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Mid-Autumn Festival Documentary 2019-Cixi Tour (5) Finale
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Keywords: Self-driving on foot
The happy time on September 15 is always so short.
Drive 20 kilometers in the morning to reach the coast of Cixi, Zhengxu Reservoir by the Hangzhou Bay.
Yesterday, I met a few local donkey friends while climbing in Dashan Village. During a chat, they learned that we were going to the reservoir for a walk, and told us that the reservoir has a security gate, and we generally did n’t enter. The place "goes in."
At the gate of the reservoir, General Iron turned it on, and the security guard on duty said that it was necessary to enter with instructions from the leaders. The original reservoir was open. Later, because tourists did not pay attention to ecological protection, barbecues were littered and littered. This water source protection area in Cixi was damaged. .
Uncle Baoan insisted on the principle and didn't open his mouth. It is estimated that even the third child can't figure it out. After all, this is not the hydropower station on the Xiaoqijian in Yixing.
The gate of the reservoir couldn't get in. We changed directions and went to Cixi Huahai first.
When I went out today, I noticed that Brother Pan had fallen behind. The map always showed that he was still in Cixi City. Later, he knew that his tire was broken, and he was looking for a place to repair the tire.
Arrive at Cixi Sea of ​​Flowers-Cixi New Agricultural Modern Development Zone.
The gate is where the development zone office is located.

We parked our car on the open space not far from the gate of the development zone.

Soon the security guard on duty, let's park the car.

The sea of ​​flowers next to the development zone is planted by the beach.

This is called Xinci Lake.
Trails and boardwalks have been built in the sea of ​​flowers for visitors to watch on foot.

The large purple sea of ​​flowers was identified by phone software as sage

The wooden trestle bridge extends into the flowers, walks along the path to the depths of the sea of ​​flowers, and is a good place to take photos along the way

In the sea of ​​flowers, the cameras of the two masters kept ringing

Group photo in the sea of ​​flowers.
This is Brother Pang repairing the tires yet to come,
The hills were accompanied by Xiaohuan ’s beautiful lady yesterday. She was over excited and broke her knees. She did n’t come today. She slept in the morning and went directly to the lunch restaurant to help the troops order.

Seeing flowers drunk, flowers drunk

The tender green turf of the dog's tail closely connected the cat with the force.
Waving to the flowers, you reincarnate spring and summer.

There are also large tracts of pink daisies;
The sea of ​​pink, accompanied by a breeze, set off waves. People often use some poems describing beautiful women to describe it: "Looking back at a hundred smiles, Liugong Pink Dai has no color, ten miles of round hoof dust constantly, how many pink Dai flowers are colorless."

Xiaoshouyu went deep into the sea of ​​flowers

Colorful and flying, I am charming for the flowers

Brother Pan's tires were repaired and merged with the big troops under the flower gallery in the sea of ​​flowers

Arched gallery filled with flowers and loofah

There are a lot of Cantonese sponge gourds grown here.

Teacher Mu flies above the sea of ​​flowers

A large watermelon field was planted on the seashore, and LM actually picked a watermelon

Times have changed, and today's watermelons must not be eaten.

At the end of the sea of ​​flowers, we crossed the ditch and walked on the soft bottom of the ditch, heading towards the reservoir.

After walking across the ridge, the area in front of the woods is the reservoir.

Long-legged leap 堑壕

There is a canal running across the reservoir and the field, and there is exactly one place where the water is very shallow, and some rocks can be passed over.

After crossing the canal, enter the reservoir

Group photo from the dam

Lined up, walking on the main road of the reservoir vigorously

There is no one in the reservoir, this time it's Baoku

Today is the most comfortable day in the three days of Mid-Autumn Festival. Breeze and no sun, it is very comfortable to walk.

Where Lulu went, Xiaolu went wherever he went.

After a while we reached the peninsula in the reservoir.
The boardwalk connects Huxin Island as a whole.

Clouds, clouds and clouds comfort us, smiles

We returned from a trail in the peninsula.

There is a highland on the peninsula, a meadow of lush green

. The sky above the sky is light, and the feet are like green grass.

Feel free to travel and be happy!

The silent island is silent, only our footsteps.

Zheng Xuzhou's head, Bo Tao asked the vast land, who is waiting for me ...

Egret answer-big cat is waiting for you

We returned to the parking development area according to the satellite map.
On the map, there is a water channel between the Zhengxu Reservoir and the development zone building. We tried to pass through the water channel. Except for the section where we came in, all the water channels were full of water and we couldn't cross it.
The first echelon of LM went to the front to see if they could go in from the back door of the development zone. The big troops waited in place. If it did n’t work, we went back to the place where we came in. Fortunately, the trajectory was always open and we could feel the original way That place.
There is no such thing as an incomparable road. Information comes from the front and can be entered from the iron gate of the development zone.
Enter the office building of the modern agricultural development zone

Mid-autumn festival, no one in the office building, only the security guard on duty

The security guard didn't seem to understand where the people came from?
We went one by one.
The kind security guard opened the door and let the next few people come out.

In the morning, we drew two small loops at Zhengxu Reservoir and Cixi Huahai, with a walking distance of 7 kilometers.
This is completely our own trajectory.
This is the first of six feet and two steps.

After the end, drive for 12 kilometers to Brother Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

The hills ordered the food here early.
We had lunch here during the first long holiday of the first Expo in November last year. The small seafood here is a must.
Brother Pan is in trouble, and he will return to Taizhou first.

Fresh small seafood slipped away.
They were just caught up.

After lunch, return to Shanghai.
It is only 160 kilometers away from Shanghai here; from 2:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon, all personnel arrived safely and smoothly, ending a three-day trip to Cixi on a happy mid-autumn holiday.
Looking forward to the next reunion.



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