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Mountain climbing, wading in the sea, taking hot springs, walking around Qiantong Ancient Town, eating and drinking--Wenling, Ninghai, and Tiantaishan
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Several brothers haven't been together recently. As soon as they communicate, it's better to go around the weekend and decide to go to the southern coast of Zhejiang.

This trip is completely self-driving, first: Wenling, Zhejiang, next day: Ninghai, Hot Spring, Qiantong Ancient Town, third day, visit the former residence of Jigong, Tiantai Mountain, and then return to Shanghai.

DAY 1, starting at 8 am, Xupu Bridge --- Hangzhou Bay Bridge, G15 Shenhai Expressway flying all the way, eating lunch at the Taizhou rest station, hey, McDonald's again, two slices of bread alone and a chicken, I wonder Does Fuxi also serve lettuce? Is this still a burger? Friends said that Shanghai is the same. There is no side dish in Hamburg. The price is the same. To be honest, McDonald's burgers in the United States are double the size, but they are definitely 3 cm in diameter. After complaining, they will finish eating and finally, in the afternoon When I arrived at Wenling around 3:30, I didn't go to the hotel. I went directly to the outside of Dongling Beach in Wenling. The road leading to the cave with Baidu Map was a small road with two lanes. It was a little blocked. Madam, it's easy to go around in reverse. Go left for a 1km turntable, and finally reach your destination in about 20 minutes.

There were many cars parked along the road, so I parked next to the Little Yellow Fish Hotel, took the equipment and walked up, and walked for 15 minutes. I found that the beach bathing place under the cave had to take a ropeway. Buy the ropeway ticket and it was old. , But also buy tickets for the bath, a total of 40 yuan / person, very unhappy to the beach.

Do n’t be fooled by my photos, haha, in fact, the water is very dirty, there are a lot of old melon seeds peels, watermelon peels, plastic bands, the worst thing is to eat bamboo skewers after grilling skewers, see many small pot friends Playing in the water, I really admire the courage of parents.

We came up from the seaside ropeway under the cave when we touched the sea water. At this time, the sun was setting and the sky was beginning to get dark. But the view from a distance is really good. In the evening at the Little Yellow Fish Restaurant, I ate the sea and drank, and I was impressed that the cakes made with flatfish and seaweed were fried and eaten well, the crabs were small but fat, and the fish was average. It was quite popular.

Stay at Longting International Hotel in the evening, the hotel is not bad.


I got up at 8 in the morning and didn't leave early in the morning, because today I took a boat to go to the sea to see fishing, followed by fishing. This is good for self-driving. At 9 o'clock, I headed to the cruise ship service center, next to the tunnel under the tunnel.

At the dock, the boat was booked the night before, so we didn't wait much to go to sea.

The two ships crossed and it was a bit nervous to be so close.

Two little friends.

Turn around and start to close the net.

The stuff is a bit nasty. Most of them are useless. There are more than 20 shrimps, 8 small yellow croakers and 7 octopuses.

These trophies are served as nourishments at noon. The small yellow octopus is stewed, and the octopus is cooked in water and dipped in soy sauce is very delicious.

After lunch, we drove to Ninghai. Because the weather was hot, we went to the hot spring at night. In the afternoon, we went to Qiantong Ancient Town. This was not planned. I saw it on the way and went down the road. It was only after the ex-children discovered that this ancient town was very good. It was still Chen Yifei's relic, the location of "Barber" starring Chen Kun and Zeng Li.

Inside it was a movie called Barber. The protection of the ancient town is still good, and the commercial atmosphere is not too strong, but unfortunately, I do n’t know why the barber shop where the shooting location was shot at the time was really ruined, not well preserved, and I do n’t know why the damage was serious.

There are scenes everywhere in Qiantong Ancient Town. I ’m not a guide here. There are many online guides. I talk about my feelings. The ancient town is not large, but the concept of scenes everywhere is not the magnificent natural scenery or the former residence of cultural celebrities. This scene is a scene of life. Because there is not too much business, the authentic Jiangnan life, and the people who live in Jiangnan are very accustomed to the scene, the path of shizipu, moss, etc., are so familiar, but all are In my memory, this kindness and tranquility made me feel like going back, like the mood, hope and warmth of going home in a dream.

There are also shrines and some former residences. What touched me was the orange tree in a yard. When I was a kid, there was a similar tree in the old yard of my home in Shanghai. Although there were many bugs, a straw mat was laid under the tree in the summer evening to play cards. Chess is cool, too many memories.

It was almost 4:30 from Qiantong Ancient Town. From Qiantong to Ninghai County, we drove for about 40 minutes. Arrived at the New Star Hotel, which is relatively downtown, took a break, and had dinner. Of course, three dishes are indispensable, sizzling rice dumplings, former child Sambo (three different tofu), and jumping fish (Chinese in the tip of the tongue. The dish), to be honest, the jumping fish is small, the meat is less thorny, like loach, not particularly like.

At about 7 o'clock, we went to Ninghai Forest Hot Spring. In the evening, it takes 50 minutes to drive the whole journey, there are no street lights in the middle of the road, and drivers with cars on the road have bad driving habits, so it is not very good for people who do not drive at night.

The hot spring is a real hot spring. The water is really good. After leaving the pool, the skin feels very tight, but the skin is very slippery to the touch. It is worth going. The ticket is 170 yuan / person, which you can buy in the hotel. It's 11 o'clock after washing and returning to the hotel. After dinner, Ninghai has a well-known seafood stall. Taxi drivers know that it is about 15 minutes' drive from Xinxing Hotel. There are so many things to eat, and seafood too. Zhejiang has distinctive characteristics.


I set off from Ninghai in the morning and returned to Shanghai. Of course, I was playing all the way back to Shanghai, going to Tiantai Mountain as planned, and going to the former residence of Ji Gong.

The former residence of Master Ji Gong is still very elegant, after all, people from large families come from.

After leaving the former residence of Ji Gong, I went straight to Tiantai Mountain, the last stop of this time. The attractions of Tiantai Mountain are actually scattered. The distance between the attractions should be at least 20 minutes.

We first came to Guoqing Temple, which is located at the corner of the mountain. There are a lot of people who sell coupons, but in fact they do n’t need much for a day.

Walking all the way up the mountain, it was very refreshing, and the Guoqing Temple was very large, and it was noon until I was carrying it. Two hours passed casually. Say it with pictures.

My favorite style, simple and quiet

On the mountain, the flowers are flourishing. Some flowers on the vines are just like waterfalls of flowers, they are beautiful

This word is in the left hall of the entrance, alone in the promenade forest of the other courtyard, so it is easy to miss. Many people come out and ask again, and then go back and watch. I was the mage who asked for the ticket as soon as I entered, so I didn't go wrong.

After coming out of Guoqing Temple, we were a little hesitant to go to Qiongtai Xiangu or Shiliang Flying Waterfall. If we all went there, we did n’t have enough time. Then I thought that after all, many of Tiantai Mountain ’s main propaganda posters use Shiliang Flying Waterfall, so we went to Shiliang. Flying waterfall. The scenery is beautiful. The small copper pot passes by the Chicheng Mountain, and sometimes there are newly opened scenic parking spots on the side of the mountain, standing on the observation platform (a few have not been built yet). Below is the cliff of ten thousand feet, and in front of it are rolling endless mountains. It ca n’t be expressed in words. Although it is very beautiful and full of momentum, you can pick up the camera but do n’t know how to start. Decide to keep the scenery in your mind.

We drove past Qiongtai Xiangu, 8 kilometers away from Shiliang Waterfall. It was already 1:30 in the afternoon, and we hurried to eat lunch, stir-fried chicken, roasted bamboo shoots, wild celery, and stream grouper ( Light lip fish), radish roasted meat, because hungry, anyway, all dishes are delicious.

Finally, another 5 kilometers of scenic road (two lanes, very narrow, but the road conditions are good), finally arrived at Shiliang Feipu Scenic Area.

Tree-lined, 60 yuan / person ticket, 10 yuan parking fee. The entire scenic area is divided into three sections and goes down the steps.

The second paragraph is a small waterfall and platform

Is Shiliang Waterfall a stone bridge?

I did n’t know until the third section, this section is the main scene Shiliang Fei waterfall

The veritable Shiliang Fei waterfall has great momentum, and this is the legendary source of the Buddhist sect.

But there is something strange about riding below. It seems that you carry the rhythm of my horse.

The Shiliang waterfall was returned from the original road. It was almost 4 pm when it came out, and started to run towards Shanghai. It was completely a provincial road on the way to Xinchang. It is different from the tourist lane on the rooftop, and the quality of the road is good. Poor, there are mountains and mountains on the mountain, and you feel relaxed and happy. Now it is the village rhythm of Liu An Hua Ming, another village, one village after another, and you are afraid that you will drive the wrong way, because there are very few people on the road. But what I want to say is that I will go to this section in the future, because it is really beautiful, very pure, there is no pollution from factories, mountains and water are green and clean.

After Xinchang, we returned to the G15 on the expressway and returned to Shanghai.

We returned to Shanghai at about 7.30pm.

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