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After a lapse of three years, the blue one is called Yushan (a lot of movies, the latest detailed guide)
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I still remember the first time I heard the name of Yushan Island, in September 3 years ago, when I just met the other half of my life, which is Xiao Nuan. At that time, I went to Goji Island with her, and the travel notes I wrote back caused a sensation in the forum in Hangzhou.

Many people just know that there is still such a place with blue sea and blue sky along the coast of Zhejiang. Since then, various propaganda about wolfberry island has appeared on TV and forums.

But I know that there will never be only wolfberry islands around Hangzhou that can subvert people's perception of the coastal islands in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. So I began to search for the islands around Hangzhou on the Internet. At this time, a humble name popped out on the screen. island".

At that time, I was attracted by the wild flowers, mysterious blue tears, and the azure sea and sky in the photo, so I set this island as my next surrounding destination that I must visit.

After three years, I never thought that Xiao Nuan had become my life companion, and the one who went to Yushan Island with me to explore was actually a man! That's right, it was the good friend Taozi who went to Qinghai with me three months ago!

Thanks to the "blessing" of the G20 summit held in Hangzhou, most people have a week or so of vacation. They originally planned to go to Dali with Xiao Nuan. I didn't expect that their company only took 4 days off and organized them to go to Jeju Island. My plans were all disrupted again. Unwillingly, I suddenly thought, "Isn't this an opportunity to go to Yushan Island to find out, even if no one is with me, I can easily set off on my own."

So I started to publish hero posts and recruit fellows. After being severely despised by my former colleagues (the previous work unit did not take vacation during G20), a person I loved and hated jumped out, and he was a peach! I spent 10 minutes and he roughly explained the meaning of going there (you can take blue tears, you can fish at the sea, and you can see the Milky Way). In the end, because he felt that it was close and cheap, he agreed with one sip.

Let ’s end the nonsense first, and start the trailer first.

Way of arrival

To get to Yushan Island from Hangzhou, you need to take a bus to Shipu Town first, and then take a boat from Yupu Island Ship Terminal to Shipan Island.
There are 6 buses departing from Jiubao Passenger Terminal and South Station every day, and the bus departing from Jiubao takes 3 and a half hours.

Shipu Town has two docks, of which the Ferry Terminal is heading for Yushan Island. It is about 15 minutes away from the bus station by taxi. If you take a taxi, it will cost 15 yuan. If you are not in a hurry, you can take bus 502 directly at the bus station exit. Terminal, the fare is 1 yuan, saving money and comfortable. After getting off the bus, you need to walk for 5 minutes to get to the pier. Just ask the driver how to get there. It's very easy to find.

There is only a small restaurant to eat noodles next to the pier. Of course, there are too many people. In addition, it is the canteen in the waiting hall.

I highlight the details of the ferry tickets to Yushan Island. First of all, if there is a holiday or a weekend, the tickets are very tight. Because the number of people on the island every day on Yushan Island is controlled, the tickets are also sold under control. There are basically 3 express and slow boats going to the island every day. The time is basically fixed. If there are temporary extra flights, you can consult the staff when buying tickets. All round-trip tickets are 40 minutes earlier. Starting from the on-site purchase, the Clipper 220 travels alone for 1.5 hours, the slow boat 160 travels for 2.5 hours. We are lucky, and just happened to have a discount. The slow boat only costs 130 people, probably because of the promotion of tourism in the surrounding areas during the G20.

The time of the boat is not necessarily determined every day, especially for slow boats. You can make a booking to inquire about the departure time on the day you need to buy the ticket. Generally, you can start the inquiry one week in advance.

The return ticket is basically based on the principle of departure the next day. That is to say, the staff on the island will arrange the number of flights for the return trip tomorrow based on the number of people on the island today. So if there are more people on the island yesterday, Then you happen to be returning today, then the ferry ticket will be more nervous, so you need to arrive at the pier as early as possible, so that you can get priority to buy tickets in line.

We are worried that there will be many Hangzhou people going to the island during the G20, so we called the terminal in advance, asked about the frequency of the boat, and booked the boat ticket, but in fact this booking was not useful, the terminal just passed this roughly It is estimated that the number of tourists for the next day, as for ferry tickets, first come first served.

As many people said in their travel notes, the ferry ticket has been monopolized by the Eastern Airlines Hotel on the island, which is not credible. At least this time we went to the hotel without this phenomenon, it may be the hotel on the peak season in May and June. There will be a certain number of tickets stored. However, if you find it troublesome, after booking your accommodation on the island, you can ask the hotel owner to help you buy tickets. People on the island really have a certain priority in buying tickets.

How to live on the island

Yushan Island is very small, and it only takes an hour to walk around the entire island (those who say that it only takes more than half an hour, you can show me!), The human civilization on the island is basically concentrated in the northeast area, here You can eat, stay, play in the sea and fish. Since most of the people left on the island are middle-aged and elderly people, and the number of hotels is not large, the empty rooms are extremely precious, and the prices have risen accordingly. Now it is basically 300 for two people, or 100. A multi-person suite with one bed, and the room conditions will not be too good, and some do not even have a separate bathroom, of course, you do not want to have early treatment for this price.

It is best to book accommodation in advance. If there are many tourists, there is almost no room for booking on the spot. Another way is to camp in a tent. Almost all hotels on the island have tents for rent. One night is 100 yuan. The bathing service is provided for 15 yuan per person. If you do n’t want to abandon your sleeping tent, this hotel is a good choice compared to a high-priced hotel. The 20-member camping management fee mentioned in the previous travel book is not ours. I did n’t collect it again, I do n’t know if it was because of the G20.

Eating here is also a relatively difficult choice, especially when the number of peers is small, the price of meals in each hotel is roughly between 50 and 100. Of course, if you count it like this, you will eat more meals. It ’s better, but for 2-3 people like us, it will look very uneconomical. There are several small restaurants near the hotel where you can eat. The price of seafood noodles is 25 yuan a bowl, compared with the price of 15 yuan a bowl. It seems to be a bit of a chop stick, but this small bowl of seafood noodles is also exquisite. The ingredients of each household are different. Basically, dried shrimp, mussels, small yellow croakers, and shredded pork are the main ingredients. I strongly recommend a thousand Don't go to the restaurant opposite to Dajing to eat seafood noodles. The ingredients are small and the taste is not good. We even saw two girls behind, who ate only one bite and abandoned the whole bowl of noodles.

Some suggestions for setting up a tent

Don't make it easy to set up a tent, but choosing a good campsite is not easy.

First you need to find a leeward slope. The wind and rain on the island comes. If you put the tent on the wind vent and hum, then you wait for death. (We will become a tragedy for tragedy. There will be specific instructions).

Secondly, try not to put the tent close to the grass. After we got on the island, we saw the millennium old man with thick fingers twice. I believe no one wants to wake up in the morning and sleep with such a guy.

Finally, set up the tent in a relatively high place, so that even if it rains, there will be no water to soak the bottom of the tent. (Don't ask where we know these experiences, there is bitterness !!!!!!)

Expedition equipment to carry

First of all, of course, let ’s take a look at the equipment. The depression is almost the same as the last time I went to Qinghai. So I used the last photo as a display. Who did n’t let us take a family portrait of the equipment this time. . .

My configuration body: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon EF 16-35mm f / 4L IS USM Canon EF 85mm f / 1.8 USM
Filters: British Hitech / Hitech reverse gradient Hitech GND 0.9 medium gray gradient lens Naishi CPL polarized lens tripod: A tripod shutter line that is still strong when I fell countless times during travel: A weapon for shooting stars

Peach's configuration body: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: EF 16-35mm f / 2.8L II USM EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L USM
Tripod: In short, it is an older tripod, which is hard to operate if it is heavy. . .
Shutter release: X2 for shooting stars

In addition to the photography equipment, this time we also brought our own tent, plus 7878 items for washing and changing clothes, oh yes I also brought a fishing rod, which added up a total of dozens of pounds of luggage, which really took us Half dead. Special reminder, although Yushan Island does not need to spend many days, but if you often visit the island, it is best to bring sunscreen, the ultraviolet light over there, you can tan your skin in one hour!

How much money was spent

Bus ticket 108 + 108 = 216
Ferry Ticket 130 + 160 = 290
Accommodation 90
(I was lucky, I found a shop, and the boss gave us the room that I sometimes live in, only 180 nights, the room is oversized, and there is a separate bathroom)

100 meals (we did not eat seafood meals, basically seafood noodles and miscellaneous food)

700 people in total

The story has finally begun!

The manager of this story is very bumpy. Students who are under 18 should watch it with their parents.

Because of the boat trip to Shengsi a few years ago, I strongly recommend that Peach not be a Clipper, otherwise you will definitely die if you encounter windy weather. In such a time, from Hangzhou, as long as you take the first bus, you can reach Shipu at about 11:30, plus the previous day's slow boat service, so it can just catch up with the only one at 12:40. The slow boat is divided, so there is no need to stay in Shipu for one more night, but the disadvantage is that the journey is hard, but for both of us, it is completely comfortable.

The bus will now stop at Xiangshan Station, and then drive to Shipu. After arriving at Shipu, remember to scan the QR code of the WeChat ticket at the ticket office of the station, so that you can choose the appropriate ticket based on the frequency of the ship on the day of the return trip. .

The latest bus from Shipu to Hangzhou is at 2:40 in the afternoon to Jiubao, and at 3:50 to the South Station. If you need to return to Hangzhou the same day, you must take the boat back to Shipu in the morning.

I went out early in the morning to clear the sky, when the bus was driving, the sky was full of dark clouds, and the weather forecast clearly showed that these days are cloudy! But since the past is safe, we are convinced that the cloud will slowly disperse.

After three and a half hours, we successfully arrived in Shipu and took the bus to the dock. Only then did we find that the G20 is still quite effective for the tourism development of the surrounding area! There are Hangzhou people everywhere, and I don't even think I have left Hangzhou. . .

At 12 o'clock on the pier, the slow boat ferry ticket departing 40 minutes later will be sold on time. When buying the ticket, the pier will register the mobile phone number of the buyer, and a message will be sent to the mobile phone the next day to tell you the time of the return ferry ticket on the day. .

The cabin of the slow boat can hold almost 30 people, but the outside scenery is completely invisible. Of course, we are suitable for sitting on the deck of the hull. At this time, the sky starts to brighten slowly, it seems that hope is in sight!

After more than two hours of bumps, I finally reached the legendary Yushan Island, but the weather became darker, the clouds became thicker and more windy, and we decided to spend the first night at

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