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With a baby in your arms, travel to Ningbo, Cixi Dapeng Mountain "On"
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A Song of Dawning by Huang Zongxi, a literati in the late Ming Dynasty: "East to watch the sea, the past is a thing of the past, there are thousands of drums in the waves, the whale has thousands of blood, He Qin Shihuang,

Seek immortals. "Leaves a popular poem for future generations. It also makes me full of infinite expectations for You Da Peng Shan.
After lunch on a Sunday in May, with her daughters, the family has three generations and five people, and then set off on the "Volkswagen CC" to the long-awaited Tszong Da Peng Mountain.

It was sunny that day, white clouds were floating on the blue sky, and the tree branches were swaying gently in the breeze. It was a good weather for traveling. After leaving Ningbo, along the 329 national highway, the car took about an hour to reach Dapeng Mountain.
The original name of Mount Dapeng is Xiangshan, which is named for the vanilla on the mountain. The name "Dabong" means that from here you can sail to Penglai, a fairyland. Dapeng Mountain is located in the southeast of Cixi City, across Longshan Town. About 50KM from Ningbo city.
According to the plan, tonight at Da Peng Shan Hotel,

This is a five-star hotel managed by the Youngor Group.

All of the hotel's more than 200 rooms, including the presidential suite, all face the sparkling lake, and the environment is quiet and comfortable. I booked a luxurious lake-view king-size bed room in Ctrip in the morning. The price is 706 yuan, including two breakfasts. In addition, it also includes two scenic packages, valued at 252 yuan, including 80 days to travel around the world. Cultural Park, Chinese Stone Window Park Three Attractions>.
Check in at the hotel reception desk and take the elevator straight to the 17th floor. After hurriedly putting down my luggage, I went downstairs and went straight to the world's natural humanistic theme park for 80 days. Although the theme park is just across the road diagonally from the hotel, it is too late. The theme park is closed The time has passed. The park is closed to tourists every day after 4 pm. Look up at the wall clock on the gate. The hour hand is pointing at 16:35.

Not willing to just miss entering the theme park like this, besides, according to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow, if there is a lot of inconvenience to visit the park on a rainy day. After a little thought, I went forward to discuss it with the guard, and whether I could make an exception. But the master said: He couldn't be the master, and asked me to go to the customer service center to find a staff member, and if they agreed, it would be released. In order to visit the park, I went to the customer service center of the scenic area and consulted the relevant personnel. Maybe luck, they made an exception and agreed to enter. It was about 17 o'clock before entering the theme park.
"Travel the Earth in 80 Days" World Natural Humanities Theme Park

It is located on the bank of Xiajiao Lake in Dapeng Mountain, covering an area of ​​250 acres. Among the mountains and green waters, the scenery is beautiful and fresh. It is a natural and humanistic theme park that subtly blends natural landscapes, historical humanities and modern amusement, with extremely rich cultural connotations. Stepping into the park, the first thing that catches the eye is:

Asia. The area showcases the Great Wall of China and the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, as well as famous buildings and monuments in India, such as the four-sided high Buddha, the Agrabos Garden, and the Maha Tower. The magnificent Asian culture is like being there.

There are seven zones in the park: Asia, Oceania, South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia-India. The park has designed more than 110 experience projects including more than 30 entertainment projects, more than 50 human landscapes, more than 10 art performances, more than 20 themed games and business support projects.

The sweet warmth of the Aegean Sea, the deep mystery of the Brazilian rainforest, the elegance and solemnity of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the gentle flow of the Angkor Phantom, the grand shock of the ancient Egyptian pyramids ... these are breathtaking, fascinating cultural beauty.

It also attracted many new people who took wedding photos inside and outside the province. They staged the ultimate romance here and began to weave their own happy lives.

Due to time, I hurriedly looked around in the theme park before leaving reluctantly.

Looking at the quiet surroundings, no tourists can be seen anymore,

Almost the last person to step out of the gate of the paradise.

Next to the theme park

Daphong World is a warm and romantic lakeside leisure district.

Petty bourgeois and nostalgic sentiments permeate here. In it, we can hang out in elegant and retro commercial shopping areas, lingering between different styles of Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, coffee houses, specialty shops.

Just then they met with their daughter and drove to the top of Mount Dapon. Dapong Mountain is more than 422 meters above sea level.

I saw deep valleys along the way, surrounded by peaks and peaks, meandering streams and green. The rocks on the mountains are incredibly steep, like incense burners, stalagmites, tigers, and dragons.

Now Ningbo Meteorological Observatory has a modern weather radar station on the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, tourists cannot enter. Until the sunset is completely down, it is already a time when all the houses are in the light,

Just returned to the hotel.

The sun to the west is going down

Quiet by the lake

Entered the room, and the baby was awake,

Lying comfortably in her arms and drinking milk,
A pair of small eyes looked at us sloppy.
After a little washing, I went to the restaurant downstairs to settle the dinner. It seems that there are not many guests dining in the hotel. The "Huaihua Hall" where we dine,

The interior decoration is warm and elegant,

The environment is very quiet and very suitable for family dinners.

We ordered a few home-cooked dishes,

The taste is not bad, and the price is not expensive. Everyone eats and talks,

Did not return to the guest room until 9pm.

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