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Small Town Story-Her City
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Small town story

-Her city


Go to Jinhua and drop by Zhuge Bagua Village in Lanxi. Shanghai Hongqiao 06: 48——Jinhua West 09:54, go to Jinhua South Railway Station Bus Station and take Lanxi to the water train (every 10 minutes) 11 yuan / 40 minutes; or you can go directly to the railway station to get to Lanxi 25 yuan. There is a bus at the direct entrance of Lanxi Bus Station. It is Zhuge Village to get to the terminal station. The bus only costs 3.5 yuan, and the taxi is about 50 yuan. It also took about three quarters. Walk ten minutes to the ticket office after arriving at the station, book the ticket 68 yuan early on the same journey, eat a bowl of dumplings with dried plum patties and grab the camera to kill the village. There are not many tourists on Friday, just right. I took a little light rain and strolled in Bagua Village for an hour and a half, then returned the same way. Carpoolers will stop in Jinhua and Lanxi, and exchange passengers for a car. It's still early in Jinhua, and I went to the cafe in Binhong Square. The cheesecake in this shop is very good.

Dumplings + plum dried vegetable patties, simple meals are only 6 yuan.

The green cafe at Binhong Plaza is very quiet. The cheesecake is really delicious. I have slept on the sofa several times.

Like to get up early and look at your sleeping face.

Sitting on the bench along the river for an afternoon, blowing a small wind, enjoying the peaceful life of the small town.


Returning there another weekend, "Anemone" just went north. I switched from Tianjin to Hangzhou early to Jinhua. She was at work, walked around the sun during the day, strolled around Huang Binhong Park, and walked along the bridge to Jiangbei. Hair dryer place.

It's hot! The lotus blooms pretty well.

Inside Huang Binhong Park

On my birthday, I took the train that took me many times and went to the city where she was. The seat was in the last train.

Weekends are always up late. After a few home-cooked babies, they take a walk around the Minjiang River. The lotuses in Huangbinhong Park stop growing and it is almost autumn.

Jiande and Xin'anjiang——

Jinhua at the end of October was still so hot. It arrived in the middle of the night. I had a bitch and plum cake, which was quite fragrant. This side is similar to the bar in the creative workshop. On the weekend night, there are no people and it is relatively deserted.

I went out early the next day, grabbed the Mei Cai meat patties and hot pot stickers and took a taxi to the Jinhua West Station bus station. I bought a Jinhua bus to Xin'anjiang and bought 25 yuan in Shouchang. In fact, I should tell the driver that he stopped at Daciyan. We sat there and did not get off until Shouchang. We could only change for 3 yuan from CMB Shouchang to Zhuge and get off at Daciyan. It's been 2 hours, and it's only 12:30. Sure enough, it was a clean place with no one to worry about. After walking for a while, it was the ticket office. This time, the tickets were sponsored by friendship. I bought an upward ropeway ticket for 40 yuan, which saved me an hour and a half of physical strength. My strengths. It's been a few days since the snow drifted in the Northland, and I still have 29 degrees here. With the up and down continuous shooting belt climbing for 4 hours, I have white salt directly on my short sleeves. Daciyan is a suspended temple in the south of the Yangtze River. Naturally, it cannot be compared with the suspended temple in Hengshan, Shanxi, but it can also be seen when it is built with a combination of three religions. When we came down the mountain, we encountered a light rain. Fortunately, the vegetation and trees covered most of the raindrops. When we reached the exit, the rain stopped.

Daciyan came out to the intersection and waited for a long time before waiting for a passing minibus to take us to another car and then to Xinye Village Exit. In fact, we should take the Xin'anjiang to Xinye car directly, one every 20 minutes, the latest is 4.30pm in the car. It was already evening in the ancient town of Xinye. The scenic area had been closed for a long time. After walking outside, I immediately fell in love with this small village, so I stayed at Yuhua Farmhouse's bed for 35 yuan / person and it was very clean. Breakfast is only 5 yuan / person. The dinner was definitely good and cheap. The three stir-fried dishes, simmered white pork, braised fish and tofu with a bowl of oranges were only 50 yuan, so full. At the same time with the whole village at night, I fell asleep before ten o'clock.

The only thing that got me crazy was that at four o'clock the next morning, the chickens croaked, the ducks and geese started roaring, and then the pigs called. They boiled until 6:45, when the world finally calmed down, and when they were full, I fell asleep again. After 9 o'clock, I ate pickled vegetables and dried tofu with white porridge. After pouring down two bowls, I wiped my mouth and went straight to the ancient town. Xinye Ancient Town is located at the intersection of the three cities of Hangzhou, Jinhua, and Luzhou. This is the Ming and Qing architectural complex left by the Yuhua Ye family. They walked around Zhuanyun Tower Wenchang Pavilion, Ordered Hall, Shuangmei Hall, and Xishan Ancestral Hall. More points before leaving the village.

Waiting at the village entrance, the minibus to Xin'anjiang arrived for 8 yuan, and it took about an hour to drive to Xin'anjiang. I had a meal at the fat stall in the back street of the station. The taste was good. The shuttle crab fried rice cakes, sauerkraut sea bass, and garlic greens were only 120 yuan. Unfortunately, I ca n’t eat fish. Swallowing half a cup of vinegar and a few breads in batches is useless. The next day, after a snot and a tear, I stabbed the fish with my fingers. Hold your belly and walk along the Baisha Road to the Baisha Bridge. At this point, you can't see the strange fog of Xin'an River. It will take a morning to feel like rising in the sea of ​​clouds! It's so strange that Xinye was so cozy and stayed overnight. Bought a 16:30 ticket back to Jinhua West Station from Xin'anjiang. Quick trains cost 30 yuan an hour and arrived at three quarters an hour.

Ningbo and Putuo Mountain——

After work on Friday, I took a bus directly from Shanghai South Railway Station to Ningbo (3 hours, 103 yuan). After a taxi from Ningbo South Railway Station to my apartment, I went out immediately to find food. It was almost 11 o'clock in the evening. It was hot, but the taste was quite good. The two people held their stomachs in the unmanned Zhongshan Park and Jiangbin Park. They also ran to the children's playground to play on the slide that they were embarrassed to go up during the day.

Jiefang Bridge

Tintin spicy

Riverside park

The next day after eating a good casserole at the Ningbo South Railway Station, the bus went to Putuoshan Long-distance Bus Station (2 hours, 49 yuan), transfer to No. 6 bus at the bus station to Banshengdong Pier in Shenjiamen (about 20 minutes) , 2 yuan), speedboat Shenjiamen to Putuo Mountain (15 minutes, 28 yuan), Putuo Mountain ticket 140 yuan (student ticket 70 yuan), on the island to take environmentally friendly cars to different places (Fayu Temple, Puji Temple , Nanhai Guanyin, Fodingshan). We went directly to Puji Temple, and I didn't buy a small ticket to go into the temple. Putuo has come at least six or seven times, and each time is a follow-up. Someone chants the Buddha reverently in it, but I am watching a few squirrels hanging on the trunk to see a picture of the second person wearing the ancient costume of a tourist attraction. , Enjoying the evening sun alone.

After seeing the Puji Temple, I went directly to the statue of Guanyin in the South China Sea. It was really solemn, and the sky was slightly pink with fish-scale clouds. In the evening, I went to Longwan Village to have a dinner that was not good and cheap, and the people did n’t discuss it. It happened that Longwan Village invited someone to set up a stage in the village to perform a fortune show. After seeing it, I went back to my residence to go to bed early. Wisdom.

Puji Temple

Take the minibus to Fodingshan in the early morning (25 yuan for one way cableway), meditate under the tree alone to bask in the sun, and then she will finish the incense and come out to pick me up, and then go all the way down to Fayu Temple. When it ’s time to go to dinner, go in for Zhaifan. 10 yuan / person Zhaifan ca n’t be wasted, it ’s all emptied and tastes good). After using Zhaifan, it was mixed in a group of pilgrims. I don't know if I could come back with a little fairy. When I went out of the temple to cross the bridge, I watched a group of nuns use their own thoughts (saying Amitabha to the fish in the pond) to grab the fish in the pond with bread crumbs in my hands. Is this a rivalry of material desire and faith?

Fayu Temple

After coming out of Fayu Temple, take a bus back to Putuoshan Pier, take the boat out of the island, return to the Putuoshan Long-distance Bus Station, and buy a bus from Putuoshan to Shanghai South Station (5 hours, 136 yuan). Jiaxing Station jumped down and stuffed two egg yolks with meat to add energy before returning to Shanghai.

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