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Kaiyuan Jiulong Lake Resort & Jiulongyuan Scenic Area in Ningbo-3-day 2 night family tour with 22M chick
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Finally found, very small indoor children's playground

It really doesn't match the resort garden of Nuoda

No one was there when I first arrived at the children's playground, but it was estimated that the sudden rainstorm suddenly brought many children into the children's playground.

Because the children's playground has more and more children, and because a little boy suddenly ran to grab the toy box in the sister's hand, making the sister cry

So I took my daughter out of the children's playground. I thought that I had waited for dinner for a long time yesterday.

Rainstorm is still pouring

There is only one table at the Chinese restaurant that arrives at 5:30, but people have gradually increased.

Fortunately, we arrived early and sat by the window

The order was almost the same as yesterday, and basically came again each time, except for teriyaki belt fish.

Newly added three yellow chickens, small ring snails

The usual skinny duck, the chick is so happy

I ate more than 500 for this meal, and I used a 100 yuan coupon to eat it.

Go out to pay the bill, today the waiter can't be too busy, we will pay for it ourselves

I have to pay to Jinyuan, and suddenly I found out that there is no other scenery

Before 7 o'clock after dinner, the rain stopped outside and the air was pleasant

I finally hoped that the rain would stop, so I hurriedly took a stroll around the old park

This beautifully landscaped garden, I look forward to this moment to allow my husband to take a few more photos for me and my daughter

result. . .

Not to mention. . . No more shots. . . After walking for 10 minutes, go home early

Let the girl dad go back to the room to play his game first. I took the girl to the indoor children's playground and played for a while.

There are more and more helpless people, it is estimated that they have eaten dinner, and it is raining outside

Thinking that I hadn't taken the girl to the indoor pool, I went back to my room to change my swimsuit. At 8 pm, I continued swimming.

The indoor swimming pool is large, much larger than that of Fairmont in Kunshan, and more than a dozen swimmers seem empty

There are many lounge chairs around to rest, the environment is not bad, but the so-called constant temperature water temperature is only about 27/28 degrees, the water is still a bit cold

There is a jacuzzi next to the indoor pool. The water temperature is at least 35 degrees.

It's a pity that the jacuzzi is relatively small. There is a little boy who dominates the water and the girl looks a little scared.

Coincidentally, a dad came in to hug his daughter and said that it was not raining outside.

As soon as I heard it, of course, I immediately took the girl to the outdoors, the air was comfortable, and the pool was large.

This time, from 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock, it is not willing to go ashore. If it was not more than 9 o'clock for a rainstorm, why would the girl refuse to return to the room?

Both father and daughter slept very sweet this night. I stumbled to sleep at 7 o'clock in the morning. After 8 o'clock, I took care of myself and started to tidy up my luggage. Today only half a day, I have to hurry back in the afternoon. The family took over her grandmother to let her go home to rest; the girl woke up dimly at 8: 3, and snuggled up with her dad, and I was dragged up one by one; take care of both of them, and quickly set up a tripod to Zhang Family Right

I had three family portraits and went down for breakfast. It was 9:30.

After 10:30 after breakfast

Then dad moved the luggage into the car, and I took the little girl to check out

On Saturday morning, hey, the tour groups check in one by one. This queue is expected to be queued for more than half an hour, but because I booked a room on the official website, I need to pay at the front desk. Tell them that they let me There is a cut in line, and those who are next to you looking for an agent have already paid in advance, no priority will be given. . . I'm so speechless about this hotel. . .

Say that the hotel does n’t even have a basic check out. I do n’t even ask if I have ever touched anything.

But I really have n’t opened the refrigerator. I did n’t open the refrigerator in the hotel room for the first time. Maybe I did n’t expect something good in my consciousness.

I noticed that there were two children's kettles on the bar, with a label for sale.

The weather on Saturday was very nice. After checking out, I took a stroll around my husband's hotel to make up for the unsuccessful photo taken last night.

Even if the photo is taken at night, the technical requirements are relatively high, but it is still half of it on a sunny day

Just think about it, God is really a beautiful wife and daughter

The heart-wrenching fountain is not open, and the weather is a little stuffy. I walked down and hugged my 25-pound daughter, panting.

After returning to the car, I drove away from the hotel and ran to the next destination: Jiulongyuan Scenic Area

To sum it up: Some hotels, even if they are not luxurious, have no character but still make people linger

The Kaiyuan Hotel will hardly give me any reason to come.

It ’s only 11 am when you leave the hotel, because it ’s early to check out because of going to the farmhouse

There is a Jiulongyuan Scenic Area next to Jiulong Lake

Kaiyuan opens to Jiulongyuan Scenic Area. It takes about an hour and a half to drive along Jiulong Lake.

It is more difficult to find, there is a parking lot under this big waterwheel, this is it;

Tickets are for 35 people, and they walked in and thought they were "walking on the country road"

I did n’t expect it, all the way up the steps, I was tired holding my daughter

The characteristic of Jiulongyuan is the waterfall all the way

Because my dad has to drive back to Shanghai for 3 hours, in order to save him physical strength, this way down the mountain, all my daughter holding 25 pounds

Right day after returning, his right hand was shaking

This picture was taken with the daughter in one hand and the camera in the other, but I feel the mood is particularly good

Chicks are particularly interested in leaves of all shapes along the way

This day's mother and daughter photos are pretty good, of course, the main thing is to wear the right clothes, green trees lined with red clothes, it is easy to capture

Try to encourage the chick to walk all the way, let the mother breathe

Walking flat on the ground, she coquettishly asked me to hug, and encountered a little difficulty before she came down and challenged herself.

Out of Jiulongyuan Scenic Area, less than 1 o'clock, quickly find a place to eat

Drive back along Jiulong Lake. There is an island in the center of the lake. If you buy the Jiulongyuan package, you can also go to the island by boat, but it is also a monkey island and a universal screen. We are not interested. jump over

Nongjiale is a “Kowloon family” checked online, and you need to drive back to Jiulong Villa, but it is still a bit difficult to find

The Jiulong people are like the Dazhai in the TV series, and they have a bit of taste, but we are short of time and we did n’t take flavorful pictures of my sister.

There is also a swimming pool. It ’s good to have a good meal if you have a leisurely swim

My dad ordered a table full of dishes, how can this be eaten, there is such a big pot of fish head soup

Jiulongjia is already the highest rated farmhouse in the reviews near Jiulong Lake, but the taste is too salty

It ’s not as good as the farmhouse in Wangshan

All the safety seats were occupied, and Xiao Ni stood up and made troubles.

Before 2 o'clock, hurry to drive home

Passing by Haitian Yizhou, the girl slept like a pig, so she could n’t visit

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