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[Ford FUN Driving] 2nd Self-driving Tour of Xiangshan, Shipu and Tantou Island with Food
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The summer in Shanghai is destined to be a high temperature above 35 degrees every year, and the family does not live near the sea. Every time I go out on the street, I get breathless from the heat, so I plan to go to the beach to spend the summer with the family on the weekend and eat seafood. . So Ctrip watched it and found that Ford's coupon-discounting activities (activity link: /), a reduction of 300 Ah, decisively put such a seafood dinner travel mode on the agenda, but the destination for 2 days and 1 night is really very Difficult to choose, and finally took a circle on Ctrip and saw Xiangshan, so go here, so 3 big and 2 small, set off from Shanghai.

List some basic information of this trip first for your friends who want to go:

1. About self-driving routes: Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway—Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway—entering Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge—Shenhai Expressway—Ningbo Bypass—Yantai-Wenzhou Double Track Expressway—Xiangshan Port Bridge, the whole journey About 350 kilometers, it takes 4-5 hours.

2.About attractions and tickets

Xiangshan Chinese Fishing Village: AAAA Grade Scenic Area + Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City: AAAA Grade Scenic Area

Business hours: 8: 00-20: 30 (July 1-August 31).

Ticket price: Ctrip discount coupon 90 yuan / person

Ticket link: ()

Expense description:
1) Children under 1.2 meters in height are free of charge; elderly persons over 70 years old are free of charge with an old age card or identity card.
2) Children's height of 1.2-1.5 meters to buy scenic tickets.

3.About accommodation

The hotels in Xiangshan are mainly located in Songlan Mountain, Dancheng and Shipu. Because we are only going to play in Shipu this time, we chose hotels in Shipu. The better hotels in Shipu include Peninsula Hotel and New Century Hotel, because Only stayed for 1 night, so I chose an affordable budget hotel and booked the Xiangshan Shipu Observation Deck Hotel on Ctrip.

Hotel link: ()

Our weekend prices are much more expensive than usual, but the win is clean and the rooms are large. It is next to the seafood street, facing the sea, and the seafood promenade along the coast is near the door. It is very close to Shipu Pier and the ancient city.

4.About food

After learning from other people's strategies, I have concluded that if you want to eat seafood in Shipu, the seafood promenade is the most expensive, because there is a sea view to see, and then the seafood stalls are the biggest. The big seafood restaurant is the most expensive. Cheap, because the time is short and I didn't think deeply about it. I tasted the seafood in the small restaurant on the seafood street, Tianxianglou Restaurant and the seafood on Tantoushan Island. It was concluded that Tantoushan Island is the most affordable and Tianxianglou environment. Better, but the quality of the seafood is good in three places.

Here are the detailed travel notes:

Departing from Shanghai at 7 o'clock, relying on the navigation system prepared by Ford, there was basically no wrong way along the way. Occasionally entered the service area for a short break, and finally arrived at Shipu Town at 12:30 noon. The sea breeze was blowing, although it was also hot! Fortunately, it is cooler than Shanghai and I feel very good. Stay at Shipu Observation Deck Hotel, a twin bed room with sea view, which is very suitable for family living.

After a short rest, we set off for lunch at Tianxiang Tower, which is commonly recommended in the guide, and walked for 3 minutes. However, the shop is closed… .. I remind you here that the restaurant in Shipu Town will be closed at 1 pm, and it will be almost closed at night. You have to control the time for dinner.

In the heart and helplessness, I could only choose a small seafood restaurant next to it to resolve the first meal in Shipu Town, and then I hurriedly set off for the Chinese fishing village scenic area.

It takes about 10 minutes by car to reach the Chinese fishing village scenic area, and the breath of the fishing village comes into the area. The traditional fishing village village facilities are still kept in it, which is simple and representative. But to be honest, this attraction is also a place for children to play with sand, and the others are nothing special. And the seawater is very yellow, and it is not recommended to enter the water. On the one hand, the water quality is not good and the sea is very deep. There are safety risks, but the sky is really blue!

The fishing village took about an hour and a half, because I felt it was too sunbathing, so I rushed to the next stop, Shipu Ancient City. Although many people think that the ancient city is small and the price is not high, but I think it has a different flavor. It feels different from Zhouzhuang, Xitang and Wuzhen. It retains the original state of the small fishing village, the commercial taste is not strong, and the original seaside Fishing village style.

It is already dinner time to visit the ancient city. In order to make up for the regret at noon, we of course choose Tianxiang Tower. And when we had time for dinner, we waited in line for a while. The seafood at Tianxianglou is very fresh, especially the wurst shrimp, pike crab, and clams. The local flavor is really good. The price varies from person to person. The five of us have spent a total of 650 yuan and think it is acceptable.

After dinner, we drove back to the hotel. After washing, we looked at the sea view and planned the next day's trip.

The next day's plan is to go to Tantoushan Island, which is oriented north-south, between the Dameyang and Maotou Ocean in the southeast of the Xiangshan Peninsula. With a panoramic view of the East China Sea, the rocks of the islands and reefs are like guards guarding the sea. The origin of the name Tantoushan, Song Baoqing's "Four Mingzhi" is recorded as follows: "There is a stone altar on the mountain of the island, as the case is, so the name of the stone altar mountain, commonly known as Tantoushan, homophonic Tantoushan."

The island is 8 kilometers from the nearest point of the mainland. By boat from Shipu Port, you can reach Xiaosha Pier in the middle of the island in about 30 minutes. The island originally had 10 natural villages with a population of over 3,000.

We arrived at Shipu Pier opposite the Straits Plaza at 10 o'clock to exchange tickets, and were arranged to board a 10:30 boat. Here we remind everyone that the ships to Tantou Island are arranged according to the number of people who visit the island every day. Friends on the island buy tickets as early as possible.

At about 11 o'clock, we arrived on the island. The beach here is very suitable for launching, because the sea water is really blue and transparent, and the weather is pretty good. The sea water is light blue and very beautiful. And the beach on the island is really thin and clean. Everyone played for a while.

Regarding the dining on Tantou Island, I have summarized before. Seafood prices and quality are better than those in Shipu Town, but seafood varieties and seafood processing fees are slightly more expensive than Shipu Town. But it is worth it once. !! We chose many crowds of seafood stalls, most of which are set meals. Several of us didn't have a big appetite. We chose a set of 500 yuan including 8 seafood, 4 vegetables, and 1 soup. It is worth recommending. .

After lunch, we took a boat back to Shipu at 15:00, and then went to the seafood supermarket next to the Chinese fishing village to buy some seafood and prepare to return to Shanghai. We came here to avoid the heat on weekends. Although it was not very cool, but the seafood there, The sea and the sky still deserve my careful taste. This self-driving event gave us another opportunity to travel and it was great!

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