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[Chinese New Year] Mid-Autumn Festival September 2014-Cixi, Putuo Mountain
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This year's Mid-Autumn Festival is particularly early, and my wife is going to go to Putuo Mountain to worship the Buddha.

There is no difficulty in going to Putuo from Shanghai, and the festival car rental price in Shenzhou is also acceptable. The high-speed, free traffic indicates that there will not be too much traffic. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge makes Zhoushan convenient, and the Zhoushan Island Project connects the islands here. Driving to Putuo Mountain from Shanghai is usually by Shenjiamen or Zhujiajian ferry. Zhujiajian is more convenient for parking. In addition, last year, my wife and I walked at the Shenjiamen Banshengdong Pier. This time I changed my taste. Flying all the way, about 4 hours directly to the Zhujia Jianpi wharf, the wharf feels like a Potala Palace. There is a huge parking lot on the edge. The GPS is completely reclaimed, and the potential is huge. The road from Shanghai to Zhujiajian is slightly more expensive, and it is estimated to be related to countless bridges. These cross-sea bridges are indeed spectacular.

Zhujiajian made a ferry and arrived at Putuo Mountain in 20 minutes. The island fee of 160 yuan was reached at noon on the island. The hostess picked us up at the dock. The hostel is usually cheap. The price of Golden Week is a bit expensive. Fortunately, it is clean and tidy. The second district of Xishan is also convenient. Take a short break to begin the journey to ritual Buddha.

It was early spring to come here with my wife last year. It is said that it will be three years in a row. This year we are back in late summer. Ceremony is the main, and by the way, sightseeing. The preliminary decision was made in the afternoon on the tour of the Buddha and Buddha with Putuo Sambo as the route. Walk to the side of the multiple pagoda and wait for the scenic bus. The multiple pagoda here is next to the Puji Temple. It is one of the three treasures of Putuo Mountain. In the Yuan Dynasty, the stupa was a five-story square tower, 18 meters high, and a double-tower tower. The multi-storey tower body, which has a platform without eaves, is all made of Taihu stone, which is still very beautiful.

At the first stop of Fayu Temple, get out of the car and go to Yang Zhiyu. There is the Yangzhi Guanyin Stele, one of the three treasures of Putuo Mountain. Yang Zhiye is very low-key, almost no one. The Buddha statue of Yangzhi Guanyin in the hall. The back is carved from the portrait of Guanyin painted by the famous painter Yan Liben in the early Tang Dynasty. It is quite beautiful and has the style of the Tang Dynasty.

It was out of Yang Zhichen, not far to the Fayu Temple, where the incense is full, please pray to the Buddha, and the number of ceremonies will arrive. Putuoshan advocates civilization and incense. One yuan and three sticks are indeed very good, unlike some places with high fragrance.

The guide at the entrance of the Kowloon Wall talked there, and actually misled it. This is one of the three treasures of Putuo. In fact, one of the three treasures is indeed in Fayu Temple, which is the Jiulong Zaijing in the main hall. The ceiling of the Forbidden City in the Ming Dynasty was demolished and rebuilt here, which is quite spectacular. Going out of the side door of Fayu Temple, you can directly climb to Foding Mountain. The steps of more than 1,000 steps are not long but very tired. My wife walks and rests, but she is also sincere and spiritual. When you see the cliff carvings of Haitian Buddha Country, Foding Mountain Coming.

The Huiji Temple is not large, and the incense is lingering. There are still three incense sticks, and worship of the Buddha must be sincere.

After worshipping the Buddha, walk to the ropeway. On the way, you can see the rare species hornbeam tree on the mountain of Foding. It is said that there is a mother plant around the world. It has been artificially cultivated for several generations, so few. It is absolutely precious. Putuo The fourth treasure.

The ropeway goes down quickly. Looking at the scenery on the ropeway, the newly built Buddhist college under the mountain is absolutely magnificent.

We went directly to Xiangsheng Hotel, not far from the seaside. Here is a friend's introduction. The seafood is great, the terrace stalls are reasonably priced, the five-star hotel service is in place, and the sea breeze is really comfortable to eat seafood. But here is remote, there is no car to enter after 4:30 pm, guests stay at the hotel in the evening, need hotel to send a car to pick up.

Later, with the help of the younger brother at the front desk, he took the hotel shuttle back to Puji Temple. At night, there are not many people on the Putuoshan seaside. The seashore in the night is shimmering. It is just the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon is full of sky and it is really comfortable.

The next day was still a good day. On the morning of walking on the Puji Temple, the temple incense was quite prosperous. I sincerely worshiped the Buddha and prayed! A few small temples across the street.

The Puji Temple shuttle bus is not far from the Purple Bamboo Forest. It is here that he refuses to go to Guanyin Temple. His wife visited here last year and loves the scenery here. It is still beautiful to stroll around. The temperature is very high in the sun, and the sea breeze is very comfortable.

Walking all the way to the pier, there are not many people in Nantianmen, the scenery is very beautiful, overlooking short aunt Taotou, my wife likes the scenery here most.

The owner of the hotel helped us bring our luggage to the dock and returned to Zhujiajian very smoothly.

On the last day of the Golden Week, there were fewer people in the parking lot. Going back all the way, it's still early. I went down to Shanglin Lake in Cixi to take a look. There is the site of the Yue Kiln. The famous dense color porcelain is here. All the way smoothly to the shore of Shanglin Lake, parking at will, local attractions. There are no eye-catching signs here, and the ruins of Yueyao are on the island in the lake.

20 yuan a boat tour of the lake alone, you can go to the island to see the ruins, the locals basically go to the dam to visit. Rarely go to see the ruins, the scenery in the lake is still beautiful. An uncle at the gate looked at the site lonely. There were few tourists here, and the tickets for 5 yuan were not expensive. It is worthwhile to see the ruins by the way while visiting the lake. The Shangyin Lake Yueyao site is located in the Shanglin Lake area (formerly Yuyao County) at the foot of Xiqiao Mountain, Minghe Town, Cixi City. It is one of the main producing areas of Yueyao celadon. Because it belonged to Yuezhou in ancient times, it was named Yue Kiln. It is said that there are more than 100 kiln sites here. When we finished swimming on the lake, we stepped on the porcelain embryo on the riverbank. I do n’t know what period it was left behind.

On the way to Shanglin Lake, my wife was still full of thoughts. I drove directly to the A Guo Hotel in Cixi. At the intersection of the road, there is a huge archway-like door. This restaurant is said to be very famous. , Fresh and real, satisfied with food.

When leaving the hotel, customers are constantly coming in. It is not far from here to the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, which is very convenient for self-driving. Cixi is also a pleasant surprise on the road.

Facing the night, I returned to Shanghai smoothly. There was no traffic jam during the Little Golden Week. Everything went smoothly. It is also the blessing of Putuoshan Guanyin Bodhisattva. Amitabha!

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