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Thinking about Tianyi Pavilion
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Title one
From October 27th to 30th, 2014, there were four days of rest in Ningbo. On the afternoon of that day, I visited Tianyi Pavilion. The trip to Ningbo made my thoughts tumbling and made me think about those who entered the mirror, but only Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion.
Inscription 2-norm Chin books well and if he is to teach the child side, there would be no today's Tianyi Pavilion. Jun not see today's official second-generation, rich second-generation, second-generation star, get on the ground one after another, and one after another into a trend. On the other hand, Fan Qin, Tianyi Pavilion can be used for hundreds of generations, and his housekeeper is also a model in the world!
Thinking one: Collection of books and godson Qianlong thirty-seven years (1772 AD), Xiayu began compiling the "Sikuquanshu", Fan Qin's eighth-generation Sun Fanzhuzhu offered 638 books, and the Emperor Qianlong died. Surveying and mapping the styles of the houses and bookcases in Tianyi Pavilion created the famous "Seven Pavilions in the North and the South", which was used to collect the seven sets of "Siku Quanshu" compiled and repaired. Tianyi Pavilion began to be known throughout the country.
The Tianyi Pavilion was built in the 40th year of Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1561). From 1561 to 1772, time flies, and 211 years have passed. From the construction of Tianyi Pavilion under the presidency of the right-hand soldier Lang Qin at the time, the library was passed down from generation to generation, until his eighth Sun Fan Zhuozhu offered 638 collections to the Emperor Qianlong. This incident itself is a miracle of the Van family.

Fan's collection of books, handed down from one generation to another, must have a reason. Admittedly, this is related to Fan Qin's eight-character clan rules in order to protect the collection of books.
Making family rules is easy and difficult to implement.
Thought-provoking stories happen! Eighty-year-old Fan Qin knows that there will be few in the future. His eldest son Fan Dachong and his second daughter-in-law (the second son has died) were called to the hospital bed. In today's words, Fan Dachong and his second daughter-in-law also belong to the "second generation of officials" Now, Fan Qin wants to arrange inheritance matters.
As he passed away, Fan Qin was sober-headed that he decided to divide his heritage. He gave a multiple-choice question that he thought about throughout his life: the legacy was divided into two → Wanliang Silver / First Floor Collection. Let the eldest son and second daughter-in-law choose. Fan Qin's house style: gender equality.
This kind of inheritance division is anti-conventional and conforms to the principle of transparency, but it does not conform to the principle of fairness and justice.
If you choose 10,000 silver, silver can be used and enjoyed for life; while the books on the first floor cannot be enjoyed for life, but they must carry a lifetime. The books must not be sold for one volume, and to save these books, you have to pay a large amount each year. A fee!
Fan Qin is a man of great understanding. He wants to wear it, seeing through it: either his descendants will go back to it and have no other choice to inherit the difficult book collection cause, or let the books on this floor go with their wind!
At the most critical moment in Fan Qin's life, he was bottomed out, or his heart was full of self-confidence, and decades of tutoring (including body teaching and speech teaching) made Fan Qin confident.
Sure enough, as expected, the eldest son Fan Dachong immediately said: I am willing to inherit the library, and decided to set aside part of my good land, using the land rent as the maintenance cost of the library.
In this way, Fan Qin closed his eyes, and was at the end of his life, feeling relieved.
Facts have shown that Fan Qin's collection is well-formed, and his sons are more generous. The generation after generation has lasted for more than two hundred years. His eighth-generation Sun Fan Zhuozhu offered 638 collections to the Emperor Qianlong. The history of Tianyi Pavilion has reached a brilliant culmination!
453 years have passed since the construction of Tianyi Pavilion. History has moved forward and backwards.
For thousands of years, family education, or whether there is a way to teach or not to teach, is a social culture. Is this social culture going forward or going backwards? Self-explanatory. Not to mention, there are no bookworms like Fan Qin in the "experts and nobles". It is shameful to say that they teach children. The second generation of the government, the second generation of the rich, and the second generation of the stars have become the targets of the media exposure. The exposed person is not Xue Yan, even Gao Yanai!
Thinking two: Family rules and exceptions
If Fan Qin's descendants are strictly guarding against the bottom line of family rules, at best, they are well-known in the near and far: Fan family has a lot of books.

Tianyi Pavilion has a number of prohibitive signs, such as: tobacco and alcohol should not go upstairs, women can't go upstairs, books can't go out of the hall, foreigners are not allowed to go upstairs, and so on.

Since there are strict family rules, since the eldest son Fan Dachong, have any foreigners asked to enter the library?
Fortunately, the story happened, but the descendants of the Fan family wrote the story vividly.

Twelve years of Kangxi, the spring of 1673, more than 100 years after the completion of Tianyi Pavilion. Huang Zongxi came, though, he knew the strict family rules of the Fan family.
Who is Huang Zongxi (1610-1695)? He is from Yuyao County, Shaoxing, Zhejiang. University scholars in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties (involving classics, history, thought, geography, astronomical calendar, education, etc.) had the reputation of "the father of Chinese thought and enlightenment".
Faced with an unprecedented request from foreigners, after discussions between the various families of the Fan family, Mr. Huang Zongxi was unanimously agreed to go upstairs, and allowed him to read all the upstairs books carefully. This is the quality of the descendants of Fan Qin! admirable. It is strictly guarded against ordinary foreigners, but it is open to Huang Zongxi. A book collection family does not have a high status in the ideological academia and socio-political fields, but after all, they have thoughts, ambitions, and are not "bookkeepers" in the general sense. They surrendered their collections to Huang Zongxi for generations Full keys.
Mr. Huang Zongxi with long cloth shoes quietly ascended the building. A brass lock was opened, 1673-a glorious year in the history of Tianyi Pavilion.
After all, Huang Zongxi was Huang Zongxi. In Tianyi Pavilion, he looked through all the books, compiled the uncirculated ones into a bibliography, and wrote another "Tianyi Pavilion Collection Secretary" for his death. As a result, the world looks at this collection of books differently.
In the nearly 200 years since then, there have been no more than 10 people and universities who have been acclaimed as "Tianyi Pavilion" collections.
99 years after Huang Zongxi entered the Tianyi Pavilion, that is, 1772 AD, that is, the thirty-seventh year of Qianlong, this year Qianlong began to compile the Book of Four Treasuries.
Emperor Qianlong's eunuchs interviewed the testament in various provinces and asked all collectors, especially those in Jiangnan, to actively contribute books. Tianyi Pavilion presents more than 60,000 precious ancient books, of which 96 are listed in the "Siku Quanshu" and more than 37,700 are listed in the inventory. Qianlong thanked Tianyi Pavilion for his contributions, praised the awards many times, and instructed that the newly built main libraries in the north and south will all follow the pattern of Tianyi Pavilion.

Today, you went to visit the Forbidden City in Beijing. Only one palace tile is the green Wenyuan Pavilion, the Royal Library, which is modeled after Tianyi Pavilion, a private library in Ningbo.

Tianyi Pavilion, you have become a symbol of Chinese book culture.

Tianyi Pavilion became famous because of this. Although most of the books offered were not returned, it has its life in the national "Encyclopedia" and in the King's Library. Some articles claimed that Qianlong ordered Tianyi Pavilion to present the book of "Siku Quanshu" as a big catastrophe of Tianyi Pavilion. The ultimate purpose of any book collection is not a "Tibetan" word. Even the dignified royal books had to use Tianyi Pavilion's private collections to a large extent, and the value of family collections was greatly enhanced. Tian Yige famous broadcast domestically, Fan Qin succeeded, Tian Yige succeeded!
Thinking three: scholars and books
After all, late autumn, at 4 pm on October 27, 2014, it became dark. The waiter at the Xiaojia Bookstore in Tianyi Pavilion told me that after turning left, go right and you will reach the No. 1 Hall.
Sure enough, there is a Hall of No. 1 worthy to be seen here.

My thoughts became active.
Logically speaking, scholars and collections are a harmonious combination, an inevitable marriage. However, Fan Qin favored the official "Shoubu right servant"!

In real life, scholars, or even university students who are vocal at home and abroad, may not "collect thousands of books in their homes." This seems to be a paradox.

What makes me unforgettable are two college students in modern China.
One is Qian Zhongshu.

Their collection of books is not too much, many words are stored in his mind, and even he can recite a large section of the original text in English, which is amazing. Qian Zhongshu has a famous saying: If you need information, go to the library to check it . There is a picture of Qian's study, the study is very simple, the shelves are sparse, and there are some large books on display, which are estimated to be reference books such as dictionaries. There are no congested elephants in the homes of ordinary scholars.
Life is not easy, I accidentally became a professor . Professors can't stop reading, professors can't stop reading. I used to shrink my clothes, and gradually added a lot of books, especially a volume of reference books like bricks. A three-room, two-living home, one of which is full of books.
Qian Zhongshu is an immortal scholar. I am a vulgar and a vulgar man.
Yang Xian is a benefit.

The great translator Yang Xianyi is very hospitable. To the visitors, he will always only say "welcome", not only to those old friends, but also to the many juniors who are admired, he is also happy to receive. Everyone who knows him knows that Yang Xianyi has an unwritten rule to see people. As long as he says that this person is fun, it means that he likes this person. He doesn't like unscrupulous gentlemen, and prefers to make friends with reckless and naive hooligans. Yang Xianyi once said in his autobiography that he liked Cao Cao, because of his personality, he loved poetry, women and wine.
Everyone who has visited Yang Xianyi's house will not return empty-handed. He often said: "I did not have nothing left, and do not leave anything." Thus, he can not even find a home of his own works, because no matter how many books published, he soon would send light Already. Read one's own books and translations without leaving, let alone a collection of books? Over a long period of time, his family is really surrounded by disciples.
Often go to Yang Hsien-yi house guest WU Shou-song every time I saw him empty bookcase, even their own translations are found, it will be his treasured sets of translations (such as ratio, Mr. Yang and his wife joint translation of "Dream of Red Mansions") to take Yang Xianyi asked him to make a collection and commemoration, and guests can show them . "But the next time I go to Zhunbao, I'll give it away as soon as I ask. I smiled and said that I won't send you next time, you can't keep it."
Yang Xianyi's nephew daughter and painter Zhao Yan also recalled, "Every time I come, I will actively point to the outside of the living room and let them see what they like in the bookcase, they can take it, like a fixed program. He has countless things, such as the doctoral honors for literary honors presented by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a large collection of antique books, his own translations, and poetry collections. He doesn't care. "
Alone in the empty No. 1 hall of Tianyi Pavilion, thinking wildly at this point, he also felt ridiculous, and "alas," he laughed out loud.
-Don't laugh, old gentleman, we are going to snore. (The waiter sitting beside me told me)
At this moment, my thoughts have come back to reality from the cloud-it's time to go, and people are ordered to go after each other.

[First draft in the sunny morning on November 3]

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