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Scent of Yuyao, a scented cultural journey
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Prefer Nalan Xingde's "Magnolia Flower Order": If you only see life ~

Everything stays in the initial feeling, it is wonderful, there is no concern and no need to worry, everything is so natural.

The occasional encounter is often inexplicable by chance; but it is also an unintentional encounter, but it may be a long-term tenderness.

For Jiangnan, there is always a special complex, in the spring of the spring day, I encountered Yuyao in April.

Unintentionally being touched by the beauty, beauty, food, etc. of this place, I decided to make a real test of the fragrance and taste the fragrance of Yuyao.

I think this is the best spring gift that was given to me, like the occasional gift of this life, to meet the beauty of this journey.

The fragrant fragrance of flowers mixed in the air lingers in the clear memories of the mind, like the tea garden with the fragrance of earth that night, immersed in every inch of wandering thoughts, and those fragments and taste buds are in the heart . It was written that at this moment, it was impossible to tell whether he was in Beijing or Jiangnan.

Hello, I'm Yaya, Weibo @ 靓 雅雅 vivian Aries girl, welcome to my little world.

Yuyao is a famous historical and cultural city in Zhejiang Province. Here the civilization originates, and the Hemudu site brings back memories; the poetry here is full, and many poets from the Tang Dynasty, such as Li Bai, Lu Guimeng, and Pi Rixiu, have left beautiful poems; intoxicating. At the time of viewing the flowers in April, the fragrance of spring was fragrant, and the beauty of the food was beautiful.

DAY 1 Stay cloudy in Yuyao. Four Seasons Ivy Hotel

Four seasons ivy, Chinese style elegant.

The city of Yuyao is not big, and the distance from the high-speed rail station to the hotel is not long. People along the way listening to the tourism bureau told about the landscape of Yuyao. Stepping into the hotel's courtyard, the elegant green bamboo wrapped the wall, the wooden furniture in the original colors of the hall, the celadon ware on the desk, a book telling stories on the bookshelf, and writing on the wall Events of Yuyao. The whole decoration is full of Chinese flavor, and it is elegant and not cumbersome. Against the background, the ancient style and simple design complement each other.

The room is also Chinese-style. Two wooden seats at the entrance, the warm light on the bedside radiates the whole room warmly, and even the ancient paintings on the wall add elegance to the room. A writer Yu Qiuyu who has always liked it is also the hometown of Yuyao, who was born in this man's great land. I was deeply touched by the book "I Can't Wait". It is for this reason that I have further strengthened my confidence in Yuyao. .

Court home feast, smelling incense opened.

An old banquet with a history of more than five hundred years was formed in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. It was said that it was personally formulated by Xie Qiansuo, a veteran of the Four Dynasties and a relative of the Three Dynasties. In the first year of Mingzheng De, Xie Qian asked Liu Quan to fail, and was forced to return to his hometown of Simen. In order to avoid accidents, Xie Qian Dumen was in a remote place, and he was completely world-famous. At this time, the hometown banquet is an ordinary wine banquet, which is generally called four plates, eight bowls, ten bowls, and at most twelve bowls. The four dishes are stir-fried and cold dishes. The eight bowls to twelve bowls are mainly stewed and cooked, and the main ingredients are chicken, duck, fish, and vegetables. Among them, ten bowl heads are for the colorful heads of "Ten Full Ten Blessings".

When entering the private room of the Surabaya Hotel, she was first attracted by the bursts of tea. A juanxiu Jiangnan woman slowly brewed the tea with a skillful and rank method, and she inherited the flowing water from the junction, and the tea smelled; another Juanxiu Woman in white, flicking slowly on the strings, the melody enters the heart strings.

In Zhengde for five years, Liu Jin lost his power and Xie Qianmeng returned to office. Usually in front of the old mansion of Menko Luoque, it was lively again. Officials and relatives and friends who were afraid to be contacted because of fear of being involved again shuttled to Wan'an Bridge every day. In order to entertain these guests, Xie Qiansui improved and innovated the original ordinary family banquet, featuring the local seafood products of Simen, according to the number of cold dishes and hot dishes, the quality of the dishes, and the formation of the "Eighth Rise", The "twelve encircles", "sixteen encircles" and even the "twenty-four encircles" have a complete feast system, which later generations called "Golden House Banquet", which has a history of more than 100 years.

The "Eighteen Encounters" are eight cold dishes, ten hot dishes, and two snacks. The "twelve enchanters" are twelve cold dishes, twelve hot dishes, and four snacks. Six cold dishes, sixteen cold mixes, sixteen hot dishes, and four dim sums; and "twenty-four enclosures" have twenty cold dishes, twenty-four cold mixes, twenty-four hot dishes, and eight Dim sum.

"Twenty-four Encircles" was the highest-ranking feast in the pavilion's home banquet. According to legend, Xie Qian only held three times while he was alive. The first time was in the first year of Jiajing, and Jin Shi Shao Jingbang came to Simen to pay tribute to Xie Qian. The second time was six years in Jiajing. Pedestrian Chen Kan was moved to Xie with his family. The third time was eight years of Jiajing. Yang Sunyuan, the predecessor of the Dai Temple, came to Simen to present the "Minglun Ceremony". On most occasions, such as visiting officials, meeting friends, meeting in-laws, etc., it has always only held the "Sixteen Siege", so the folks have always only known the "Sixteen Siege" and know the "twenty-four Siege". Very little. At the request of many gourmet-loving people, through the excavation of "Simen Xie's Genealogy" and other documents, a brief introduction to the "Twenty-four Encircles" in the Simeon Pavilion home feast. To operate a table of "twenty-four sieges", a chef needs at least three days to prepare raw materials.

In the old days, there were eight immortal tables with high chairs on the four sides, and eight people sat around for dinner. The seats of the Eight Immortals table are arranged according to the guests, seniority, esteem, and young and old. The guests and guests have strict rules for seating, and it is not to be confused to eat high-end banquets such as "twenty-four encircles". When "Twenty-four Perimeter" was served, each of the four dishes was served at the same time and placed on the four sides of the Eight Immortals table. This was called the "four hanging corners", and then the dishes were moved in turn.

The entire private room is wrapped in elegant tea and piano sounds. It is seated in position. The dining environment in front of you is quiet and elegant. Historically, the old home banquets have used the old hall of the old mansion, Guangguang Hall, as the banquet hall. Calligraphy and painting, spoons, chopsticks, cups, saucers, bowls and other tableware on the table are uniformly made of blue and white porcelain, neatly arranged, highlighting the noble and elegant atmosphere, and everyone is quiet. The paper menu on the plate and the cultural introduction about the family feast are unique.

In the order of serving, four cold mixes and four white cuts are the opening dishes, which can be served and appreciated. Four hot dishes and four summer dishes are served with wine, interspersed between cold dishes and large dishes. By this time, the atmosphere of guests can be brought to a lively atmosphere. The four main dishes are the main body of the banquet. The dishes are served on the table, which makes the guests enter into excitement, persuades the toast, and advances the banquet to a climax. Four soup dishes and four hot scallions follow closely, which can clear the mouth and warm the belly. Eight snacks decorate the entire feast, as far as possible to both hangover and seasoning, but also relieve tiredness. Twenty cold dishes, also known as insert dishes, are served at the right time when guests are tired, or when Liao Xing is high. At the end of the feast, four dishes and four meals were served to match the guests' unrestrained mood.

The "twenty four" encirclement is not only a rich dish, but a feast to satisfy everyone's appetite is a feast with cultural flavor. Established "Twenty-Four Encircles", using high-grade raw materials, famous chefs' spoons to make their colors suitable for eyes, their fragrance suitable for their nose, and their taste suitable for their mouth. They are fried, smoked, mixed, fried, stewed, braised. , Explosion, deep-fried, steamed, stewed, roasted, braised, boiled and other superb cooking in one.

After Xie Qian's death, the ancestral home banquets such as "Sixteen Encounters" were passed down by future generations, and were used to celebrate the Xie clan's weddings, birthdays, housewarming, and studies, and gradually spread to the neighboring clan. The "twenty-four encirclement" was nearly lost due to the cumbersome ingredients and lengthy feast time. According to legend, only in the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, the cabinet bachelor Zhu Lan invited nineteen people from the same county to sleep in Yuyao, in Yuyao. In the urban area, the birthday celebration of the “Panhuahuadi” was opened. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, even the "Sixteen Sieges" and the "Twelve Sieges" have gradually been forgotten by the world. Only the old fellows in the workshop mentioned it in their chats, which is really deplorable.

Today, the Wenmen Gate Hotel obeys the public opinion, and wants to restore the banquet of the hometown of the Court, re-opening the "twenty-four siege", which makes people of joy rejoicing and telling. The Simen Hotel attaches great importance to local excellent culture and builds a corporate culture brand, and its development prospects must be unlimited. Today, the ancestral home banquet is inherited by the reorganization of the Simen Hotel. The small city of Yuyao is adding glory to the top ten profound Chinese food culture.

The menu can be adjusted and matched according to the seasonal changes and the acquisition of raw materials. The more popular "Twenty-Four Perimeter" recipes are as follows:
Twenty cold cuts:
Four fruits: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds;
Four golden fruits: green fruits, olives, candied fruits, candied fruits;
Four dried fruits: longan, litchi, orange cake, raisins;
Four fruits: orange, pear, apple, grape;
Four miscellaneous fruits: sugarcane, coriander, Ruhuling, fried corn;

Twenty-four cold dishes:
Four cold mixes: pork tongue mix, pork heart mix, chicken gizzard mix, and lamb liver mix. White cut: white cut chicken, white cut goose, white cut belly slices, white cut lamb. Four native vegetables: cucumber, malantou, wormwood 4. Fresh Toon: Sweet and sour smoked fish, saltwater river shrimp, steamed river crab, dried herring, four seafood: moray eel, jellyfish, steamed yellow crab, dried anchovies, four dishes: salted crab, frozen lamb, milk tofu, moldy layer

Twenty-four hot dishes and four-button bowls: elbow, scallops, abalone and ham. Four hot dishes: chicken, shark's fin soup, shark's fin soup, vinegar and fish sauce. Four hot dishes: herring, sweet and sour Pork ribs, raw scallion slices, braised cuttlefish, four dishes: 100 birds Chaofeng (whole chicken), Chunjiang plumbing (whole duck), Qinglong cross river (eel),
Shou and Tian Qi (Rock Turtle)
Four soup dishes: Sanxian Crossing Bridge, amaranth big yellow croaker, clear soup big rissole, pigeon soup four summer vegetables: vegetable juice plum fish, stinky shrimp steamed anchovy, steamed anchovy, steamed tuna

Eight desserts and four dry points: siu mai, dumplings, box crisps, cakes;
Four points: Tremella lotus seeds, water milled dumplings, wine brewed dumplings, fruit sweetness.

A total of tasting 16 * 4 = 64 dishes is a top feast of vision and taste.

Country minor, Chunmei Yao opera.

The Yao opera, formerly known as "Yuyao Beach Spring", is a type of local opera of the Han nationality that is popular in Yuyao, Cixi, and Shangyu in Zhejiang. After 1950 it was named Yao Opera. The Yao opera was developed on the basis of the local Han folk songs and dances such as "horse lantern", "dry boat", "tea-picking basket" and "Cui Dongdong". Therefore, in Yuyao area, Yao opera is also known as "Dan Opera" and "Danban". On June 7, 2008, Yao Ju was approved by the State Council to be included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists.

Longshan Theater is located in the south of Longbin Mountain at the foot of Longquan Mountain. The spacious and bright hall. The staff at the entrance will introduce the play today. Take a look. Generally, the fare is 15 yuan and 20 yuan. Most are mostly locals. Although I did not understand Yuyao's words, Chinese subtitles were displayed on the light boxes on both sides of the stage for everyone to watch. The scenes that I caught up with are just excerpts from several attractions. The actresses and actresses on the stage make people feel that there is no sense of distance through vivid expressions and slightly exaggerated body language.

In the excerpt of "Tear on the Field", Zhang Zizhong led the 59 army to the Shandong front to resist the Japanese invasion of Taierzhuang. During the march, a subordinate raped a female daughter. Eryong's wife also