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In the most beautiful years, I'll wait for you with a flower: Yuyao
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Several local people chartered a car for fun and stopped. Take pictures while walking. If you have enough time, you can stay in Shilin Village for a day, so that you won't be in a hurry.

3-day itinerary:

Day1: Place of departure—Yuyao—Hometown Banquet—Longshan Theater Yao Opera—Night Tour Yaojiang

Day2: East Zhejiang Revolution Base—Simingshan Forest Park—Simingshan Geological Park

Day3: Tea Culture at the Source of Yaojiang—Shangmagang Cherry Blossom—Danshan Chishui Scenic Area—Shilin Village

[Scenic Tickets]:

Longshan Theater Yao Opera Adult Ticket: 20 yuan / person

Night tour Yaojiang ferry ticket: ordinary cruise ship can seat 20 people, fare 20 yuan, luxury cruise ship can seat 30 people, fare 40 yuan

Zhedong Revolution Base Adult Ticket: Free

Adult ticket to Simingshan Forest Park: 50; online booking: 40 yuan

Simingshan Geopark: Adult ticket: 40; Online booking: 30 yuan

China's High Mountain Cloudy Tea Town: Yuyao Dalan Town Adult Ticket: Free

Shangmagang Cherry Blossom Adult Ticket: Free

Danshan Chishui Scenic Area Adult ticket: 65; Online booking: 45 yuan

Adult ticket of Shilin Village: 65; Online booking: 45 yuan (Don't buy tickets for Shilin Village when you buy the tickets for Danshan Chishui, the two attractions are linked.)

[About eating]: Do n’t worry about eating in Yuyao, we recommend the Simenge hometown banquet in the urban area, Simingshan Forest Park, the resort has lunch and dinner, Simingshan Geopark can live in Jinguyuan Ecological Farm, there is farmhouse fun, play There are many farmhouse restaurants in Chishan and Shilin Villages of Danshan.

1. Yuyao's most famous is the Simenge Home Banquet, located at No. 26 Binjiang Road, East Street, Simen Town, Yuyao City. It originated in the middle of the Ming Dynasty and is said to have been specially formulated by the Xie Qians, a veteran of the Four Dynasties and a relative of the Three Dynasties. Next to the banquet, there is a special tea making and playing piano, eating rare food, listening to the pleasant piano sounds from time to time, "Golden Home Banquet", has a history of more than 100 years, now think about how much you can eat Not easy. "Twenty-four rounds" is the highest-grade feast in the hometown banquet. According to legend, Xie Qian only held three times when he was alive. At the time, it took 3 days and 3 nights to prepare such a banquet. Each time, four dishes were served together. In the past, the speed of tasting the food is not as fast as the speed of the road.

[Travel Tips]: "Twenty-four Perimeter" is suitable for a large family or a large banquet. Of course, you do not have so many people who want to eat such a banquet. Banquets of the Eighth Siege, the Twelve Sieges and the Sixteen Sieges.

[Address]: 26 Binjiang Road, East Street, Simen Town, Yuyao City

【Telephone】: 0574-62153778

2.The resort of Siming Mountain Forest Park is also a gathering place for tourists to come to eat. You can see many guides and self-driving cars. Don't miss the Tujia native chicken, mangosteen, pig scalp, taro ... The dishes here Self-sufficiency in the Du Siming Mountains.

3. I live in Jinguyuan Ecological Farm. There is a farmhouse. In the Siming Mountain Scenic Area, in addition to red maple and cherry blossoms, local cuisine is not to be missed. Baked potatoes, asparagus, stewed chicken with potatoes, are all signature dishes here.

4.Shilin Village, of course, there are a lot of farmhouses, because tourism has made this unknown hill village flourish, more and more tourists come into this land, fall in love with the food here, and miss the farmland Chicken, that bite down, the meat is tender, the skin is golden and refreshing, and it smells strong.

[About accommodation] : The first time you arrive in Yuyao, you can choose the Four Seasons Ivy Yuyao Yaojiang Cultural Theme Hotel in the urban area, and the transportation is more convenient. You can visit Yuming Jinguyuan Ecological Farm in Siming Mountain. If you have enough time, you can stay one night in Shilin Village.

1. Four Seasons Ivy Yuyao Yaojiang Cultural Theme Hotel, located at No. 153 Xinjian North Road, Yuyao, is a hotel with the theme of Yaojiang culture. I live in a double room standard room.The main color of the room is beige, and the white bottom wall gives a concise and clear feeling.The floor is made of solid wood, and there is no too much sound when I step on it. From this, we can see the intention of the host family in designing the hotel. The quilt is very thick in the room, and it was rarely seen in other hotels before. The temperature in Yuyao in spring is around ten to twenty, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. Pay special attention to stay warm when staying at the hotel. The bedside lamp in the hotel is very interesting. Two beds, with the headlights on, are worried about affecting the sleep of another person. With a small table lamp, it will not disturb the roommates in the same room. The bathroom is very spacious and the facilities are very new. The striped tiles make the entire bathroom atmospheric. Various facilities are also available. The caring cups are of two different colors. The hotel is away from the noisy street at night. It's about 70 meters away, so don't worry about it will make you sleep. There is a solid wood chair next to the guest room. When you are tired, you can take a rest here. The ashtray is made of ceramics. Slow life is also a living attitude.

[Travel Tips]: The Four Seasons Ivy Yuyao Yaojiang Cultural Theme Hotel uses Jiangnan Garden as a design style to explain that simplicity is a kind of beauty and intimate design, so that guests can feel Yao Jiang culture and Jiangnan Jiangnan everywhere. The garden is naturally beautiful. It is very quiet at night. Although it is close to the road, there is no city noise.

[Address]: No. 153, Xinjian North Road, Yuyao City, Yuyao City

[Phone]: 057462638888

[Traffic]: 5 minutes by car from Yuyao Station, about 2.3 kilometers away, get off at Yuyao 301 East Line at Wenshan Caichang

Arrive by foot; get off at Yuyao 102 at Ziling New Village and walk to Four Seasons Ivy Ningbo Yuyao Yaojiang Cultural Theme Hotel

2. Yuyao Jinguyuan Ecological Farm. It is located in Dalan Mountain, the hinterland of Siming Mountain. I don't know when I fell in love with such a room. It is cozy, original, and boutique view bed room. The bed and floor are made of wood. The bathroom is stacked with stones. Forget to remind that there is no curtain in the toilet. Well, there is only a stone separated from the bathroom. The designer's unique idea has to be admired. The light from all angles of the hotel is very good. There is also Wifi, which is not easy for a mountain of 650 meters above sea level. Open the window and push the corridor away. What you see are the mountains of tea, which are the beauty of nature. Sit up and don't want anything, quietly admire the mountains.

[Travel Tips]: The hotel's annual temperature is about 7 degrees lower than that of the urban area, so you need to keep warm during the winter and autumn. There are home-grown native chickens, which can also be barbecued and picked. In summer, it is a good place for summer. place.

[Address]: Dalan Mountain, Dalan Town, Yuyao, near Danshan Chishui Scenic Spot

【Telephone】: 0574-62330178

[Travel Tips]:

1.Yuyao Longshan Theater: Yao opera is suitable for the elderly to look at. Young people ca n’t sit still. Yao opera was originally called “Yuyao Beach Spring”, also known as “Dance Opera”. It is a kind of Han people popular in Yuyao, Cixi and Shangyu. Types of local operas. It takes more than 2 hours to watch the whole scene. Friends who have time can sit up and watch it slowly.

[Address]: 115 Beibinjiang Road, Yuyao

[Telephone]: (0574) 62639752

[Tickets]: 20 yuan / person

[Business hours]: 10:00-23:00

2. Night tour of Yaojiang: How can you miss the night of Yaojiang after watching the Yao opera in Yuyao, come to the Yaojiang Pier, at the edge of the Yaojiang River at night, learn the cool breeze, and rafting on this Yaojiang river, you can not only cool down, but also enjoy watching To Yao Jiang's charming night is really a joy in life. The whole journey is about 8 kilometers, starting from Lanshuyuan Yaojiang Wharf to Tongji Bridge and Yaojiang Yijing, then turning back along the original road ... The boat ride is about 45 minutes.

[Address]: In Lanshu Park, Yuyao, Ningbo

[Ferry ticket]: A normal cruise ship can seat 20 people, the fare is 20 yuan, a luxury cruise ship can seat 30 people, the fare is 40 yuan

[Operating hours]: 6:45 pm to 9:30 pm

3. East Zhejiang Revolution Base, walked into Hengkantou Village. White walls and black tiles, red corridors and cornices, the former party committee site of the Zhejiang East District of the Communist Party of China, which was borrowed from ordinary people's houses, was restored after several repairs, and now it has become an exhibition hall with more than 300 precious cultural relics and historical photos. A quilted quilt, a faded military uniform, a long earthen cannon ... An item displayed at the former site of the Anti-Japanese Basement in Siming Mountain, East Zhejiang, brought us back to the flames. "On the Lion Rock around Liang Nong, the enemy made a turtle shell, and the three or five detachments were armed to destroy the enemy for the people ..." The markings on the wall were as if a song of fighting was sung in the earliest days of the Anti-Japanese Basement in Siming Mountain, East Zhejiang. Ringing. It was only time forever to stay with the troops to withdraw northward in 1945. The "New Zhejiang East Daily News" had to suspend its operation. The final issue of the "Zhedong Zhedong Farewell Brothers and Sisters of Zhejiang East" was published.

[Address]: Hengkantou Village, Liangnong Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province

[Tickets]: Free

[Traffic]: Bus Information: Take the urban and rural bus to Yuyao South Station to the scenic spot

4. Simingshan Forest Park: Continue along the northern foothills of Siming Mountain, winding roads, fresh air, beautiful scenery, everything exists like a dream. Stopping in the open place, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, slowly enjoying this gift from nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a rare peace. The first stop of Simingshan Forest Park was to Shenxiu Valley. It is located on the east side of Siming Villa, the reception center of Simingshan National Forest Park in Zhejiang Province. After walking a short section of Shizi Road, you will see a lake called "Deep Lake" on both sides The lake is turquoise and clear, and it is quiet and deep, so it is called Shenxiu Valley. The red maple leaves everywhere in the mountains are not only in autumn. In Chapei Pingtou Village, Simingshan Town, the Pingtou Red Maple Viewing Base allows you to see maple leaves in seasons other than autumn. After visiting Simingshan Forest Park, you can go to Simingshan Geopark to watch the cherry blossoms.

[Address]: Dashan Village, Simingshan Town, Yuyao City

[Telephone]: 0574-62346111

[Tickets]: 40 yuan


Bus: From Yuyao South Station, take 519 to Siming Mountain, turn to Road 637 and get off at Geological Park Station.


1. Go to the Ningbo Yuyao Exit and take the Liang Zhou Line and the Luxi Line.