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One car, two places, three days, four people Putuoshan Zhujiajian Snow Doushan family tour (invincible practical food and lodging guide) (Jacky, JOE tour series)
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The multi-day family tour finally returned. The members of this trip were me (dad), JOE (mother), Xiaohao brother (baby), and mother. The itinerary also fully considered everyone's preferences. The destination is Putuo Mountain Worshiping Buddha, Zhu Jiajian playing in the sea and the natural scenery of Xuedou Mountain in Xikou, let me tell you now, I hope to help everyone.

DAY1: Shanghai-Zhu Jiajian

DAY2: Putuo Mountain-Zhujiajian Nansha

DAY3: Xuedou Mountain-Shanghai

DAY1: My sister gave birth to a baby, and a new member was added to the family. Due to the full moon wine at noon on the first day, we set the departure time at 1 pm. After checking the fuel, the car set off on time. The car was full and packed with snacks and snacks for four and a half hours on the road. It ’s a little good that the baby will sleep on the road starting in the afternoon, and the three-year-old Mengwa will be quiet for a while, haha.

After arriving in Zhujiajian in four hours, we booked the Zhujiajian Golden Beach Hotel from Ctrip. It is a farmhouse. The standard of accommodation is almost the same as that of a fast hotel. We have a full-line sea view room. Remember to set a full-line sea view. It is the invincible sea view above the third floor, the price is more than 300 yuan, a word worth. Put down your luggage, and set dinner at the boss, sea melon seeds, barracuda crab, grilled cuttlefish, clam soup, braised miscellaneous fish, vegetarian stir-fried dishes, fried rice cakes, etc. Everyone eats enough food, the price is almost the same as Shanghai, the family brother is satisfied, small Hao Ge particularly likes sea melon seeds and fried rice cakes, and JOE likes grilled cuttlefish. Back in the room, make chrysanthemum tea and enjoy tea on the balcony with sea view.

DAY2: Get up at 7:30 in the morning and park at Zhujiajian Pier for 32 yuan a day. Buy a ferry ticket and Putuo Mountain tickets for a total of 555 yuan. Zhu Jiajian issues a big boat, which is different from the speedboat at Banshengdong Pier, which is slower. However, there is a lot of lack of stability. It is recommended that there are elderly and children starting from here to stabilize the ship. Brother Xiaohao has never seen the ship and is excited all the way. After getting on the island, do the dock bus, Yishui Toyota Coste, the fare is about 10 yuan, first enter Puji, go to the top of the ropeway and then go to Fayu Temple. The incense and Buddha are not described in detail. In short, a peaceful mentality, devotion to goodness is the purpose. On the way, Meng Wa, Xiao Hao, also learned to burn incense and worship the Buddha. In fact, this is the second time he has come, and JOE's mother also came when she was pregnant, haha. The buns bought at the entrance of Puji Temple for breakfast cost 5 yuan apiece, and my mother ate tea eggs for 5 yuan apiece. I can't help asking you if the Buddha knows this. Let's do good things. Which shop on the far left of the ropeway minibus station is the most affordable on the island. The dried tofu is 5 yuan and 2 pieces. The owner gave me more. The ropeway is 70 yuan back and forth, the scenery is good, it is worth sitting. In Fodingshan Mengwa loved a stray kitten, and mumbled to have one. I ate lunch at Zhongshan Hotel opposite Fayu Temple. Fish-flavored shredded pork, clams, rice cakes, silver fish scrambled eggs, green vegetables, and 3 cans of drinks were 260 oceans. The taste was average. I do n’t recommend everyone to eat this. Value for money. We used to eat the one on the far right, and the lease was closed this year. The same dish only costs 180. The unscrupulous boss can't afford the rent and despise one.

In the afternoon, my mother took a car back to Shanghai in advance. After I sent my mother to the bus station, it was already 2:30, and I drove to the Shenyang Men's Shenjiamen Hotel in Zhoushan for 20 minutes today. Big and new, good value for money, with shower and bathtub, there is a baby's recommendation here, the hotel is new, so the facilities are new, but tasteless, and the dad with baby is also very delicate. After the family has taken a rest, take the sand dredging tool and set off to Zhujiajian Nansha. The distance is about 15 kilometers. If you drive, it takes 25 minutes. Parking at the beach is 10 yuan. Tickets are 75 yuan per person. If you have time to play for a few more days, it is recommended to buy 85. A 3-day ticket is worth the dollar.

After playing in the dark flash, drive back to the hotel, and dinner will be settled in Gaojiazhuang (Donghai Store), which is a 10-minute walk. It arrives at 7.45, because it is too late, they still have to leave work for half an hour, but the service attitude Very good, helped us order and arranged a private room for 4 people. I ordered it, lazy prawns, pickled cuttlefish, plum fish, rice fish, potato soup, cabbage, dim sum, freshly squeezed juice, etc., tasted good, spent 300 oceans, walked back to the hotel to sleep.

DAY3: Sleep until 7:30, get up and freshen up, buffet breakfast, hotel breakfast place is not large, the variety is slightly less than 5 star hotel, but the taste is very good, especially the snacks and seafood noodles (now made) are good, family members eat very satisfied. Depart at 9:30 first to buy local products and salty crabs (my mother's favorite) and then head to Xuehua Mountain of Fenghua at about 12 o'clock, arrive at Xuedou Mountain Tourism Center at about 12 o'clock, park for 10 yuan, 5A-level scenic spot, place to rest and buy tickets Very "tall", tickets are quite expensive, 150 yuan / person, including buses in the scenic area. I did a lot of homework beforehand. If you come later, you can follow my route, and you can see all the attractions with the least effort. From now on, Xiaohao brother of our family has eliminated 3 cold drinks, but he never eats them at home, but the temperature is helpless at 37 degrees. After waiting for a while, I took the scenic bus, air-conditioned, and circled the winding road to the transfer station (actually Qianzhang Rock, Xuedou Temple). It is recommended not to enter Qianzhang Rock here, because it is above the waterfall. Dou Temple is like a Buddha statue and its architecture is good. Those who are interested can take a look. From here, change the minibus to Sanyintan. This is the entrance to Shangyintan. It goes down the mountain road for about 3 kilometers. Brother Xiaohao did a good job walking for 1km. Father and mother held 2km. Types of waterfalls are beautiful.

After leaving Sanyintan, you will come to the mini train (rail car) station. Each person spends 50 yuan on the mini train and ropeway. Take the child ’s suggestion to ride. My little adorable baby just seduces him by the mini train. After finishing the mountain road, the small train will take you to the underside of Qianzhangyan and feel the power of nature and your own smallness. The next stop arrived at Miaogaotai overlooking the beautiful scenery. This is the summer resort of Chiang Kai-shek. During this time, the JOE asked me, I know how the scream of the summer resort is, how can old Jiang sleep. Even if you do n’t know about Lao Mao in Lao Jiang, he ca n’t sleep, haha.

After all the games are over, Xiao Hao is completely unable to walk. My grandpa took the baby to the scenic bus stop that was about 1 km away and returned to the parking lot by 5 o'clock. Except for the hot weather, the scenic area It is still worth playing, especially Sanyintan and Miaogaotai. The scenery is not beautiful. I, JOE and Xiaohao brother all like the scenery here. The key is the large waterfall. It is recommended to watch the weather before coming, it is best to After a few days of rain, the water became heavy. We had two days of thunderstorms before this time, so the water was heavy. After searching the Internet, I decided to eat Ningbo Tinggebi, drove to Ningbo for half an hour, and waited for 10 minutes to order food. The environment is antique, and the dishes have order dishes such as green onion, clams, white crab cakes, and sour soup , Sweet and sour steak, carp yellow croaker, vegetables, freshly squeezed fruit juice, etc., only more than 200 pieces, eat until the support. One day's fatigue is all swept away. The rotten yellow croaker is a special recommendation of JOE. This meal is the best in three days. It is never wrong to recommend it to everyone.

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