, the beautiful East Lake, Keyan Scenic Area, the ancient town of Anchang, and the small bridges, pink walls and tiles everywhere. The beauty of the Jiangnan water village is lingering.

What impressed me most about Shaoxing was the "aroma" and "odor" scattered throughout the air. It was the season of "August osmanthus blooming everywhere", the fragrance of osmanthus flowers pervaded the sky all over the city. And the stinky tofu in Shaoxing is also very famous. There are street vendors selling stinky tofu in the streets and alleys. The smell of stinky tofu from the pan of fried stinky tofu is thrown at you from all sides. Nostrils, teach people nowhere to hide.

Hometown of Lu Xun. The hometown of Lu Xun is a historical block in Shaoxing. This was the place where the literary lord Mr. Lu Xun lived, studied and worked as a teenager.

East Lake Scenic Area. "The scenic spot is located about 6 kilometers east of the ancient city of Shaoxing. It is a well-known garden with clever cliffs, caves, stone bridges and lakes. It is one of the three famous lakes in Zhejiang Province. The color of the cliff surface varies, and the shapes of the caves are different, rich and varied; you can see along the path in the lake. The cave formed by the cliff and the cliff wall is magical and can't help being the first people. Persevering with sighs; of course, the form of close-up is to enter the cave by boat and feel the East Lake under the cliff. At that time, you may feel your own small. The most amazing thing about the cruise ship to watch the East Lake is the close view of Taogongdong and Xiantao. The cave, it can be said that if you haven't entered the second cave, you haven't been to the East Lake. At the entrance of Taogong Cave, only a small boat can pass. After entering the cave, there is another cave sky. Looking at the sky at the bottom of the cave, the mood of watching the sky from the well is in sight. "

The East Lake Scenic Area is not large, and the entire East Lake is long. Tourists usually go in by boat from the waterway, and then walk out along the fence, and the whole journey takes only one or two hours. The awning boat is a bit expensive, and a boat of 85 yuan can only seat up to three people (including baby in hand). I asked my husband if the family was a two-child family, the husband said that the father took the two children to sit ^ _ ^

Last time I met a very talkative old boatman, introduced me to the attractions all the way, and showed me a few sentences in English and Japanese. This time, the boatman said nothing, didn't ask or answer.

Keyan Scenic Area is the core area of ​​the national “AAAA” -level tourist area, Keyan Scenic Area, covering an area of ​​1.2 square kilometers. It has four major scenic spots: Keyan Buddha, Keyan Jingshuiwan, Keyan Yuezhong Mingshi Garden, and Keyan Yuanshan Garden. Keyan Scenic Area has long been famous. During the Three Kingdoms Period, Ke Yan was a quarry. Craftsmen from successive generations have continuously quarryed stones, and they have created various stone scenes such as Shidang, Stone Caves, Stone Pools, etc. in different postures; until the Song Dynasty became a place of glory, Lu You left Poems on "Keshan Road"; in the Qing Dynasty, eight sceneries of Ke Yan have been formed. Relying on the Millennium culture, Keyan Scenic Area highlights Shaoxing's unique cultural resources such as stone culture, water culture, bridge culture, wine culture, opera culture, celebrity culture, and folk culture. It is a well-known traditional tourist resort in Shaoxing. Since the Three Kingdoms, many natural landscapes such as stone walls and stone dangling have been created due to the quarrying of mountains in the past. During the Sui and Tang dynasties, the stone "cloud bone" and the carved Maitreya Buddha carved by the ancestors and grandsons of the three generations have been carved for hundreds of years. A boutique in many landscapes. For thousands of years, with the embellishment of natural landscapes and the involvement of religious culture, and the embellishment of literati and writers, by the Qing Dynasty, "Keyan Eight Scenic Spots" had been formed. (From Ctrip.com)

Tickets include a two-way ferry ticket. I asked if I could not buy a ferry ticket and just walk around in the scenic area. I answered, you can't get in without a boat. Because the scenic area stopped to enter the park at 4:30, after we bought the ticket, we entered the town of Lu in a hurry, even if it was the second line to play, I felt very good.

When I arrived at the wharf to take a boat from Luzhen to Jianhu, I just watched a boat leave. The female staff member who checked the ticket called for an empty boat that was about to leave. The boatman couldn't open it and got off work. She said it was only four o'clock. The boatman had to sail the boat back to the shore and let us get on board. A special trip for us both.

Anchang ancient town. According to Ctrip.com, "Anchang can be said to be the most authentic ancient town in Shaoxing. The Sanli market along the river still retains a rustic lifestyle. Sausages and soy sauce are one of the major features here. There are almost no tourist groups here, more Most of them are leisurely locals. Many people say that this is Xitang ten years ago. "

The deepest impression I left of Anchang Ancient Town was the bacon, duck, and sausages hanging on the street, which was very tempting.

Shusheng Hometown Historic District. "The Shaoxing Shusheng Hometown Historic District is currently the most complete area in the historical preservation of Shaoxing's urban area. It is the hometown of Shaoxing famous scholars Wang Shuzhi and Cai Xuepei who have influenced the Chinese cultural process, as well as Liu Zongzhou and Huang Zongdai. Shaoxing Shusheng Scenic Spot is located in the ancient dwellings at the south foot of Laoshan Mountain, starting from Zhongxing Road in the east, Jiefang Road in the west, Huancheng North Road in the north, and Shengli Road in the south, with a total area of ​​about 0.8 square kilometers. For the front street and back river, there are many places of interest, such as Cai Yuanpei's former residence, Jiezhujiang Temple, Sheshan Academy, Tifanqiao, Tanhuataimen, and Taiping Heavenly Kingdom murals.

I came here for a long time last time, but this time I was more sloppy.

There are still many famous attractions in Shaoxing. There are no one-by-one visits this time. If time permits, you can still visit them.

Shen Garden. It is 300 meters away from the pedestrian street of Lu Xun's hometown and has a history of more than 800 years. This is the private garden of the rich merchant Shen's, so it is also called "Shen's Garden". Pavilions and pavilions in the park, small bridges flowing water, tree-lined, quite Jiangnan scenery. Shen Yuan's fame comes mainly from the famous Lu You couple's "名词 头 凤" noun.

Lanting. Lanting is located in the southwestern suburbs of Shaoxing. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and bamboos are planted in the forest. It is an elegant classical garden. There was a light rain when I went last time, and Lanting in the rain had a different style.

Cangqiao Zhijie: The most complete ancient street in Shaoxing. There are views of the small bridge and flowing water. Bluestone, wet moss, and black boat are the signs here. The street is relatively narrow and not as attractive as Nantang Old Street, but it is more authentic.

Zhou Enlai's former residence. Shaoxing is the hometown of Zhou Enlai. The Shaoxing Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall is located at No. 369 Labor Road in the urban area. I have been there twice before and every time with deep respect.

This is the third visit to Hangzhou in three years. This time I visited West Lake, Lin Biao Xing Palace 704 project, Qinghefang Street, city balcony, West Lake World, Wulin Square, and I feel that Hangzhou is getting more and more beautiful.

You must travel to West Lake in Hangzhou. West Lake is so famous that it doesn't need to be introduced at all, so everyone must have a different West Lake in its eyes.

704 works. Located in the southwest of West Lake, it is estimated that few people know it now. This was a secret villa built by Lin Biao in Hangzhou that year, and it has been shrouded in layers of mystery since the beginning of construction. Because the project was started in April 1970, it was named "704 Project" after the construction date of the project.

The folk also called it the "571 Project", which is said to be in harmony with the "armed uprising". According to reports, the entire project covers an area of ​​more than 300 acres and is divided into two parts, underground and ground. The underground part is a tunnel structure with an area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters, which leads to all directions and the terrain is extremely complicated. Equipped with war room, communication room, storage room, ammunition depot, pump room, power distribution room and other facilities, and there is an elevator directly connected to the main building. The ground part is mainly composed of four villas with a construction area of ​​over 21,000 square meters. Building No. 1 is the main building and is the place where Lin Biao's family lives. Building 2 is a luxury indoor swimming pool, while Buildings 3 and 4 are small accompanying buildings.

City balcony. After the G20 Summit ended, Qianjiang New Town on the north bank of the Qiantang River became a new “Internet celebrity” attraction in Hangzhou, and it became a place that Hangzhou must “visit” in addition to West Lake. This is the "urban balcony". I like this place very much. When the weather is good, tourists can blow the wind on the balcony of the city and see the river view.

In the distance is a beautiful civic center.

The balcony of the city is facing "Sun and Moon Together". The big golden ball on the left is the Hangzhou International Conference Center, which symbolizes the sun, and the crescent-shaped building on the right is the Hangzhou Grand Theater, which symbolizes the moon, and the civic center directly behind.

There are two light shows here on Tuesday and Friday and Saturday nights. The day we went happened to be Tuesday. I wanted to wait for the sunset lights on the platform, but the wind on the river was too great, and I couldn't bear it in the end. At half past six, he was blown away by the cold wind. In fact, when we left, it was only about half past five. It was already dark, and the lights in the surrounding buildings were already very good.

West Lake World. It is located at the bank of Yongjin Lake in the southern part of West Lake, adjacent to "Liulang Wenying", one of the ten scenic spots of West Lake. More than a dozen buildings in the area are all Zhejiang-style folk houses from Hangzhou. Clouds have now become cafes, clubs, restaurants, entertainment venues and shops, and they have become a new landmark of Hangzhou's fashion. .

Qinghefang Street. Some people say that to go to Hangzhou, you must walk to Hefang Street. This is one of the most popular business districts in Hangzhou. The shops along the street are remodeled from old buildings and have an antique look. Walking straight from the entrance of Liu Langwen Ying Zheng is Hefang Street.

Wulin Square. The last time I came to Hangzhou, it was still under construction. Today, Wulin Plaza is really beautiful, especially the lights around the square flicker at night and reflect each other. Opposite the square is Wulin Intime and NUS Department Store, worth a visit.

Music fountain and eight women sculpture in the center of the square.

I've been to several places before and also introduced them together.

Zhejiang University. When you arrive in Hangzhou, you must visit Zhejiang University. Zhejiang University is probably the most beautiful campus in China I have ever seen. The campus is full of small bridges, trees, grass, and willows, which are more beautiful than many parks.

Xixi Wetland Park. The Xixi Wetland is divided into the East District and the West District. The East District includes the first and second phases, and the West District is the third phase of the Hongyuan Scenic Area. The East District is the essence of the natural beauty of Xixi Wetland, and is also the location for the film version of "If You Are the One".

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