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[Ctrip Weekend Tour] Hangzhou Bay
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I was fortunate to be selected as a Ctrip Weekend Weekend Experiencer and experienced a two-day, one-night weekend tour in Hangzhou Bay Wetland and Ningbo Hengyuan Hotel. The shade of Ningbo for one week, on Saturday, finally poured down all the accumulated rainwater, and the whole city was wet and rainy.

Because I ’m not familiar with Cixi, I decided to use public transportation after discussing with Ma Ma. So the women trudged in the rain with their umbrellas. The wet clothes were wet and the shoes were soaked in the rain. In the end, the two women encouraged each other and embarked on a journey to Hangzhou Bay. In the end, it turned out to be a wise decision, but they still regret that Tiangong didn't make a beauty.

This weekend tour experience provided a one-night Superior Twin Room at Ningbo Hengyuan Hotel (418 yuan) + two buffet dinners (188 x 2 = 376 yuan) + two buffet breakfasts + two tickets for Hangzhou Bay Wetland ( 100 yuan), a weekend tour, it should be so easy, comfortable, eat, drink, play ~

Calculate according to various unit prices, so the cost of two people on a weekend vacation should be less than one thousand. The cliff is the king of cost performance ~

It feels that the most important thing is traffic, so let's talk about traffic first:

1. Self-driving. If you can drive yourself, it is naturally the best choice. Follow the guidance of navigation without effort. Hengyuan Hotel will be reached shortly after exiting the Hangzhou Bay New District Expressway.

2. Public transportation.

(1) Arrive at Hangzhou Bay. Ningbo, Shanghai, and Hangzhou all have direct buses to the Hangzhou Bay New Area (Ningbo-Hangzhou Bay New Area: 29 yuan / person), but there are very few shifts, there are only three or four shifts a day, and most are concentrated in the morning. The bus will stop at two stations. If you want to visit the Hangzhou Bay Wetland first, you can choose to get off at Hangzhou Bay Bus Terminal, which is the terminal of the bus, and only two stops away from the wetland (take No. 7) Line), if you want to go to Hengyuan Hotel first, you can choose to get off at Hangzhou Bay Bus Center Station, which is the first station you will reach after getting off the expressway. It is only walking distance from Hengyuan Hotel. Can see the Hengyuan Hotel.

(2) From Hengyuan Hotel to Hangzhou Bay Wetland. Take the Line 7 to the Bus Center Station and reach the terminal at Hangzhou Bay Wetland. The fare is one yuan. The journey takes about 40 minutes and the return journey is also the same, so friends who rush back to the shuttle bus should pay attention to the time. The damsels were ruthlessly thrown away by the bus this time, still quite miserable, because the next direct train will wait for five hours, but don't worry, other ways to go home and see below.

(3) Return home. Take the two stops of Line 7 to the passenger station, or directly to the terminal to return to the bus center station, you can buy direct tickets to return to Shanghai, Hangzhou or Ningbo, and there are only three or four flights. In case you don't catch the car and don't want to wait too long, you can save the country by curve like we do, and go through Cixi. The specific method is: Take Bus No. 210 at the Bus Center Station to Cixi East Station, and take Bus No. 1 or No. 2 (there are many trips) to Long-distance Bus Station (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo) or Cixi West Station (Ningbo). You can happily embark on your way home. The two buses take about 2 hours. PS: Route 210 can actually choose to get off at the administrative center station, because all the stations from this station coincide with Routes 1 and 2. It is better to get off early and reach the bus station earlier.

Under the heavy rain, there is no way to take pictures of the hotel, so I can only go directly to the hotel and see that there are many signs at the door of the hotel that "welcome to the Xth classmates of XX middle school". It is indeed a good place for old classmates to gather.

The hotel lobby is magnificent.

Check-in and check-out are efficient, and have a good attitude, always smiling, like it ~

Up to the 8th floor, yes, our room was arranged on the 8th floor, it was very quiet.

This is our room ~

As soon as I opened the door, I was stunned, because the room was really big, so big, so big. The last time I went out was in Hong Kong in May. The same room type is twice the size of a Hong Kong room with a price of about 1,000 a night! After a careful turn, various facilities also exude the qualities of a five-star hotel. So, I began to actively perform the duties of the weekend tour experience division. I took photos, I took photos, I took photos.

Low oil, see so clearly, people will be shy ~

I found that there are scales in the bathroom, so the two began to persevere in a variety of self-entertainment, said before meals, said after meals, after the scales--|||, said before bedtime, said to get up.

In fact, staying at the hotel is also a good choice, because the hotel itself includes a fitness center, including swimming pools, badminton halls, table tennis halls, various equipment, outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, and high school The golf course covers a variety of courses, such as yoga, belly dance, spinning, etc. Except for golf courses and tennis courses, which have to be paid separately, everything else is free! fee!

CHECK IN also included two drinks vouchers and 30 yuan meal vouchers.

I'm really a good and experienced experiential teacher, walking around and taking pictures everywhere. The following are fitness centers.

I didn't bring a bathing suit and couldn't get into the swimming pool to take photos, so I rushed to enjoy a rich buffet dinner.

The hotel has reserved a place for us. At first I thought the hotel was remote and the weather was weak. I was wondering if it would be the rhythm of the hotel contracted by us. I didn't expect the business to be too good. I had to wait until I arrived late. Yeah.

Only a few pictures were taken for the next dinner, just as the food door was as deep as the sea.

After eating for several rounds, there is no fighting power, so let's go back to the room to wash and go to bed early.

Waking up to sleep naturally the next day was still a rich breakfast. The hotel business is really good, and the breakfast location is hard to find.

It finally didn't rain anymore, but it was still cloudy, so I decided to check out and set off to Hangzhou Bay Wetland. After I went out, I added the exterior of the hotel that had not been photographed the previous day.

This is the hotel's basketball court.

The path leading to the wetland park is very clean and tasteful. There are various big birds on the trees along the road, various birds singing, and birds flying from sky to sky. It's bird's paradise.

In fact, the wetland park is very large. You can play with your family or friends for a whole day. You can ride a bicycle, take a boat, or take a picture. Unfortunately, we were eager to drive and took a few pictures and only returned. It was a pity.

Walking through here is the location of the film "Search". I still remember the beautiful scene that Gao Yuanyuan took here is heartbreaking. Even though it was overcast, I was retained by the beauty here, and stopped here in a hurry. When the reeds turn yellow, look for a sunny autumn day. On a sunny day, it must be breathtakingly beautiful.

I took a few photos of Ma Ma, and I was thinking of waiting for the next season, so I asked my friend model to come here to take Gao Yuanyuan photos ~


The two-day weekend tour was over, leaving a lot of regrets.

Hangzhou Bay, waiting for summer, waiting for autumn, waiting for the next season, there will be periods later.

If you also want to participate in the Ctrip weekend tour experience, please scan the QR code to follow ~

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