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The Mansion is Full of the Fragrance of Books-Ningbo Zhitianyige
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I like books. One of my life's favorite is sitting on a comfortable chair, holding a favorite book, and drinking fragrant tea while reading. When I love books, I like to buy books. I also know that the preservation of the original books is so troublesome. Even if you carefully put the books for ten years, the pages will turn yellow and discolored. Therefore, it is even more revered and multiplied to Tianyi Pavilion, which can keep the book for more than 400 years.

Entering Tianyi Pavilion, I was a little surprised, because it is not like a library, but more like a garden in the south of the Yangtze River. The Book Pavilion is a hard-topped and heavy building with six rooms each with a wide surface and a deep one. Even if you walk in the park on a rainy day, you don't need to hold an umbrella. A "Tianyi Pool" was excavated in front of the building to divert water into the pool and store water to prevent fire. There are rockeries and pavilions stacked around the pool, and stone bridges are in the middle to communicate. Flowers and grass are planted everywhere, so that the whole building and its surroundings have the style of Jiangnan private gardens.

Entering the Jingjing Hall, the TV is playing the Tianyi Pavilion documentary filmed by CCTV. So, sit down with a cup of tea and watch the story about "Tianyi Pavilion" in Tianyi Pavilion, which also has a unique flavor. So, I saw the legend again, that the woman named Qian Xiuyun, in order to get a glimpse of Tianyige's collection, would marry into Fan's family, but she still could not enter, and eventually turned into "Yuncao" forever accompanying the book. Can't help but sigh again, how many people in the world can love such a book? Especially since the Internet has prevailed, fewer and fewer people have bought books, have they? !! In fact, books in China are really cheap, especially after visiting bookstores abroad, and even more feel that if you do n’t buy books in China, you will feel the tempestuous nature.

I really admire Mr. Fan's ambition and can gather all the books in the world. Unfortunately, I always feel that Mr. Fan's collection of books is not for reading. Otherwise, it will not be required that the keys of the bookcase doors are controlled by the descendants and the houses, and the locks cannot be unlocked unless the houses are gathered together; foreigners cannot enter the cabinet; private relatives and friends cannot enter the cabinet; You must not enter the cabinet for no reason; you must not borrow books and other surnames in the outer room, etc. In this way, although the collection of books is protected, it also hinders the circulation of the books, leaving many lonely copies nowhere to be found. If someone who loves books has to go, it's fine, but sadly, some thieves took advantage of the chaos and demolished the wall behind the pavilion, secretly transported books, and sold them for a few pounds. Some rare editions were used as raw materials for making paper. What a shame! What a shame! !!

In order to make myself more scented, I have stayed in Tianyi Pavilion for a long time, especially I like to linger in the book collection cultural center with Baoshulou as the center, where there are Dongming Cottage, Fan's Former Residence, Zunjing Pavilion, Mingzhou Beilin , Qian Jinzhai, and so on. In fact, Fan's former residence is really simple. Want to come, I have spent more money on buying books. Fan Qin enjoyed collecting ancient classics in his life, and later obtained the remaining collection of Li County Wanjulou in Shexian County, which can reach more than 70,000 books, of which the local chronicles and Dengkelu are the most rare. Here, you can find prefectures of interest by province and learn about the history that has been forgotten

The Tianyi Pavilion is no longer in the possession of the Fan clan. Mr. Zhang Xiuyan from Ningbo once gave 50,000 volumes of his "Zhai Zhai" collection to Tianyi Pavilion. After the death of Mr. Feng Mengzhang, a book collector in eastern Zhejiang, his family also donated 100,000 volumes of the Fuxi Room to Tianyi Pavilion in accordance with his will. In addition, donations include Mr. Zhu Zanqing's "Bieyu Zhai" collection, Mr. Sun Xiangxiong's "Snail House" collection, and Mr. Yang Ronglin's "Qingfangge" collection. Now there are more than 300,000 volumes in Tianyi Pavilion. This is not only the blessing of Tianyi Pavilion, but also the blessing of those who love books. I want to come, if my collection is torn apart, it is also a very painful thing. Suddenly remembering the recent theft of Mr. Ji Xianlin's enthusiasm, Mr. Zhang Xiuyan and Mr. Feng Mengxuan were right to choose.

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