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Two-day tour of Jiulong Lake in Zhenhai
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As far as I can remember, basically I will go to Ningbo once a year. From the beginning, I took a boat at Shanghai Shiliupu Pier for one night. Then I drove from Shanghai, passed Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, walked around Hangzhou to Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, all the way through Shaoxing, Shangyu, Yuyao and other places, and exited at Guanhaiwei Exit. ; To the Hangzhou Bay Bridge to open to traffic, from here on to Ningbo, there is no need to go around Hangzhou, the drive from 5 hours to 2.5 hours. The continuous and convenient transportation has also made a small place with an unknown name, which has suddenly become one of the top ten attractions in New Ningbo, and has become the protagonist of this travel note ~

Ningbo, which is visited every year, also rubs a place called Jiulong Lake every year. Over time, it can be said that I was watching a road leading to this small and fresh place, from dirt road 2 lanes, little by little, to cement road two-way 4 lanes ~

Maybe you still do n’t know where the Jiulong Lake I said is, it ’s okay, let me first take an online introduction:

Dragon Lake Scenic Area is located in Ningbo City in the northwest district of Zhenhai Jiulong inside the town, 19 km away from Zhenhai District, Ningbo City Center 18 km, with a total area of 36 square kilometers, Ningbo Zhenhai Jiulong Lake Scenic Area is one of the top ten new King City . The tourist area is a mid-hill landscape, surrounded by mountains on three sides, and four major lakes: Jiulong Lake, Phoenix Lake, Moon Lake, and Swan Lake surrounded by mountains. The water area reaches 2 square kilometers. The entire tourist area has a superior natural ecological environment and a deep historical and cultural heritage.

Jiulong Lake is an artificial lake originally called Cross Road Reservoir. It was built in 1977. The lake is 20 miles in length and has a water capacity of more than 20 million cubic meters. Jiulong Lake is located in the Northeast Zhenhai District of Ningbo City and is now one of Ningbo's New Ten Scenic Spots. Take the car in the direction of the camel and get off at Hetou. You will soon see a tall stone archway-style welcome door. As you walk up the slope, the landscape of Jiulong Lake is in front of you. , The water is immense, the waves are blue, the lakes and mountains are bright, and they reflect each other. Between the mountains and the water, sometimes the smoke is dazzling, the mountains are misty, sometimes the smoke disappears, and the sky is blue. The building complex with red tiles and white walls on the east side of the lake is the Spanish villa-like Kowloon Villa. Dotted Jiulong Lake more beautiful.

The Jiulong Lake Scenic Area is famous for its green, turquoise, gentle slopes, and moist soil. It is famous for its bamboo shoots, bayberry, citrus, which are famous for its far and near, fish in river ponds, snails in the lakeside, wild vegetables by the stream, and soil in the mountains. Chickens, meat pigeons in the deep valley, etc., are all delicious wild dishes. When you come to Jiulong Lake, you can see farmhouse views, taste farmhouse dishes, eat farmhouse meals, and stay at farmhouse hotels, which have gradually become a fashionable landscape. The country's wildness, flowing water and sweet pastoral scenery give people a feeling of being out of the world.

Since it is said to be one of the top ten attractions in New Ningbo, as a me who will go to Ningbo once a year, why not not go? So I started looking for information online, doing strategies, booking hotels, and of course including tickets ~

Due to how long it has just been commercialized, relatively little information can be found on the Internet. The only exact information I know is: Jiulong Lake is going to collect tickets ~ Think about it, in Tianchao, just plant a piece of land in Shanyewei, plant some greenery, dig a reservoir, build a few villas in Beye, and then collect tickets. In fact, it's rare!

But after looking at the map, I found my question came: What is the situation with the tickets for Jiulong Lake? Should I just take a stroll in the mountains and charge my soft sister coin with a price of 80? Isn't it the rhythm of stealing money?

The concept is popular: cough, here is the class time!

In fact, speaking of Jiulong Lake is a bit similar to saying Huangshan is the same! First, Jiulong Lake itself is a town. Second, Jiulong Lake is also the name of a reservoir: Jiulong Lake Reservoir (the Crossroad Reservoir above). If you read the above students carefully, you will definitely have seen the term, Cross Road Reservoir. Secondly, the Jiulong Lake Scenic Area is a large area. The scope of this scenic area is the large green area on the right in the picture above. Area, and entering this scenic area, there is no need to charge any soft sister coins as tickets! ; Again, in the above picture, in Jiulong Lake Scenic Area (we can understand it as a scenic spot), there is a place called Jiulongyuan Scenic Area (we can understand it as a scenic spot), this Jiulongyuan Scenic Area is to I received soft sister coins as attractions for tickets. And this ticket (or joint ticket) also includes the cost of the cruise ship on Monkey Island and the scenic sightseeing car. These three parts of the cost (Jiulongyuan, cruise + Monkey Island, scenic sightseeing car), constitute the ticket for Jiulong Lake!

Finally, after making N phone calls, consulting N friends who are in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, and collecting information from various parties, I realized that the original so-called Jiulong Lake tickets were not scenic tickets (entering the Jiulong Lake Scenic Area) Don't have money!), But after the entrance ticket to the attraction, on March 29th, our mighty party, driving forward towards Jiulong Lake!

About self-driving lines: Take Shanghai G60 (formerly A8 Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway), cross G15 (Shenhai Expressway Hangzhou Bay Bridge) via G92 / S7 (Hangzhou Bay Ring Road Expressway), then go south to Guanhaiwei Interchange, take National Highway 329 (China) Horizontal line) Cross Cilong Middle Road to X606 (Changqiu Line) and finally turn right to the scenic ticket office

About self-driving: The ticket for Jiulong Lake actually includes a sightseeing car. That is to say, after entering the scenic area, you can choose to take the scenic sightseeing car. However, it may be because of the reason that it has not been fully developed at this stage. Do not! Yes! Strong! system! of! In other words, if you want to drive your own car into the scenic area (note that it is a scenic area, not a scenic spot. There is no way for you to drive to the scenic spot), no one will come out to stop you. After entering the scenic area, the distance to the center of Jiulongyuan is relatively long, so I have a sightseeing car to pick up those friends who are not driving ~ (Ima, I ’m so good)

Regarding transportation: If it is a train to Ningbo children's shoes, as far as I know, there is a bus near the train station directly to the gate of Jiulong Lake Scenic Area. But I don't know much about this part of the information, so I can only help you here ~

Regarding accommodation: In fact, before I set out, I envisaged two sets of plans: 1) booking the only Kowloon Villa or Kaiyuan Resort or Jiulonghu Health Pavilion that can be found online ; 2) booking farmhouse. However, after some information inquiry and comparison, I found that almost all the farmhouses do not provide accommodation, and only provide dining services. Due to the large number of people in our group, in order to avoid extravagance, we finally booked one of the three hotels that can be found online. Here, I want to highlight my knowledge of these three hotels:

Jiulong Shanzhuang: The geographical location is very good. It is right next to Jiulong Lake Reservoir. When you take the cruise ship to Monkey Island, you can also see the whole view of the entire Jiulong Shanzhuang on the cruise ship. The hotel reads that it was newly renovated in 2009 with a four-star standard. The overall feeling is still very good;

Kaiyuan Resort: A short distance from Jiulong Lake Reservoir and Jiulongyuan attractions. However, it seems to be a five-star standard, and there are many praises and consistent recommendations on the Internet. Should be the first choice for a vacation to Jiulong Lake;

Jiulong Lake Health Club: It is very far from Jiulongyuan Scenic Spot and a little far from Jiulong Lake Reservoir. It should also be Samsung or four-star standards, but I didn't find much information online!

Regarding eating: In fact , there are not many eating places in the entire Jiulong Lake Scenic Area, except in the hotel, there are a lot of peasant restaurants in Hengxi Village near Jiulongyuan. However, I won't tell you, I also know of an economical, affordable and delicious restaurant not far from the scenic area (driving up to 5 kilometers) (I will not advertise when necessary ~~ bad Laugh, heyia ~ heyia ~ heyia ~~). The hairy maggots there ~ mud snails ~ sea melon seeds ~ yellow fish ~ roasted faucets ~ oyster yellow ~ definitely can't think more about it, Emma, ​​my saliva is flowing again ~ more importantly, what do you make Our two tables of 14 + 2 (two children) eat seafood for a total of 740. There is wood and there is super cheap. There is wood and there is ~~ (Oh, it does not include lobster)

Regarding 呲 饭, I will give you two coordinates. As for finding economical and affordable ones, it depends on our own fortunes ~

The above information on pure dry goods is completed, and the era of picture reading is immediately started.

This is Jiulong Lake Reservoir

It ’s not very good, when it ’s rainy

Such a small boat can carry 20 people, and it is headed for Ben Monkey Island.

Villa on the top of the mountain

Then I opened the sun, and I wanted to take a little fresh, but I accidentally made this silky look.

Just look at the mountains, or let people relax.

Fortunately, as soon as I got back to the room, the wind raged outside.

The shameless landlord started playing selfies

Special note: Since the hotel I stayed in did not have WiFi, the special offering was an artifact: Cheetah free WiFi!

Another one ~ Emma ~~~

I especially like this glass room

Then it ’s the right time to eat, but we know, small seafood, I ’m here ~

Because they are so delicious, I do n’t have many photos, so I ’m sorry ~ (smile)

Jiulongyuan ~ ready to climb

The innocent little friend is drunk.

In fact, I still envy life in the mountains. Sunrise and sunset, and sunset ~

Various small waterfalls are starting to appear ~

Narrow intersection section ~ haha

The smallest of leaves and horses is fresh

Here I would like to briefly introduce the scenic spot of Jiulongyuan. Once you enter the attraction, you will see some small waterfalls along the mountain road. Of course, each waterfall has a special name. Then you will see two large and one small reservoirs, called Big and Small Yaochi. The picture above is Dayao Pool. You guys made it, I wo n’t tell Namen. When I saw these many small crickets in Dayao Pond, I do n’t mention more than two, all kinds of arrests, releases ~~~ (Yeah, Cover your face and run away ~~~)

The one below is the mountain top shot here in Dayaochi on the mountainside. Because there are many elderly people in the team, we weighed and decided to return to the same route instead of going up ~

There is a prize quiz: like a horse? Correct answer, You Youjun will send you a small gift (laughing + insidious grin)

Editing time of this article: April 1, 2014 (insidious grin +10086)

After going down the hill from Jiulongyuan, go straight to Hengxi Village. Hengxi Village is the place to eat farm food introduced by the landlord at the beginning of this article ~~~

Special reminder: The landlord said to eat seafood specialDon't be a cheap restaurant, but it's not in Hengxi Village.

Xiao Huang in the small farm yard ~ dumb adorable ~ bullying her in various ways. Hahaha

Then a scene of Monkey Island

On the boat to Monkey Island, you can see the whole picture of Jiulong Villa. It can be seen that the entire Jiulong Villa is really the closest hotel to Jiulong Lake (Cross Road Reservoir)

Monkeys on the mountain. . . To be honest, not my dish. Just take a picture

Finally, I want to say. For the entire Jiulong Lake, the evaluation is actually mixed. Some people think that cruise + Monkey Island is fun, but I prefer to climb the mountain of Jiulongyuan. In general, as one of Ningbo's top ten new attractions, Jiulong Lake still has many projects to be developed. However, for the people in the city, once the over-development has destroyed the original and simple mountain appearance, the mountain people all sell their own mountain products to sell in the scenic area. After all, ecological protection should also consider protecting that original and simple life ~

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