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Wei Jinyong: Please remember! With Ctrip to Yuyao Drifting and Picking Yangmei in mid-June each year, Yuyao Four Window Rock Drifting and Liang Nong picking Yangmei one day tour
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(6 / 16-6 / 30 Four Window Rock Drifting Tickets 138 yuan, Ctrip quoted only 98 yuan, and also gave mid-mountain bayberry picking tickets, self-help tour is very good).

On June 14, 2014 (Saturday), I participated in a special discount group tour to Four Window Rock Rafting and Liang Nongcai Yangmei in Yuyao, Zhejiang.

At 6 am, take subway line 9 and then change to line 8. Get off at Dashijie Station (RMB 3) and walk to the south gate of Shanghai Museum.

At 7 o'clock, the coach departs along the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway and Shenhai Expressway along the way to the north shore service area of ​​Hangzhou Bay Bridge.

Then take the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge from the Tongdong exit, turn right along Lucheng Road, Yuci Link, Chengdong Road to Tanjialing East Road, then along Tanjialing West Road and Yuliang Line, pass Siming Lake, Siming Lake Archway, After the village of Liang Nong,

Climbing the winding mountain road of Siming Mountain,

After turning over the top of Siming Mountain, I came to Shuangchuangyan Drifting Area through Dalan Town.

Chinese food in the mountains (30 yuan per person for the tour guide)

After eating dinner, I went out and walked across the bridge for 5 minutes to get to the lower drifting point of Four-window Rock Drifting. There I took my hat, changed my clothes, checked the bag (RMB 5), wore a life jacket, and then took the scenic bus to the upper drifting point.

Note: Bring a good change of clothes before going out, preferably with a pair of slippers.

There is a small hydropower station at the drifting point of the four-window rock. When tourists drift, the dam of the power station continuously discharges water downstream.

We are rafting on rubber rafts, two people in a group,

First drift down the brook, at a slightly steeper point, we turned into a canal, then entered the brook along the canal of S, and finally drifted to our dressing point (ie, the downdrift point).

The journey is quite long,

Villagers took care along the way. The degree of irritation is neutral, but from the people in my car, it feels good, and they all say that the stimulus is delicious.

The rafting tickets are as follows:

After the rafting, we continued to take a car to visit the red base of Liang Nong via Dalan Town.

The sights turn around at the intersection for 5 minutes. The sights are beautiful, and I really did not expect the war to be linked (no need to buy tickets for the sights).

I have never seen a gun that is 3.65 meters long. I do n’t know how to use it?

The former residence of the former senior of the New Fourth Army and former leader of Zhejiang Province, Tan Qilong.

After visiting the attractions, continue to drive in the direction of Yuyao. About 10 minutes to Baishuichong Village, the car stopped and everyone got off to pick the bayberry.

The best time to eat bayberry is mid to late June.

During the picking process, tourists are not allowed to bring or break the branches despite eating.

Myrica rubra is delicious and expensive on the market, but it is very delicate. It is estimated that it will only be more than half a month. If there is a sudden storm, all the fresh and red bayberry in a large forest will be scrapped.

Generally, a bayberry tree can pick 5,600 pounds of bayberry. Due to the tight schedule and inconvenient picking, only 2 or 3 hundred pounds can actually be picked. So when you go there, do n’t be pitiful. On the slopes of the hills are bright red bayberry, and you do n’t have to be surprised how the boss can generously release such expensive fruits on the market for you to eat.

After picking bayberry, if you want to carry it, you can buy it from the boss, usually 10 yuan per catty, 5 catties per basket. Although Shanghai is the same price, the taste of Yuyao is much better.

After picking Yangmei, we continued to get on the bus and passed the Simingshan Archway and Siming Lake along the way (there is a three-way road going directly to the entrance of Lianghui Expressway, and the 200 meters ahead were stopped to inform that the road ahead was paved with asphalt and still turning back).

Take the Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway from the Yuliang line, take a rest in the Nanhu Service Area after passing the Jiashao Bridge, and then get off at the south gate of the Shanghai Museum along the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway to complete the journey and go east and west.

In addition, it is convenient to go to Sizhuangyan rafting and picking bayberry. It is said that it takes only 3 yuan to go to Simingshan Town from Yuyao by bus and 2 yuan to Dalan Town from Simingshan Town on Road 648. There are 509 roads passing by.

The First Tourist in the World: Wei Jinyong

June 16, 2014

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